Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hacker thief strikes!

Most people that don't do their banking on line assume they are safe from someone getting their account information. I thought that way until someone tapped into my bank account or my bank and got my account number and routing number. Poor me for being so stupid. I learned the hard way! The person or persons that did this went to the trouble of putting that information on the bottom of checks so it would go to my account and not theirs.
I was lucky that I called the bank that day to determine if my SS check had come in. A habit I developed making sure it was there before I wrote out my monthly bills. The bank assured me it had and mentioned it came just in time to cover a check for $432.28 that I wrote to Walmart. A red flag went up not on the amount but I had never written a check to Walmart even when I worked for them. I was required to rush down to the bank and put a stop payment on it before the bank cleared the check. It was written on a out of state Walmart branch. A place where I never had been in my life. While I was closing the account and re-opening another account. another check came in also written out of state at a grocery store for $56 and some change. Since this store didn't use the automatic system that Walmart does where the check is scanned and given back to you, we found on the check the name and address of the person writing it along with other information. Since I closed the account, the check was returned but not before I had a copy of it to show police. I was lucky that everything was caught in time and I didn't lose any money to this thief but my account and new account was all tied up for a few days until everything was straightened out.
I learned one valuable lesson, check your bank accounts very close and frequently to make sure someone has not found a way to steal your money even how little it might be, it is yours not theirs! Talk back to me, I'm listening!      If you are looking for a book to read while going to the beach, pool or lake, check out my author page at    

Monday, June 24, 2013

New cover selected

Those long distance early morning calls from wife's family makes me nervous. Her mother is getting up there in years and is starting to getting sick more often. I worry about my wife when one of these calls is bad news. She took a long time to get over losing her father and I'm not sure how she will handle this piece of bad news when it comes. She already wants me to answer the phone not her. Then have her lay down when I tell her because she knows she is not strong enough to deal with this kind of news. Normally, she is a very strong lady. The one that pushed me to publish my first book and take care of me when I get sick. Her chronic vertigo that has been getting worse has had me to take care of her a lot more these days. But such is life! This thought cam to mind when her sister called this morning to say her mother was in the hospital, again.
Now back to the subject of this blog, I posted a request for the readers to select which cover for my new book Chronicles of he Marauder Book Two! but no one responded so I took it as they didn't like any of the choices and decided to use a total different one. One of the covers Half-light made for Book one and Just add Book Two to it, so here goes!
This is the one that I decided to use for Book Two that you can find on Amazon later today. I will post a link to it later when it is published. It is a few days early back from editing so I decided to publish it on Amazon today for those that read book one and are waiting on the sequel. Enjoy!
Talk back, I'm Listening!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What you see is what you get!

Now that Father's day has come and gone as a father of seven children you get the same few wishing you happy Father's day and you have those that pretend you don't exist. I know each year which one will wish me a happy Father's day and which one won't. They are too busy in their lives and because we live far away, we are not on their minds much. Last year, I was upset when not one bothered to wish me happy Father's day. At least this year I got wishes from those that had in the past wished my a happy father's day. A couple of my children never act like I'm alive and that sometimes bothers me especially on days like that.
But I did get some good news, that two of my grandchildren are getting married in July. Brother and Sister are marrying their loves two days apart. Jesse on the fourteenth and Dana on the sixteenth. Jesse is in the service and will marry while on leave his love, Becky. Dana is marrying a young man also in the service and when he comes home on leave, she will marry him.
Jesse is getting married down on the beach in California, I just received the invitation. Not sure where Dana is marrying at? I am trying to figure out how to get together the money to go out there and be part of their great day. Living on a fixed income doesn't allow much extra money but if I can, I will go there. Talk back, I'm listening Have a great day and enjoy the rest of this week if you can!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Another Father's Day has come and as we celebrate being a father try not to look back at the decision we made while the were still young realizing each one is unique to themselves. When each child was born, there was no set of instructions attached to their feet on how to handle this one or what you should do different with this one. When they get older, you sometimes question a decision you made while they were young that had a dramatic impact on their lives growing up and becoming adults.
You love each child with all your heart and when they wish you a happy father's day, you know they love you just as much! Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there! Talk back, I'm listening!        

