Thursday, September 29, 2016

Disturbing social media post

I was on Facebook and on my stream was a post about Hillary defending a rapist as a defense lawyer.  It chastised her for using every trick in the book to get her client off. What bothered me was not that she did, that is what defense lawyers do. Most of you know the high publicized trail of O.J. Simpson. His lawyers used every trick in the book to get him off even though most of us knew he did it. He was the only one with a reason to do so. Using tricks, misconception and establishing doubt is the defense lawyers main goal. To get their client off or lessen the time spent in jail. The defense lawyer may know for a fact their client is guilty but it is their job to get them off anyway they can. We know that Hillary broke the law by using a private server instead of the public one but I question the law, maybe she knew going through the public server people she didn't want to snoop into her emails couldn't. I don't know what or who gets instant access to her emails in the government if she had used the public server. Maybe that was why Colin Powell urged her to set up her own. I know her breaking of this law was not right. Should she go to jail for this? I'm not sure but faced with the choices we have this election, I have to forgive her for her "Mistake"and urge others to do so. Why do you ask? America has always since WWII been the leader of expanding human rights. That is the right of human happiness, pursuit of respect, right to vote, right to voice your opinion and our word once given has been our bond.  We may disagree for a long time but once we agree, we stick to it even if we have to amend it to do so.  Our leaders made a mistake of going to war in the middle east for all the wrong reasons. We all know that but the past can't be changed, only the future.  Retreating to the past can not happen, the USA can't go back to being an Isolationist country not in the days of the Internet. The decisions made in Washington D.C. not only effect our country but the world as a whole. We can not bury our heads in the sand and pretend the rest of the world is not our problem. We are all humans and once every human learns this, we might get on the road to human salvation instead of destruction. The only thing I can urge everyone to do is get out and vote this November 8 to be sure your voice is heard. Vote for the future of the human race.

Talk back, I'm listening as always.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

World peace and harmony

World peace and harmony- I know it is just a pipe dream but something I would like to see in my lifetime. We humans always learn the hard way. We will push and fight until we are almost extinct before we finally realize all life is precious regardless of color, greed, religion or place of birth. One day in the future we may sit down and solve differences with words instead of bullets. In my Lightning in the Tunnel series, I used the almost destruction of the human race to make my point. At least there, after they put the world back together, they eliminated war, hunger and insured every human being had an education. I sometimes wonder if we will stop fighting once the world his almost destroyed or will the survivors continue to fight and kill taking instead of sharing what little resources are left.  In my book, one of the main characters making a speech said this, "I would like to see a Mosque on one corner, a Synagogue on another, a Catholic church on another with a Protestant church on another and instead of settling their differences with bombs or bullets, they meet in the middle of the street and talk them out." I could see this happening if everyone agrees to disagree on the points that start wars. When the day comes that everyone realizes that everyone else has a right to life and live peacefully with each other, this can happen. Don't you agree? No one has the right to force another to believe as they do. If everyone above eighteen in the world had the right to vote and agreed not to elect those that wish to wage war or dominate the world were replaced. This could be a better world.

 I know I'm rambling on about my pipe dream, what do you think? Talk back I'm listening as always.    

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pondering a post

With the American election dominating the news, it is hard not to post something political for my American readers. Still I prefer to post something about writing or my books. Let's get the Political part out of the way. I saw a program where Donald Trump says he will bring back all those high paying jobs to America. That is clearly something that can never be done because when factories close and set idle for a long time, they have to be totally rebuilt and no one wants to spend that kind of money. Being a Plant Manager for many years, I know what I am talking about. American corporations are the ones that would have to do that kind of investments. They will never do it when it is more profitable for them to ship the jobs overseas getting tax breaks and huge profits. Why pay an American worker a high wages when it can be done cheaper overseas. I had to laugh when a worker went on to say that he believed Trump and was voting for him to be President just for that reason. I couldn't believe how naive that person was. I know Hillary is not much of a choice but I can't abode with racism, bigotry and sexism then trying to cover it up with fancy political ads that smothers the true facts. Enough about politics, I have had my weekly say.
In my last post about writing-The Evolution of a writer. I spoke of how must get better each time they write and publish a book. Very few writers are good out of the gate and have to improve with each book. Hopefully their first one doesn't turn the readers off. Like Stephen King said, "write,write,,read,read...." That is the way to improve your storytelling until you have everyone in the world reading your work and coming to you for advice. I admit I am a long way from having even a huge following but I stay on social media hoping that somehow one reader will pick up one of my books and tell another and another until it becomes a bestseller. In the meantime, I will keep writing, rewriting and blogging even if it is about other's books.

