Friday, March 29, 2013


It is strange how connections are made in bunches. I will go along making a few sporadic connections, then all of a sudden I will get a bunch of new connections. I don't know what triggers them to suddenly decided to connect but I'm happy when it does. On Twitter it seems to come with several from the same country or region. One day I will get a group from Canada, the next day or so a group from Korea. Then a group from Arabic speaking countries followed by a group from Russia. A lull hits then I get several from India and Japan. Sprinkled in are those from USA, Australia and United Kingdom. I'm not complaining just observing a fact. I guess it is my tendency to observe things and try to understand why. This is a holdover from my days in management where I observed employees doing things and wish to understand why do they do it this way? Could they do it better, faster or was the steps they are doing unnecessary? My observation on this trend on Twitter is one in the group decides to follow me for whatever reason and others seeing them following me do the same. Thank goodness for the translator on my computer, it enables me to understand what they are saying with a click of a button. So I know they have the same feature to understand me! Yesterday, I received several from Greece followers and I am happy to connect with all of them.
 On Linkined, since I'm a writer other writers tend to want to connect with me as I try to connect with them. Recently, I joined one management group that I can use my experience to coach other leaders and future leaders in doing a better job. It is sort of like a grandfather passing his knowledge and experiences on to the generation that is just starting to or trying to make their mark on the world. It makes a person feel good inside to know that what they have learned in life's experiences will not just die away when the person is gone. Of course some don't wish to hear it and like all people think their way is the only way. I know what works for one will not work for another because of how they perceive the world darkens their ability to see something different. So goes life.
With Amazon buying Goodreads, I wonder how that will effect my connections on Goodreads? I am on Shelfari (Amazon's) will that go away or be merged together? Life is about change and change is about life!  Should you feel the need to read visit my author center at
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing to write home about!

This morning my mind is on the subject of writing, not necessarily on one of my stories but writing in general. After a couple of bad experiences with a vanity press followed by what I thought was a traditional publisher, I chose to go Indie. I love the control doing that it gives but I wonder if I would be more successful seeking a real traditional publisher and a agent but there is such an abundance of writers out there. It is hard to rise above and get noticed but I read a lot of blogs and articles that tell me people are doing it everyday.The nice thing with Indie is you can start out as a tiny ripple and watch it slowly grow, I do mean slowly instead of a big splash that dies out quickly in the pond. The ripple is like a ripple in the river that keeps going and going. I have seen a lot of successful writers have moved to Indie because They have more control of their books and reap in a greater share of the proceeds once it becomes popular. Almost every genre has a few of these big names jumping into the water creating a big splash. The nice thing is it is making Indie authors and their books more acceptable. That is what we want!Over the weekend and yesterday, I was busy writing my second book in the Chronicles of the Marauder book two of the Marauder Chronicles. Poopa, the nine foot alien in the first book is still there and part of the crew but I have moved Sockan up to stardom. You recall Sockan, the ghost white female alien with purple lips and body temperature twenty degrees lower than a human. She can read minds with a touch and make herself invisible to humans upon demand but she has become humanized after learning what love and other emotions are. She develops compassion and respects humans minds as private sanctuaries. She believes in her heart that she is human and acts like it. No longer an Aszakalan. Learning to be an officer and becoming one aboard the Marauder she proves she is a key asset to Neil's crew. Neil marries in this book but it is a Stormy marriage at best.
 I now have written sixty some pages of the book and hopefully will have it finished some time in August or September. In the meantime check out my author site at Amazon for some good reading including the Chronicles of the Marauder book one.  for those overseas readers I have author sites there as well in UK, Fr, and germany (de).

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Awe, That first cup of coffee!

