Thursday, October 26, 2017

Digging deep into the story line

When a writer finishes the second draft, it is time to read slowly and dig into the story line to determine the holes that might exist in the story. It is time also to ask yourself is the character believable along with being consistent with himself? Does he change back and forth as the story progresses?  I know my Character John Strum in "Saddle Spur"goes from being a naive young man to a harden young man but is consistent in keeping his word even when he really would not like to keep it. John believes his word is bond and has to die to get out of his wedding vows becoming another person. I believe that the turmoil inside John is accurately portrayed in the book especially when his wife tries to kill him to get out of the marriage. He just couldn't bring himself to shoot back at her.
    When a writer is able to convey his emotions; you know it is a good book even written in the third person. Do you agree? Talk back, I'm listening as always. I would like you take on this subject. Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Time to take a deep breath

There comes a time in every unknown writers life that they must reassess their earlier writing. When I first started writing, I thought it was more important to tell the story. That was why my earlier books didn't sell well along with paying for editing that was shit work. I didn't know any better and kept cranking out books trying to tell the whole story on Lightning in the Tunnel series. So I took a deep breath after re-reading the series and withdrew them from the market. So unless the bookstore has a copy of Lightning in the Tunnel-In the Beginning, Zigzagging Home, the Journey Continues, A place Called Terra, and Terra Reigns you are out of luck at getting one. I plan to rewrite the first one because I believe it would be a great read with proper editing and writing with the skills I have acquired to make it better. I wrote the first one over a twenty year period but I didn't know what an author had to do to get it published. I rewrote it just before having it paid to be published. Still I was no writer and paying for an expensive editor did not do my book justice. The first thing that caught my attention making me re-read it was the first paragraph was two pages long and you couldn't tell where the characters were talking and where I was telling the story. I didn't re-read it just before publishing because I listened to it on an audio version and it sounded right (my fault). Between Blogging and Reviewing others books. I believe I have learned to write where it will catch the reader's attention and hold it through out the book. I'm currently re-reading other books on mine and will revise them in time. Since I can't stop writing it will be a slow process but I plan to rewrite the first time travel story called "T.T. Gristman" and a Stranger Comes Crawling" my first alien story. I don't know if other unknowns writers go thru this in their career but I reached the point where I didn't like my earlier books even those with a good story. Talk back; I'm listening as always. Have a great day!