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Please Welcome A.G. Moye, Author of Cronicles of the Marauder

In the near future; 100,000 light-years from Earth aboard the faster than light starship Marauder, Captain Neil Armstrong Andrews sat down for dinner to enjoy fresh vegetables from the hydroponics garden with vat grown artificial meat. After their narrow escape from the aliens that wanted to enslave them and near destruction of the Marauder, they were hiding doing repairs to the ship. I now present for your enjoyment, one scene in the story for you to get the flavor of dinner aboard the Marauder.

          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

"Captain, what would you like for dinner?" asked the female assistant cook.
"What are the crew having today?"
"The main choices are stir fry with rice made with artificial meat with fresh vegetables from hydroponics. Or spaghetti made with artificial meat meatballs, a salad and fresh garlic bread."
"I'll have a little of both."
"What would you like on your salad?"
"Thousand Island dressing."
"To drink with your meal?"
"Iced tea." she walked away to fetch Neil’s tea.
Glancing at the wall to his right, Neil still enjoyed the seascape painted there, giving the illusion you were dining on the beach.
Glancing to his left, Neil saw the long line formed by the crew to serve themselves, cafeteria style. They were quick about it. Being in space, everything was attached or secured in case of the loss of gravity.
Neil felt he was accustomed to the sudden appearance of a head resembling a praying mantis in front of him.
"Evening Captain." she said in her sing-song voice.
"Evening Poopa." She gave her smile-like feature and retracted her head. She could stretch her neck over twenty feet at will. When he first saw her, he thought her body was a giant walking stick from Earth with a praying mantis head. Neil soon learned she was very flexible with her twenty appendages; only ten or twelve were used for walking, the others were deft hands that could do multitasks at once.
"Hey Poopa, you should try this chocolate cake. It is to die for!" Noka shouted in his deep rumbling voice. 
Poopa never left her place in line, instead extended her neck so her head was just above the horse-like creature that yelled to her.
Neil smiled as Noka cut off a piece of cake with his fork and lifted it upwards to her. Her multi-prong tongue lashed out and cleaned it off his fork.
"It is tasty; I'll try some." Poopa sang.
Poopa picked up a tray, no plate, since she normally only ate the greens. Neil watched as she sniffed each food before using a utensil to place some on the tray. As always, they had two or three heads of cabbage, uncooked but sliced in four parts for her. It was her favorite food.
She took no more than a tablespoon of most things but took two whole heads of cabbage. Using the tongs, she picked out her other favorite greens from the salad tray before moving along. At the end, she took a couple of slices of cake before going over and getting a container of water.
All the tables for the crew were built picnic style with benches to sit on. Poopa was unable to sit in them so she went to the one end of the last table by the wall.
Neil noted that all the aliens tended to sit far away from the others as possible at the same table. Poopa was at one end of the back table by the wall. Noka had his pillow seat at the other end. A few humans sat with them, those that accepted the aliens as part of the crew. Most did not.
Neil smiled as his food was placed in front of him. He marveled at how the cooks could take the simplest foods and make them gourmet meals.
"Thank you," Neil said turning his attention away from the crew to his plate. 

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Born in the cotton fields of Arkansas, started writing in 1987 when I got my first computer. Wrote long hand before that; my hayloft is filled with old stories. Published in 2011 after being prodded by my wife when she read the first of the Lightning in the Tunnel books. Currently I am writing Iron Hearts and Doomsday Rock while Saddle Spur, my first western, is in editing.

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Lady Justice on the dark side by Robert Tornhill-my review

Product DetailsThis mystery/comedy caught my attention from the beginning to the end, so I gave it five stars on Amazon and GoodReads. This book is for the young and older young people.  The main character Walt struggles with changes in his life brought about getting shot in the key-stir. Not willing to leave his wife a widow when they should be enjoying their retirement years, he resigns from the police department. His wife Maggie is still selling real estate leaving him alone. Boredom soon catches up to him, enter his brother in law that worked as a unlicensed P.I. but was known to skirt the law to solve his cases. Being by the book, police officer, Walt has a hard time blending his style into what Walt knows is right and wrong. Walt soon learns there is two sides of Lady Justice, the one he had always been on called the light side, The other side of Lady Justice wore Fish net stockings, short skirts, and high heels, she didn't worry about crossing the line to solve a crime and to bring to justice the perpetrator by whatever means work. Throughout the story Walt struggles with right way and the wrong way but both served justice in their own way. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a little comedy mixed with mystery. The main thing I got out of the story is the eternal struggle by the people that try to protect us and the desire for justice to be done no matter how it gets done, just so it gets done.