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Child within me

I have heard it said that some people never grow up, I guess that I am one of them. I still recall my secret dreams of going into space but life's events and choices I made eliminated me from ever doing so. So I do so in my imagination just like I used to travel to the worlds the writers I grew up reading. That was the premise writing Chronicles of the Marauder. Since I am not a child anymore, I let this world being Neil of the Marauder. Being an adult, I created action and adventure on a more grown up scale including events and relationships that are for Adults. There is no explicit sex or anything like that. Just normal adult involvement and complex relationships. Neil's failed marriage makes it difficult for him to commit to anyone but he could only have close relationships with one female at a time, just the way he was brought up and how he felt. The same as me! LOL never one to play the field and have several woman dangling in my heart at he same time.
Janice, the one eyed Commander attempts to get along with Neil letting him know that she is the one actually in command of the Marauder's crew, he only has command of when and where they go. Her  glass eye is unknown to the crew but she reveals it to Neil having lost the one eye in a fighter plane crash and it was replaced by a glass eye that matched her other so close that most never suspected it was fake. She was a tough disciplinarian that the ship needed to establish procedures and protocols while traveling in space. She knew that the only reason she was selected as the commander was because the Chief Engineer, Boris was denied command and he didn't want Neil to exert authority over him. He felt he could manipulate Janice and be de facto commander but he as wrong, She allied himself with Neil totally pissing Boris off, Janice felt the ship could not be made to run smoothly if she didn't ally herself with Neil. Talk back, I'm listening.
My books can be found on Sherfari, Good reads book shelf and at my author page at  Have a great day!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Being a writer can some times be very confusing and difficult Not writing the book but when you find out that you are the only one that can market your book whether traditionally published or as a Indie author. No one is going to help you but yourself. Sure there is sites out there for a fee that will help market your book and all claim success but no one has a guaranteed  magic wand that works for all! I myself try to find all the free sites that will help get the word out living on a fixed income (retired) and can only hope in the long run that word about my books gets to the readers. After all, that is who we every writer is trying to reach. How do you do it? Is there a better way without spending loads of money that still won't do the job?
As the writing world changes everyday, tried and proven methods of the past no longer work so everyone is trying to find what does work. Including me!  It is a slow and frustrating process even though they say it will take three to five years before a writer gets known out in this world. I think it will take even longer now!
Trying to get my books into the most big name places, I have published all my books that I am not under any contract with on Smashwords trying to reach the largest possible groups of readers. In another few weeks my books should appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and in the Apple store among other places. They are all still on Amazon just not KDP select except one.    Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Some of my friends on Goodreads have written hundreds and a few even thousands of books. I can't see that many books in me. I have fifteen books published and another five in the works, what will I write about after that. Maybe I will write my first non-fiction or something. I guess I will do like they do and keep stories rolling because I'm sure that new story ideas will continue to flow into my head? How about you? Do you have enough stories floating around to write hundreds of books? 
A writer has to come up with a fresh new approach to each book unless they are writing a series then it is somewhat easier already having the main characters to use and build upon in each book. My Dystopia series called Lightning in the Tunnel was easy to write carrying my characters through the initial bombing and the events that transpired after the USA fell apart which occurred very rapidly in the story. It was easy to write the story through ten books and will end when I publish Lightning Rages next year. My mystery book, Brandi's Nightmare, I have no plans for ever writing a sequel. A Stranger Comes Crawling will have a sequel, I have written the first few pages but no more. T.T. Gristman my time travel book will not have a sequel unless readers request one. Chronicles of the Marauder will be a three book series. I have written the first two of the series already and started on the final book. After it is written, I plan to go back and write the sequel to A Stranger Comes Calling named  Voyage back to Earth that will end that.
Even though my stories are told in the third person point of view with occasional point of views from different characters, I have to make the main character as me to get the feelings and problems feel real to me. Just like if I was reading another writer's books. I have to place myself in that situation in my mind. I hope my readers can relate to the characters especially in the later books where I think I became a better writer. The hope of every writer is their latest book is even better than the last one. I feel the Chronicles of the Marauder is my best work yet and book two is even better than book one. Book three hopefully is going to be the best book of the series, at least I think so! Talk back, I'm listening!