Have a great week and talk back, I'm listening!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump buys the Presidency

No matter how much money the Democrats raise trying to secure the White house and Congress it will not be enough. Ever since the Republicans found out they can buy their way into office, they can and will do that. All Trump has to do is keep blaming everything wrong in the world on Hillary Clinton and President Obama, tying the two together they know that their negative campaigns will guarantee they win in 2016. The average America voter listens to the negative and recalls it when they walk into the election booth. Unless the economy really tanks in the next two months the voters will vote according to the negative commercials even if they are untrue or half-truths. I watched the election in 2014 in Arkansas very closely. The Republicans bide their time and wait until weeks before the vote to suddenly flood the airwaves as much bullshit as they can to turn the voters against a popular Senator and replace him with one the Koch Brothers bought and paid for. He knows he is owned and when the his owners pull his strings, he respond exactly like they want. To me it is shocking how short the memory is of voters but I guess that is human nature. 

Americans have short memories, they forget how we dumped the smoke filled back rooms where the party bigwigs decided who our next President will be and created primaries to lessen their power. After losing that, they decided the best way to get control back was to back only certain candidates make the people want them by saying or doing everything in their power to make sure Americans favor them. Even though Trump is a bigot, racist and dehumanizes women, they are doing everything in their power to make people forget all this so he can make America Great again, Whoops, Make America White again. 

On the Commander in Chief debate, that was a farce. It was clear that as Commander in Cheif, Trump would blame everything on Clinton and Obama but not offer any real solutions. Not one person asked him about his wanting to nuke the terrorist. They tried to worm out of him what the security briefings were about. He only said that those giving him the briefing had proposed one thing and Obama didn't follow. When asked  a question about anything, he quickly pointed out that everything wrong in the world was caused by Hillary or Obama. Even if the audience knew that some of the things were untrue they didn't waver in their support of Trump.      

Monday, September 5, 2016

Writing is an evolution by a writer

When an everyday writer finishes his/her first book, they think it is the greatest story ever written but the realization sets in that just because it is, no one has ever heard about it or you. So you start an author platform by going on social media. Let me tell you, it is a slow process, especially now days when there is so many out there writing books. If you are smart, you won't spend all your time on social media trying to garner followers but get back to what you love... writing. You have to love it or you wouldn't waste your time being a writer. When you have have written your second book as you go through editing it or having it edited, you will find that it is better than your first book. How do you ask? Your evolution has started. Most people do not start out writing their best book. I'm sure Stephen King had some of his earlier works in his opinion ready for the trash can. Once he found out what works, he cranks them out one after another. He has found his niche (style) that works for him. You have to find yours, copying someone else won't work, but once you have your style, each book will be better than your last. I may never write a bestseller but each book I write, I feel is better than the last one. A true writer's evolution into a well known writer, at least that is what I hope I have become. I have put all that I learned into writing "Saddle Spur" and believe when it is finished, everyone will agree it is the best one written by me so far. Once I complete it have it edited, I will go back to writing "IronHearts" Got to keep the writing flowing. So all you aspiring writers out there, here is Stephen King's advice "Keep writing and reading to become successful" My additional advice is after you have written the best book get back to writing and let time tell where or not it is the best. You might surprise yourself by actually writing the best book ever written.

Talk back, I'm listening as always just not here everyday.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Too busy writing to blog- I apologize

I know the past few posts have been about President Trump but I haven't been posting a thing recently. I have been busy writing "Saddle Spur" featuring "Wildoats" the horse of my main Character John Howard Strum. Their adventure from Alabama to Oregon in 1870. I am trying to make it historically accurate as I can, hence I have to do a lot of research to get it write besides having to make the story interesting and compelling for the reader. This is my first time in trying to write such an adventure book of this nature. Normally, I write straight fiction books making it all up in my head since most are set in the near future or future. That is easy to do I have found out but having an adventure in the old west even fiction, you need some truism to be believable. I know in the old westerns, they didn't worry about how accurate it was but I do even if the characters are fictional. As soon as Saddle Spur is complete, I will get back on finishing "IronHearts" My story set in today's times, just fictional characters that have hell to pay to survive.
So this is my status right now. Every since I had Wildoats playing a bigger role in the Saddle Spur story, I have had to rewrite most of it while checking to insure each event or scene is correct.

Have a great day. Talk back, I'm listening as always just not on social media that much.