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Neil gets lucky or unlucky on his first date after prison

Chronicles of the Marauder: Marauder Rising (Marauder Cronicles Book 1) by [Moye, A.G]Neil felt Denise move, bringing him slightly awake as she left the bed they were sharing. She turned off the light. He couldn't believe he scored on his first date. It had been a long dry spell.

Denise returned to the bed and started kissing him all over. "Ooh," Neil muttered, when she kissed his most sensitive spot. Denise kept kissing him, working her way up to his lips as she straddled his long, lanky, muscled body.
Neil, as before, took his time knowing she would enjoy it all the more.
Afterwards, they returned to dreamland in exhaustion but satisfied states.
Neil was slightly awakened when Denise untangled their bodies so she could go to the bathroom. Neil dozed off again until he heard the shower going, bringing him fully awake.
After showering, Denise turned the lights back on and started dressing.
"Glad you're awake, I need to get back to my car and go home. I don't want my children coming home and finding me not there."
"Okay, give me a minute," She was acting like nothing happened between the two of them. He could still feel her lips on his.
Sliding to the edge of the bed, he covered himself. He was trying to understand her. Had the alcohol been the cause of what happened last night?
Neil reached for her to see what her reaction would be, but she quickly moved away and continued dressing. She noticed his look of confusion.
"Look Neil, I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did but I am not ready for a man in my life right now."
"I suppose I should explain myself a little more--I went out with you on a dare from Jennifer." she chuckled and continued seeing he was hanging onto her every word. "Every date I've gone on before ended up a disaster. I started talking about my husband and how he cheated on me. A couple of drinks and I was ready to beat up my date in place of my husband."
"I guess I understand," Neil said, searching for his underwear.
"With you, that didn't happen. We didn't sit and do a lot of small talk--that is the usual trigger that turns me into a babbling fool." Denise watched his expression turn sour as he dressed.
"I'm glad you found I was good for something," Neil didn't realize the coldness that came out in his voice but he was felt stupid thinking she was interested in him.
  "Let's just have the memory of last night, the great dancing, the sex was great as well." She tired to put a smile on her face, turning his mood from his bitter to positive.
Still, Neil dressed slowly, trying to improve his deposition.
"So there is no chance of a second date," he tried to smile. Denise just laughed.
"No chance in hell" she said over her shoulder as she walked to the door.
Neil stood and followed her as she unlocked the door and left. Neil locked the door behind him as she quickly descended the steps to his car. He knew she was in no mood to talk, she wanted to get back to her car and be rid of him.
His old jalopy required him to use his key to unlock the door. It was easier to just reach across after he sat inside and unlock her door. She jumped in as he started to exit the car to open her door. She put on her seat belt, saying, "Let's go!"
The sky was starting to lighten up as he started the car. I don't think she wants to be seen with me.
She silently looked out the side window during the entire drive back to her car, parked near the restaurant.
When he pulled into the parking lot, she spoke her first words since leaving his apartment. "That's my car over there." She pointed at a silver BMW.
He barely put it in park when she unbuckled and opened her door. Jumping out, she said not a word as she dashed into her car. Neil sat there, watching her backup and drive away quickly.
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So many miscues as a writer

Most writers come out the gate doing things right the first time. I'm one of those that has made several miscues but I am slowing getting it right. I guess you can say "I'm attending the school of hard knocks" but I've learned by doing. My first book was my first knock down. I paid to have it published not knowing a thing about getting published. I paid to have it edited, they said it needed it but when I got the books, the first paragraph was four pages long and the sentences ran together having no breaks. As I read it, I could see why a reader would have problems understanding it. It was like a speaker that never pauses to catch his breath and went on and on. That screw up was followed by me getting published by a "so called" traditional publisher, they really only printed books for the author to buy. They could care less if anyone else actually bought one. They made their money off me. I had five books published by this outfit before I learned the truth about them. The best thing I ever did was join LinkedIn. There I learned about this publisher and from those members started learning what the truth was about publishing and how to do it as an Indie. I learned about editing, publishing and marketing. I'm still not perfect but each book is better than the one before. When I first started writing as a profession, I thought the writer had only to tell the story and everyone would beat feet to get it and read it. Those are not the facts, instead they have to learn who you are and why you write. I read books constantly thru my life and had several stories in my head. I wrote while taking my daily walks. It was a stress reliever in my daily life with wife and children. My style of English speaking would probably make an English teacher cringe in anguish. I write and speak a mixture of southern English and California jive. I think I get my story across to most of my readers in a laid back sort of way. If you've read one of my recent works tell me what you think.