That first cup of coffee or for others that first cup of tea that drives the cobwebs of sleep from your mind. Being American born I drink coffee to get my morning started. I'm not sure when I started drinking coffee as one of my normal waking up process in the morning. I think it was some time during my teenage years but not sure. Boy, that was a long time ago. I started drinking it black with nothing in it but I drink so much that I now drink it with a little cream to keep from upsetting my stomach. How do you take your coffee or tea?
All across the World those that drink coffee, I understand have it in different strengths. Some I couldn't drink being so strong, I sort of like mine on the weak side since I drink one to two pots a day.
Once the first cup kicks in, I can start writing on whatever book comes to my mind that morning or the one that that a scene came to my mind last night night just before I fell asleep. To me, I sit and write the scenes in my head long before my fingers hit the keyboard. This morning, my mind is on writing more of the Chronicles of the Marauder Book II since I have about fifty pages of it written on my computer. I just had the Marauder go through a space battle after Neil got married. His new wife is pregnant and is very upset at him for placing the Marauder in that situation that endangered the life of her unborn child. Their ten year mission continues exploring the worlds that exist out there and meeting new Aliens, some friendly and some not so friendly. Yet, all are so different than the normal human being.
Sockan, the pale white female that reads minds and can make herself invisible declares that Neil is her companion for life much to the annoyance of Neil's wife. That is the Aszakalan way of saying they are married even though her species only come together to create life but then actually lead separate lives together until their companion dies. They are companions for life. Neil learns her species lives for several hundred years to almost a thousand Earth years before they die. He also learns that when they die, their bodies dies by spontaneously combustion leaving nothing to be buried. Neil has learned to accept the differences in the Aliens aboard the Marauder when in his mind they become human.
If you haven't read the start of it all, Chronicles of the Marauder check it out. It is in ebook on kindle and right now it is on exclusively on there until May then it will be available elsewhere. For those that shop elsewhere for the printed book the ISBN 13 number is 978-1482662023 or ISBN 1482662027 or at these Amazon links for the ebook. for paperback or or another or for just a few of the links on where to buy the book. Talk back to me, I'm listening! Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creatures of habit!

As I mentioned before, we humans tend to be creatures of habit. My wife and I have been staying up late and sleeping late ever since my retirement. The daylight is usually half gone before we even get the day started. We are planning to go visit our grandchildren in Nevada in June. We know children, they get up early so we are retraining our bodies to get up earlier each day.
I recall the first time we had the grandchildren over before we moved away, We had Lena and Andrew spend the night. Like normal we were up late except they went to sleep at their normal time around 8 to 9 pm. We were sound asleep when little Andrew came up to the edge of the bed and announced, "It is six o'clock time to get up!" I don't think he could tell time but his parents would always wake him up at six to take him to the babysitter so they could go to work. It was really five o'clock so I don't think he could tell time yet! But six o'clock meant it was time to get up and make breakfast. So we did. by the time the first weekend was over and they went back home, we had learned not to stay up so late. Now, we will see how the re-training goes? Wish us luck, we are still struggling and a long way from getting up at six o'clock. LOL
I knew back when I used to work various shifts, it always took a while for my body to adjust. When I first started working, since I hated to get up in the morning, I would try to get on swing shift so I could sleep in. Graveyard shift or night shift was the best for me for years. I used to tell everyone that it was an easy shift, just had to reverse my body clock to stay awake when they are sleeping and sleep when they are awake. It was actually easy for me. When everyone else was headed to bed, I was heading to work. When I was first working day shift, I had to put the alarm across the room to wake up on time in the morning. I would force myself to walk across the room and shut the alarm off then head straight to the shower or I would crawl back in bed and sleep making myself late for work.
I'm sure everyone has been down these paths before except those that have had nothing but day jobs in their lives.
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Monday!

Starting another work week, we all either look forward or dread it, which ever is your view on life. I look back over some of the events that occurred last week and I am reminded how things happen. A friend of ours house burnt down to the ground. That is one of the few problems that occur when living in a small town with only a volunteer fire department. It was totally engulfed by the time they arrived. Luckily, no one was home so no one was hurt. The nice thing about a small town was all the friends and neighbors started collecting items to replace those lost in the fire, especially things for the young babies. My hats off to all those that went out of their way to make this happen.
As I start the new week, I gave some thought to my book "Brandi's Nightmare" that recently was given a four star review and decided that since it is my first and maybe only book in the mystery genre, that I would lower the price to ninety-nine cents and see what others think of it. I think it is a great mystery but that is me talking. Like all writers, they think their work is great until reality sets in! LOL
I'm feeling good about my "Chronicles of the Marauder" book sales have been steady without anyone reviewing it yet. I'm going to send a copy of the book to R2R on Goodreads to get their take on the book. I will enclose a link for those that wish to read this book on Kindle or in paperback. for the ebook on Kindle and or for paperbacks.
I have blog spot for the book at for those that wish to read about my characters before they buy the book. Have a nice day! Talk back, I'm listening! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily routine!

