Thursday, April 26, 2018

Good night Romeo/Juliet

Years ago when my wife and I first met, like most we dated for awhile. I had the habit of putting my right arm around her waist while she placed hers around my waist. Anyway, around the corner from my apartment was the place we met. We would walk home each night stopping at the liquor store on the corner. The young men that owned and ran the store didn't know our names but we were there just about every night on our way back home after a couple of drinks. One day, my soon to be wife went inside and they asked where is Romeo? She told them I was at work and laughed about me being called 'Romeo'. A week or so later, I went into the same store and they asked where Juliet was? My answer was she was working. Every time we went into the liquor store together they would say, "Hi, Romeo and Juliet" wearing a big smile. We never told them our names, we sort of liked being called that because we were in love. After we got married, the last thing we say to each other each night still is these words. "Good night Romeo, I'll see you in the morning light" Good night Juliet, I will see you in the morning light" It is so strange that we have done this for almost twenty years without fail unless we are apart for some reason. Even when we have a little spat, those words are still said.  When we walk, we are still holding each other like young lovers because we are still so much in love. Even though I'm tall and she is less than 5'5; we have the same stride. Have yourself a great day! Talk back. I'm listening for every little sound. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Just dropped by

For some reason this year blogging is just not my thing to do daily anymore. I spend a lot of time rewriting some of my old books and writing new ones. They are in editing and may someday make their way to you. The rest of my time is spent doing volunteer work at the Eagles, "People helping People" where as being President for a couple of years now I guess I'm going to run for a third year at my local chapter #3455. This will not slow down my writing since I am retired now. Not working a regular job that is.  Now back to my writing. I am just about finished rewriting my book "T.T. Gristman/Time Traveler". My first western "Saddle Spur" was not finished editing in time for Christmas last year but should be out by fall if I get off my ass and push the editor to get it edited. Since I was concentrating on the rewrite, my editor has pushed it to the back burner. There is so many books coming out in print that I haven't had the heart to push. It is hard to believe how many books are published each day. Sometimes I feel I'm drowning in a tidal wave of competition by not pushing my books. I took several out of print; you may have noticed. One was because I didn't like the publisher and planning on rewriting them before publishing them myself. If you went to my Amazon page you will notice they are not available anymore. I have to level with you, my first books were not as good as they could be, I concentrated on telling the story and not on showing the story. Some people like it but most did not. For speed readers they were great, they could zip right thru them and not lose the story line but for the regular reader that wants to get drawn into the story, they suck. I will try to blog more often but the elections at the Eagles are in four weeks from now, if elected it will cut back my time somewhat more. Anyway, Talk Back. I'll try to listen. Have a great day!