Friday, June 27, 2014

Isolation-my review

A well written book by Denise R. Stephenson, deserving of the four and half star rating I gave it. Since I can't give it four and half stars on Amazon, it will be listed as four stars there. The story draws you in from the beginning. The death of Rebecca will startle you. Deaths continue to occur, yet the bacteria varies. The bacterial mutations progressed faster than the medical community could handle. Set in the near future, I believe that the book draws some of the facts from current events taking place on Earth right now. Life on earth is forced into change. Sealed in your home! Monitored to ensure survival of the human race! The authorities went to extreme lengths to stop the spread of the bacteria. A chilling tale that will make you think twice about shaking hands. Kissing, touching, and all other contact, including sex was forbidden!!!!  These are the three main characters and everyday life: 

Trevor- The enforcer, that punishes anyone breaking the rules. Rules are rules to Trevor, break them and pay the price.
Maggie- a young mother attempting to bring up her son in this isolated life. He knows of no one outside his home. It tortures her that she cannot touch his bare skin, and he will never know what it like to go outside and play.
Gary- a man that tasted love before the isolation, finds the closed world he's forced into, intolerable. He just can't live a solitary life..  

DENISE R. STEPHENSON resides in Oceanside, CA, but she has lived in all the isolated locales of this novel at one time or another. Her publishing history is

Denise R. Stephenson. Isolation (Kindle Locations 4547-4548). Denise R. Stephenson. 
To pick up your copy of this frightening book, use the link below.

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Monday, June 23, 2014


This book will make you paranoid and stop shaking hands in the future. This is all I am saying about my review of this book that I will posting on the 27th of this month as part of the blog tour I agreed to participate in. 

A book by Denise R. Stephenson that will make you paranoid if you are not already. How the world is forced to change to allow the human species to continue to exist.

Denise paints with her words a picture of a world that has to become paranoid in or order to exist and the causes of human downfall.  Join the Virtual book tour and win various giveaways.  below listed is the sites hosting this book tours with their giveaways.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So you are building a BRAND!

For a writer, building a brand is harder than writing a book. You start out creating interest in you and eventually in your work. Right away you start joining groups and taking part in the discussions going on in each group. Word of warning, do not start off by mentioning your works or you will block all interest in you and your work. The best place to start is LinkedIn, then GoodReads followed by other groups such as Shelfari, Author'sDen, World Literary Cafe, Marsocial, Rave Review Book Club, LibraryThing, and Mircocerpt to name a few of the places I have joined. Get you a Website, my daughter created mine, she is IT trained but I am unable to update it properly so it just sets there the way she set it up. After your website, create a blog site; Blogspot on Google and WordPress blogs are both excellent. Then blog at least once a month about whatever, most experts say only blog one blog about your work(s) in that time frame. That way you will not turn off your readers thinking you are spamming them. Get a Facebook page and a tweeter account then tweet your blogs and website once in a while. This will over time generate interest in you and even in your works. If you plan on being an over night sensation, unless you have a lot of money to buy all kinds of publicity, this will not happen. But sooner or later you will connect with readers and that is what you want.  

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

My review of Red Axe, Black Sun by Michael Karner

Red Axe, Black Sun On Amazon, I gave it four stars meaning, I liked it. The story was well written even though the constant changing of POV threw me off a few times until I was able to follow the writer's plot to bring it all together with walking dead, amazons, mages, and other trained killers including elves. A book for those that like a lot of action with twists in the story. The ending leaves you thinking that a sequel is in the works. Here is a link to the ebook on Kindle

Product DetailsTake a look inside and see if you would like this story. I recommend it to all action readers that like a mix of just about everything except Aliens! LOL
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

After taking week off from blogging, I'm back

After doing other things like rebuilding my hayloft converting it into a guest room, I have decided to get back to blogging and writing. I am sure no one missed me except those waiting for me to post reviews which I will start doing so in the morning. I limited myself to one hour a day while I was installing the new door and windows in the hayloft along with repairing the floor. There is still work to be done out there but I have neglected my blog followers along authors awaiting reviews. I have one commitment that I must do and that is tweet selected authors on Rave Review Book Club as part of my membership requirements along with supporting other authors in the club. I don't know how the selection is made for #PUSHTUESDAY or #PUSHWEEK but eventually I will learn, (like most in the club). I know I have a commitment in a blog tour of having a review ready to post for Teddy Rose through  Virtual Author Book Tour for author Denise R. Stephenson and her book, Isolation. The tour starts the sixteenth of June so I have plenty of time, I hope!

Sorry about the rambling but I am tired after working outside all day. Talk back I'm Listening to see if I hear a heartbeat out there!