The daily routine, each of us have it where we do things in a certain order each day. I used to have my Monday through Friday routine that was so predictable that my wife could tell the time by it. My weekends provided a break from the M-F grind but since my retirement, I have the same routine seven days a week and look forward to something new that changes it.
Each morning, I get coffee brewing then turn on my computer. I am busy looking at my emails that showed up over night. Most from other countries. Each twitter email I get about them following me, I follow back almost 100 percent. I don't follow back hate accounts or where they are cussing a lot on their profile. Most want to sell me something but mainly it is information about their books. I find most of them very interesting.
By the time I am getting my first cup of coffee, I have gone through one fourth of my emails then sit sipping my coffee and looking at the posts of all the groups I have joined to see what is going on with them. I enjoy the quotes of the day and jokes that a lot put on them. I then respond after my first cup has totally engaged my brain to comments or questions people may have about my writing (books) and so forth. My last response is to check out the various invites I receive to join this group or that group. After most of the email is complete I write this blog, not everyday but at least one blog, I have several about my different books. I try to have a new one for each genre I write under so the readers don't get confused on which book is about what. The only books I keep on the same blog just blog about different ones of the series is my Lightning in the Tunnel series. I started out blogging A Stranger Comes Crawling and "T.T. Gristman" on the same blogs but have added a new one for "Brandi's Nightmare" and another for "Chronicles of the Marauder". For those readers that want to see all my books along with my bio. They are all at that sight for your enjoyment and selection.
Humans find solace in doing things in a pattern but we all enjoy a break from the mundane daily grind. After everything is said and done on the blogs, emails and etc, I usually stop to have breakfast or should I say brunch and then start writing on another book or rewriting one of the books I'm not that happy with now.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When we make mistakes!

Mistakes, that is one rule in life that has never been broken, we all make them! The average person that makes a mistake usually goes unnoticed unless it is a hideous crime they do. But celebrities, politicians, other well known people and author's mistakes are prominent in the public eye. Most are overlooked except by politicians, anything they say or do will be held against them.
Sometimes we have days when what we say, is not what we meant. The words just come out wrong! That happens to me sometimes when writing. I will be typing away on the keyboard getting down a scene or action part trying to write it like I see it in my head. Then when I'm finished and go back later, I have to ask myself What did I mean or what was I saying? It didn't make a lick of sense to me! Then I have to try to recall what I was thinking at the time to make sense of it and change it to make sense, not the way I wrote it! The longer I wait to go back, the harder it is to recall or understand what I was trying to say.
Once I have finished the book, my wife and I will sit down at the computer and she will read it catching other parts where I wasn't clear or it was confusing to her. Looking over her shoulder while she is reading it, I spot other places that are wrong or unclear. It is nice to be able to read the book like a reader would and understand where things have gone wrong in a plot or conversation. Where I go off track and made something excessively wordy or wrong, having something occur at the wrong spot or something. I still hear comments that I am not following all the rules of proper grammar and my answer is simple. That is my writing style and I write my books for an eighth grade reading level. When I first was writing on the computer, I had a program called WriteRight and it recommended and kept my writing at this grade level. I have kept this level even though the program is not on this computer or the one I had before, I liked that standard. So, if you read my books, don't expect a lot of fancy words or long words along with proper grammar all the time. I stick to the basic rules of grammar but not if it interferes with my writing style!
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Skull injury!

