Monday, December 31, 2012

As the year ends!

As the year drew to a close, I am happy to announce that Brandi's Nightmare has been concluded and now will go into editing. I'm not sure how long this will take. It all depends on the number of errors and other things that pop up. It is fitting that as the end of the year approached, I concluded it. Now after editing I will determine which way I publish it. That is a hard choice in itself but I know I have weeks to decide since that is how long editing usually takes. If there is major problems with the book, it could take longer!
Brandi's Nightmare is the story of an eighteen year old that loses her parents just before her birthday and graduation from High School. Her hopes of becoming an Olympic runner are dashed when they are killed and it becomes secondary on her mind. First item is to learn who she really was and how that came to be?  When she finds out Brandi was not her real name neither was her last name really hers! It is a twisty turning novel that keeps you guessing until the end! I hope you enjoy it!
I know a lot of people made New Years resolutions that they think they might keep. I am not one of those that make them. I know I will forget them by March or April unless it is something I do every day regardless of my resolutions.
If you do make resolutions, write them down and check back in three months to see how you are doing!
Tonight we may join in the festivities but like normal, we will be home before midnight to celebrate in private.That is just the way we do, only one year in the past ten years have we actually stayed out until past midnight celebrating. If you do celebrate do so safely, I want you around next year to enjoy my work! It is difficult to write if no one is around to enjoy reading!
Talk back to me, I'm listening!

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Things that mean a lot!

Took the day off blogging yesterday, had to get my mind cleared up a little for the New Year! Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Try not to party to much Monday night, it makes for a slow day on Tuesday, New Year's day! LOL! I don't know what or how you celebrate or even if you do but be safe whatever you do, we need you around next year!
Now back to my blogging, I made a decision to publish "A Stranger Comes Crawling"  on Smashwords for all those that don't have a Kindle (By the way, it is still on Amazon) reader but other kinds. It is availabe at the same low price at for everyone that owns an ereader.
I also chose to place the first book in the Lightning in the Tunnel series on Smashwords as well called "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" for those that don't have Kindle but some other kind of ereader!
The link to it is for those that want to read the start of the series. life goes on as we all found when the world didn't end on December 21 like so many predicted or thought. We each must face each new day with hope and vigor that we will reach our goals whatever they may be. to live just to live makes for an empty soul!
Open your imagination to other things or other worlds. Every day science is announcing the discovery of new planets in the habital zone around the millions of suns(stars) we all see out there. The chances of us being alone in this galazy or other galaxies is getting less and less as we find these new worlds. What would life on Earth be like if we actuallly made contact with an Alien life form?
Would they be just like us? I doubt that but I made mine in "A Stranger Comes Crawling" so people wouldn't be terrified by the Alien and it fit into the plot of the story!
In my Lightning in the Tunnel series book eight, I made them different in "A Need for Lightning"  but not as Alien as in "Planet of the Midnight Mist" or in my "Chronicles of the Marauder" Each writer of SiFi uses his or her imagination to create Alien lifeforms. What they are really like would frighten us to some degree but if we remember, they are living things just like us, then we can get along!
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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Deary Day!

Today, I awoke feeling good. I expected the sun to shine instead it is a cloudy drizzly day outside. It still didn't dampen my mood. Today is going to be a good day. I chatted with a friend over in India for over an hour. He always has a smiling face and is in a good mood. He works at a job he doesn't like, I remember doing that years ago just to put food on the table and keep the children fed. How many of us go through life doing what they hate just to live? I wonder? It seems that it takes a while for most people to learn what they like to do and work toward that end. When you finally reach it, you wake up each morning with a smile and feel everyday will be a good day! You set out to make it so for all those that touch your life!
I am finally reaching the end of "Brandi's Nightmare" and will have it in editing soon. Looks like I will reach my goal of having it out in early January? All depends on the editing now!
I said when I started this blog that I would have guest authors on it. I will after the first of the year start having one guest a week talking about them and their writing or whatever!
If you would like to be a guest on this blog, let me know!
I soon after finishing Brandi and sending it into editing, I will get back on the "Chronicles of the Marauder". I still need to get my cover designer to work on a cover but that is not until after the first of the year or mid-January.
I would like to thank #BYNR (Book your next read) for retweeting a lot of my blog/tweets. also all those others that re-tweet my tweets. I couldn't do it without you all!
Since my retirement, I have a lot of time to devote to my books and the social media to connect with my readers and others. Connecting is what it is all about! Just like my friend in India, getting to know these people fills my life up with joy! People everywhere are the same even those with different beliefs and views on the world. People are what makes the world and let's all strive to make it a better one!
I just want to remind everyone that the link to Brandi's nightmare blogspot is drop in and check it out! I just started talking about it on that site. I'm not selling anything! Haha!
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 Chat later!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little late but I'm here