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So you just wrote a bestseller

That was what i thought when I originally wrote and published my first book. I couldn't wait on the reviews to come in and the cash register to start ringing in 2011. I had spent so much time writing and rewriting it over and over. It was going to be great. Then the truth set in as I happily kept on writing the series. Slowly I realized that no one knew A.G. Moye and wouldn't until I worked hard on barely getting my name out there. I kept trying to push the book series and expect people would buy it once I told them all about the book series called "Lightning in the Tunnel" It wasn't until I was on number seven in the series that I realized that most people were not interested in another Dystopian/Apocalyptic series after seeing Hunger Games and several other movies of this type. Mid way thru writing "A need for Lightning" I jumped off the series writing "A Stranger comes crawling" about an alien crash landing on Earth fleeing a revolt. She tires to go incognito by marrying a human but it doesn't work out. The government wants her knowledge.
 I then went back to writing "A Need for Lightning" My publisher up to that point, I didn't find out wasn't a real publisher but one that Published to sell books to the writer not the public. So it became my first self published book. When Stranger came crawling  was published it was also self published. That was when I discovered I needed an author platform by reading and joining several groups on LinkedIn so people would learn who I am and have a place to chat with me or other wise inner act with me. Also vise-versa so I could learn about my fans. I took 2016 off on publishing any more books even though I have several in the editing phase. I'm concentrating on writing my first and maybe my only western called "Saddle Spur" I always wanted to write a western but I like to make sure that items that I say my characters have, eat or wear are correct unlike most old westerns.I have to do a lot of research on places. I am careful about creating the characters and their attire to be accurate. I am almost finished with my final rewrite and will publish it in 2017. 
 I blog because I have something to say, what do you have to say? Talk back, I'm listening and will respond to any questions. Just as a foot note, I didn't mention my Chronicles of the Marauder-Marauder Rising because I do so often. It was written after "A Stranger comes Crawling" Again, Talk Back, I'm listening. 

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less than 2 weeks and already broken resolutions-how about you?

My first resolution was to post at least twice a week on my two blogs at and my other at I did one on my blogger site but yet to do one on my other site. I could blame it on spending all my time writing but that would be less than truthful even thou it does take up most of my time. Truth is I haven't read and books to review lately or even sign up for a blog hop. I guess after a disappointing 2016 that started out with high expectations; I just wanted to ease into 2017 anywhere I go this year will be positive. I am happy about writing over fifteen books but feel the best is to come. We will see, I have a better editor and think that will help me. Saddle Spur has taken up a lot of my time but I am nearing the end of my last rewrite before having it edited. I think I can go back on Iron Hearts and finally finish it. For those that know me already, I used to work on three books at a time, so I have several others that need to come together also. I have several reviews pending. Most likely all my reviews on Amazon have been taken down after I friend the writer on GoodReads or LinkedIn. They think that because I am now friends with them, my opinion was influenced in some way. I really don't care, I don't charge for reviews whether good or bad or get freebies from the writer so I don't see what their beef is unless this is another way of keeping unknowns; unknown so they can push only well known on their on their sites to keep sales up. I had my works at Hastings near here but they are closing out their book sections so now people can only get my print books is thru Amazon or Createspace. Well, so much for this post. Talk back and give me feedback on what resolutions you managed to keep after only nine days of the New Year. I'm listening. Have a great day and talk back or follow my blog.   

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First post of 2017

I wanted to start 2017 out with a bang but my brain is still stuck in 2016 so I guess I should pretend that 2016 never existed to get my mind caught up with the new year. Writing, blogging and book reviews are my life on social media. Read a lot of other posts, I probably follow more blogs than the average person. Everyone Monday WordPress gives me a condensed version of most of the blogs I follow to allow me time for writing and reading books (sometimes) for my reviews. Not only do I follow a lot on WordPress but on Bloglovin' and I have a lot of followers slowly adding up on Bloglovin'. The other place I spend a lot of time is on Pinterest mostly finding pins about writing, quotes by famous people or writers. If you have an account on Pinterest, follow me and I will follow back. Have a policy of following back 100% anyone following me. That is the same on Twitter. Once a month I go on Twitter and unfollow all those that unfollow me. Just my rule that if you don't want to follow me, why should I keep following you?  Social Media is all about connections that is why I accept all friend requests on Facebook, LinkedIn and GoodReads. I may or may not respond to DM's but I do read them all when I can. Since early September I have been concentrating on my writing trying to finish "Saddle Spur" and another book I started before getting into saddle spur so heavily. A writer's life is difficult at best trying to juggle writing, home, and everyday life. Also as local President of the Eagles (an organization that raises money for charities) that takes up time.  So I have a busy schedule to deal with. That is why for several months I have not been able to review a single book (no reading time available) or time to post a single book launch. How is your schedule?

Talk back, I'm listening most of the time.I promise to get back to posting at least twice a week.