My friend, Albert Vance fell off his roof onto the concrete below suffering a head injury. At first he was questionable whether he would live but he is hanging in there. His wife, Linda is on oxygen and I'm sure he was taking good care of her, now she has to hope he lives. Out prayers go out to Albert and Linda especially Albert, that he is able to recover. Send your prayers for Albert regardless of who you call God, Allah or whatever that he recovers from this, Linda and the world needs him!
A few weeks ago, another of our friends, Sammi and I knew and respected died suddenly. Carolyn Dixon suffered a massive stroke on a Friday and Sunday night she was gone. Her daughter Stacy has yet to recover from the loss of her mother so sudden like. Carolyn just had a hip replacement a couple of years ago so she could live a normal life, Carolyn was sixty-five.
The suddenness of change does come suddenly in life. One minute Albert was just like you and I, now he is struggling just to live and begin the long road to recovery. I am reminded of how sudden events can change the course of your life. I was eleven when my father died of a heart attack and sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if he had lived? He was only in his thirties when he died.
It seems once we pass fifty, things seemed to happen more suddenly. My first wife Dolores died soon after turning fifty of a massive heart attack. She was the mother of four of my children. My second wife, Alicia (Lisa) died a couple of years after she turned fifty of pancreatic cancer. She was the mother of another of my children. My sister Mary Sue died of lung cancer. My mother died of diabetic complications when she was sixty-one. My wife Sammi's father died of a heart attack in his early sixties. 
As we walk through life thinking they will always be around like we see them everyday, then events happen that change that! Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just saying!

It is difficult to carry on a conversation on twitter when you don't have room to say what you want to say, unless you do two or three tweets that are connected. Like I said before, this blog site is all about being connected and chatting with the new friends you meet on social media. I have a Facebook account, Twitter, Linkened, along with my blog sites but I still don't fell like I'm connecting to people. What am I doing wrong? It is not easy building connections because most people want to sell you something or think right away you are selling them something. I have learned the hard way, that doesn't work! For a fee, a lot of sites will promote you and your products but being on a limited income, I can't afford to spend a lot of money on these sites. I write because I enjoy it, not to become wealthy or anything just hoping to make a little extra so I can afford to travel since I retired. If no one reads or likes my books, so be it! Everyone has their own tastes just as I don't like all the living dead movies and books. A friend of mine is into reading a lot of werewolf and vampire books but they are just not my style. Now, I can take Aliens with a lot of weird abilities that are not human but not Vampires or living dead. Of course I also don't like spider movies, spiderman is okay with me for some reason. I know Hollywood is into the Living dead and making comic book heroes come alive, that is okay with me but I'm getting tired of all the remakes of old movies, even though they do put a twist on it and change it slightly. I like the way they re-did "Battlestat Galactica" but then it got boring after several seasons. Why can't Hollywood come up with some new movies instead of recycling, you wonder? The answer is simple, they already own the rights to these movies and don't have to spend any money to redo them! Another reason is it has been years since the original came out and it was a hit back then with newer generations growing up, they think it is an original and sometimes becomes a hit all over again. You see it all the time in music, they changed the tune and do it a little different for today's crowds and everyone thinks it is something new!
 I love history and the history channel, right now when time permits I am reading "History of World War Two", I read a lot before but now I seem to not have much time. I love science fiction, that is what I read mostly when not reading history stories.
Enough chat for now, Talk back to me, I'm listening! at or at my email or just leave a comment or your link and I will chat with you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ho Hum!

The title says it all, I've picked myself up by my boot straps (If I wore boots) and going on with life. Life sure has a way of throwing you curves but through it all, you find a way to get back into the game. That is what millions of people have to do each day. At least I'm one of the lucky ones that don't have a real bad disease just diabetes to contend with. How about you?
Now to what motivates me each day besides my wife, my books! I wrote six chapters of my sequel to the Chronicles of the Marauder, book one but have stepped back, I don't like the way the story is going because it would force me to end the book with only two books instead of the planned three books. I will rewrite chapters five and six to accomplish this. We will see how it goes.
I know I have been talking a lot about my book Chronicles of the Marauder" I guess it is because I'm so excited about it and believe that the readers will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Today, What I really what to speak to you about is my mystery book. Originally written some thirty years ago but updated it to be published. My wife has read mystery books all her life and was shocked she couldn't figure out who did it until the very end when I revealed it! I know I haven't been placing much emphasis on it being my only mystery book, but that a look at it and see if you can figure out who the killer (s) are without having to read the last chapter! I challenge you!
here are the links to the book on Amazon or also available on Barnes and Noble but I don't have the link available right now. If interested in my other books go to or to Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Mistake!