I had to run out to the store after waking up late to get a few items before the roads refreeze and makes it to dangerous to drive. Now, where were we? My wife and I are still competing on writing blogs, she has A strangercomescrawlingand more  where she blogs about my SiFi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and about my time travel book "T.T. Gristman" and she is beating me most of the time with the most page views! I blog daily on my Lightning in the Tunnel Series" a different book normally each day besides writing this blog to just chat with those out there in cyberspace!
It is important to stay in touch, that is why at the end of each of this blog, I asked for comments or whatever.
I have even started blogging my new mystery book even though it is not finished or edited yet. Those that have viewed it know I do it sporadically just to get the title out there and tell a little about the book. It is called "Brandi's Nightmare" and I blog on it at
just talking.
I really don't want to sell anything or push my books on you at this site. Just want you to be familiar with my work. Once Brandi is finished, then I will get back on to "Chronicles of the Marauder" so it can come out next spring. That is my self imposed deadline. I'm not sure if I will make it but I'm going to try! How about you? Do you set deadlines for yourself to get something done? I find when I push myself, it happens! Otherwise, I just go along saying "I eventually will!"
My other books have been pretty much placed on the shelf not even on the stove yet! I have written a few chapters of each one, "Planet of the Midnight Mist" and "Saddle Spur" my western. Yes, I am attempting to write a western. My sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" has one chapter written as well. As of yet no title has come to mind that I like even though a few have been floating around in my head but nothing jumps out at me. What would you title it? They are up in space in an Alien designed craft and starting back to Earth before more adventures occur! Just food for thought! If you can come up with a catchy title or cover, I would appreciate it!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Little time traveling!

The time traveling and adventure idea came to my mind when writing the last of the Lightning in the Tunnel series! I had the idea from a dream that I had traveled back in time. T.T. Gristman was born then. I originally was going to call it echoes in time "the T. T. Gristman story" but then changed my mind and shortened it to "T.T. Gristman" It was a story about a one-armed mountain man that lived all alone up on his mountains he inherited from his grandparents who turned out to be his great grandparents. Faced with the loss of his property for failure to pay taxes for several years, his salvation was a scrawny-geek looking young man that needed someone to go back in time and rescue his sister that accidentally ran through the time portal. Unlike David the inventor, his sister was a spoiled rich bitch that thought T.T. was beneath her.
David had approached two others to do the task but they just laughed at him thinking time travel was a joke. He knew from his father that T.T. or Tee as the family called him was about to lose his land. After hearing T. T. fought a mountain lion barehanded and won, he figured even though he had only one arm, T.T. was the man for the job.
When David offered to pay his back taxes, T.T. accepted the job but kept in the back of his mind that if this was a trick, he would break the scrawny-looking kid's neck!
Finding it was no trick, T.T. went back in time and wished he hadn't after meeting Joyce (Joy) by the time he was back in his own time, he found himself going back again to do David a favor and bring his great grandmother from Texas back to Kentucky.
Thinking his time traveling days were behind him, he sets out to rebuild his home that a tornado destroyed while he was gone. Diane comes into his life and shows him how to live not as a mountain man recluse, and takes him into the modern world. As a changed man, Tee has the nagging question of what happened to his real parents and how he ended up being adopted by his great grandparents. He must find the answer!
The whole story is available on Kindle at or in paperback at or amung others!
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As snow comes down!

As I watch the falling snow and see it cover everything up making it look beautiful even the ugliest thing looks nice! It reminds me of my Series, Lightning in the Tunnel seeing the neighbor's taking food out to their cattle reminds me that even in the harshest conditions, man finds a way to survive. Brad, Vicki, Michele and others had to contend with a nuclear winter that was far worse than the blowing snow I am seeing. It makes you realize how relationships are formed. Being in such a small group at the beginning, the depended on each other to stay warm, be fed and for companionship. When the heater kicks on, I am reminded of how cold it must have been for them. People now days don't have a clue except for those ranchers out in Montana and Wyoming along with those living in Siberia and Alaska of what it is like to have to work and live in such a frozen environment. It is not an easy life but do able!
 The last couple of days, I haven't been in the mood to write on my books especially finishing up "Brandi's Nightmare" so it can be published next year. I was in a reading mood, not even wanting to blog but since I started doing this one daily, I decided I needed to write something. I should blog some on Brandi's Nightmare. I haven't done any blogging on that since the opening salvo. I guess I should get on it after I finish this one. Checking my email before starting, I saw a post about Mark Coker and Smashwords. I became engrossed in reading it about the future of ebooks from his prospective. I found it very interesting and feel he might be right in his twenty-one projections of 2013. Publishing, whether an ebook or paperback is in a state of flux. With Indie writers getting more and more books on the market, it is becoming daily a bigger challenge for an unknown author to get noticed but like he said, They will and some will turn from ugly ducklings into best sellers!
As each of us write, we think our stories will be the next big hit but sadly we realize that overnight success didn't come to those that made it big now! It was a struggle and a long road to the top, yet we still hope that one of our books will get noticed by the public(readers) and allow us a little glimmer of hope for the future.
When my follow Indie writers sat down at the keyboard after all the hoopla of the holidays is over, we will bang out more stories or re-write ones we have already written trying to make them just a little better and have a broader appeal. For those that got new e-readers for Christmas, keep in mind that the free downloads that everyone likes cost the author future money. I know that there is a great variety of books free but take a look at some of the others, they are less than $5.00 most less than $3.00, a great buy anyway you look at it. Most allow you to read part of the story before you have to buy it, that is a great feature allowing you to sample the merchandise before you buy!
If you are looking for interesting reading material, take a look at my author site on Amazon Central-agmoye. You might surprise yourself on the variety of stories I have to offer.
Talk back to me! I would love to hear from you! How is your day going?

Monday, December 24, 2012

editor and A Stranger comes crawling

My editor was half way through my book before realizing that she was reading; not editing! A Stranger comes Crawling, she became so engrossed in it that she forgot what she was suppose to be doing. The story captured her interest so much, she had to find out what happened. We had a good laugh about that as she had to go back to the beginning and start all over! When she finally got to the end, she was blown away about how things twisted and turned along with nagging questions she had in the back of her mind about why some things occurred the way they did. She was the first one to say that a sequel would be demanded by the readers after getting caught up in the story!
When you write something that catches the interest so completely, it makes the writer feel good about the story. If you just sample it, you won't get the full picture until you read it all. Those of you that have read the book, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! For those that don't have a kindle ebook reader, it is now available in paperback at and those with kindles:  Note: it is free download on Christmas day, my present to you!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas and stays in touch. I hope ot hear from all of you soon, make comments below or email me, let's just chat!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Introducing; Brad and Vicki