Everyone makes mistakes or errors in judgement, right? I just made on in my elation of my last book being published, Chronicles of the Marauder that I was posting on every available site and I must have posted it on Linkedin on one of the wrong sites. That is a huge no-no! No self publishing allowed on Linkedin! I have been placed on probation for this infraction. Normally I make sure that I post only on sites that allow self promotion, I guess I got carried away and now have to suffer the consequences. Besides being on probation for who knows how long, the next time I'm removed as a member on Linkedin. Not just on the forum I goofed on! I am a member of several groups and some do allow self promotion, but this is my mistake. I've made several in my life and it won't be the first one!
Now back to my blogs about my new science fiction called "Chronicles of the Marauder" of all my books it has received the best response being published for less than thirty days. All you science fiction fans take a look at it and see if you don't agree it is the best science fiction written by me. Here is the link so you can see for yourself what everyone is talking about and the book that got me into trouble! it is available in paperback as well as ebook. For those overseas,
Talk back to me, I'm listening! check out my author page as well at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Blahs!

It is Sunday and I have spent most of the weekend writing the sequel to "Chronicles of the Marauder" called Book II. I have written three Chapters already (Unedited) but I need to get up from this computer and start moving around before I develop more health issues than I already have, so I have decided to cut down my time sitting here and do something. I just wish it was warmer outside so I could do more out there. I still have my hallway reflooring project to finish. Emptying out the hayloft to convert it into a spare bedroom for guests. But all I seem to want to do is sit here and write. I'm  caught up with my characters in Chronicles of the Marauder" Neil the human Captain and Sockan, the pale white ghost like Alien that learns what love is and falls in love with Neil! Poopa, the Zeelar that saved his life after almost being killed has a great sense of humor and the rest of the crew love her. Even if she can stretch her neck out ten to twelve feet from her body and stands nine foot tall.
The Marauder humans teach the defenseless Yokas how to fight and repel the Whoa`nas from their home world where they were rounding them up for food taking them back to their home worlds to eat. Book II is getting so intense that I just can't stop writing the story! For those that haven't heard of the Chronicles of the Marauder, I will post a link and picture to update them. For the kindle ebook connect to and for those that prefer paperback. I don't believe it is on Amazon yet in paperback but I will check it so the first link I know is there! if the amazon link is up and running it will be and world wide at

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hooray or Boo?

The announcement of my newly Published Chronicles of the Marauder, Book one was greeted with skepticism by the non science fiction fans but with great fanfare by those SiFi fans when it was published. I just hope there are more Sifi fans out there than not. Anyway, time to introduce some of the other Aliens in my book.
Solay the Wispee, that looks like a giant bee without the wings and antennae. He is an engineer in the past and joins the Marauder when the choice is the airlock or becoming a member of the crew after being shanghaied, when Neil took the ship while still connected to the space station and fled.
Elan, the Soorita that thinks humans are ugly, even though he looks human except for his over hanging upper lip and no hair anywhere on his head or body. He is also a cannibal by choice; forced to become a crew member on the bridge.
I've already mentioned the Zeelar Doctor, Poopa who is nine feet tall, looking like to Neil a walking stick insect from Earth. Only with a huge Praying Mantis looking head that can stretch her neck up to twenty feet away, along with fourteen appendages.
Kona, the horse looking creature that walks on four paws not hooves, with another set of appendages that he uses like hands. Having no tail and no mane they originally called his species Hosspaws until they learned otherwise. Being both a doctor and Scientist, he along with Poopa became invaluable members of the crew.
Sochan, the pale zombie looking creature that can read minds with just a touch or make herself invisible when she wills it. She becomes a member of the bridge officers when she learns what love is and to care for others.  You can read and enjoy the story at these links: or for the paperback and in a few days the paperback will be on Amazon as well worldwide. I will let you know! Talk back to me, I'm listening! for my other books go to