I thought it was time to introduce Brad and his wife Vicki as I write the conclusion of the Lightning in the Tunnel series called "Lightning Rages". Brad was born when I was thirty-nine, so I made him the same age with my dark hair(Even though nowdays, it is receding a lot and thinning out) and green eyes. He was my height of six foot two! He married Vicki when he just completed college and went to work in the Metals Industry (That's were I worked for thirty years). That is where the similarity between us ends.
Vicki was this blonde bomshell he married that was a year younger than him. She has blue eyes and is five foot seven with a brain! She was forced to drop out of college studying engineering in her final year to have Cindi, their oldest daughter that looks just like her but younger. Cindi was quickly followed by Brian in less than a year. Brad Junior was born a few years later and after he started to school, Vicki went back and got her degree in engineering.
The two of them were happily married and deeply in love. When they moved from their apartment and bought a house next to Phil, he was into survivalist group and soon convinced them as they became best friends to join him. That led to them building together a bomb shelter that Phil's wife, Barbara called the "Tomb". Everyone picked up on that name and it stuck over the years. Neighbors contributed to the buiding or stocking of the Tomb, so would have a place in it if it was ever needed?
Cindi was the perfect child, never causing them any trouble to speak of but Brian on the other hand became jealous of his sister and hateful causing the parents all kinds of trouble. Especially his joining in hate groups and his violent tendencies. He would do anything to spite Cindi including getting physical with her! Cindi promised she would never hit him after doing so when they were nine and ten, so she never responded to his attacks. Problems with Brian put a strain on the otherwise happy marriage. Vicki, after several times of being unsucessful decided to let Brad deal with him. Maybe, male to male he would get through to him? She even allowed him not to go with the family anymore on their survivalist training expidetions to mountains or desert. I used some memories of child hood problems that occurred after my father died and my mother was working so much that we were left alone and some fights developed that resulted in injuries. We tried never to let her know about them but some times she would have to take one of us to the doctors, so it wasn't a secret. In on scene in the Lightning in the Tunnel Begins,  I have Vicki wanting to hit Brian like an adult after the tried to strangle his sister, Cindi. She didn't do it but the reader must realize that Brian is six foot tall and works out with weights all the time. He wasn't just some little kid but a young man. A couple of reviewers didn't realize this and got hung up on this point! I know now days that everyone thinks a parent should never touch their child, but you have to realize the moment it was occurring, she was upset and angered by his actions! For this, her family was called dysfunctional!
Brad, never thought he would have anyone else by his side, he loved Vicki so much but when events separated them, he found comfort in Michele's arms but he had Vicki on his mind. When leaving the Tomb after rejoining his family, he wasn't sure Vicki was alive or dead since she hadn't returned to the Tomb.
He didn't become a whoremonger because he wanted to but events lead him to have sex with those in his tight knit group and that led to the joining ceremony where they became his wives. All he really wanted was Vicki back with him, the love of his life.
Okay, talk back to me! Let me know if this all makes sense! Check out this dystopia/apocalyptic series. I know there still is a gap between Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and Zigzagging Home but I soon will fill it in with L.I.T. "The Rescue". This occurred when I took Lightning in the Tunnel, in the beginning off the market but I'm sure everyone can follow the story without it until I get it published!
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking into the future!

Now that the world hasn't come to an end, I look forward to Christmas. This weekend is a weekend of a lot of Christmas parties with close friends. It seems like we have one each night including Monday night when we gather with friends and the family. That is what I enjoy most about Christmas, getting together and having a nice evening chatting and eating. Being a diabetic, it is hard to ignore all those sweets but I try not to over do it even though I do eat some, I can't resist totally even though I should! Can you?
I am back to writing again, trying to finish up Brandi's Nightmare, my mystery book. I have started blogging about it on my blog called, check it out when you get a chance. The book still has to go thru editing but I intend to have it out sometime in late January for everyone to enjoy. Unless you read the ending first, I bet you can't figure out who done it until the end! I first started writing this book years ago in long hand and have updated it to the present world when putting it on the computer to have it published. I believe the Character Brandi is totally believable and you will find yourself locked in seeing what happens next!
I have put on the back burner my "Chronicles of the Marauder" until I finish Brandi but some mornings, I just have to write a little each morning when I am not in the mood for Brandi.
"Planet of the Midnight Mists" has been placed off the stove right now so I can finish these other two. Some time in February or March I will get back to it.  My western "Saddle Spur" has joined the Planet off the stove but I might come back to it when I finish the others some time next summer. One thing is for sure, I don't have a shortage of books to write, who knows what might come to my mind next. That is a nice thing about being a writer, my imagination is always in high gear! Ps: the sequel to "A Stranger comes Crawling" keeps coming into my head. I have written the first Chapter even though I have still to name the book! It is sitting on the stove but the burner is not turned on yet!
I hope your joys of the season bring you smiles. Talk back to me! I would love to hear your comments! Twitter:  on email

Friday, December 21, 2012

Same crazy world is still here!

Contrary to what  a lot of people said and wanted, the world didn't end today as they hoped for! We are still here facing the same old problems that existed the day before.I know a lot of people stocked up or threw end of the world parties only to wake up and find nothing has changed. Some people wanted the world to end hoping so they could restart the human race in the fashion they envisioned to make it a better world in their eyes! Talking with my daughter, Tara, we remarked how many times in recent years that the world was suppose to end. Y2k came to mind, the preacher that calculated that the bible said the world would end, now the end of the Mayan calender. It would take a major event such as nuclear war to make this current world fall apart even then, the world wouldn't all be destroyed just parts of it. Biological weapons could reek havoc on the world. Yet, there will still be little areas that will survive and restart the human race. We have been to the brink of wiping out mankind several times but we came back! We are always building to our destiny, that is going into space to place our seeds among the stars! Even though the world is not what you want it to be like, we will survive until we exhaust and destroy this planet enough making us go else where to live! The human spirit is so strong that regardless of how many people seek to squash it, it may hide in the dark ages for a while but it will come back!
Right now, there is a great outcry to eliminate guns from private ownership or restrict it. I feel that what really needs to be done, is make it less of a hassle for those needing mental health care and keep those that suffer from this from buying guns. Was there warning signs? I don't know but I'm sure that someone had a clue in each of these tragedies that something might occur. How cane we get those that know to alert the proper authorities without being a nation that turns in our neighbors or families? This question I really don't have an answer for. What could the Authorities do when they get such a report?
In my Lightning in the Tunnel series, they eliminate private ownership of guns when they add Luna as a state trying to keep weapons out of space. Yet, they find a way to make weapons in space using compressed air that has the same impact as a gun being fired with no gravity, so what I'm saying is if humans want to kill, they will find a way!
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post apocalyptic world

Today I received my print copies of the next to last book I wrote in the Lightning in Tunnel series called "A need for Lightning" It made me think of the series how I took it from the tragedy of a nuclear war that killed many and separated families. For a period of time, it was like they were back in the dark ages having to depend on each other for survival against nature (Nuclear Winter), those that wish to harm them and those that wanted them dead. Zigzagging Home and Journey Continues.* were about how they got to the a place they could settle down and rebuild a shattered World they lived in! A Place Called Terra dealt with them making a home and new country but it still wasn't a very safe place to live hence "Terror Reigns" and General Tomahawk Rises dealt with the violent world they lived in. In 'Changes a Bullet makes" It starts out a little violent but then the world finally comes to its senses and decides that war is no longer an option for settling disagreements, or they would totally destroy this planet we are all caretakers on.
Writing "A Need for Lightning" I took my Characters from a peaceful Earth yet still troubled into space!
 Some may wonder why I did this? The answer is! I didn't want my ccharacters to just ride off into the sunset which they were on the verge of doing. By adding a reason to go into space, I came up with the idea of writing my book "A Stranger Comes Crawling" About an Alien coming to Earth and all the problems that mankind would have if they knew for a fact Aliens existed! Getting back to my series, there is only one book left to publish and it is called "Lightning Rages"
Talk back to me! I would love to hear what you have to say! Even if it is negative!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


As Christmas approaches, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Years past when my children were young, I recall that I would barely have any money to buy them gifts and always shopped the night before Christmas. I have always been one of those that waited until the last minute, mainly because of money questions. The  Metal company I worked for then always gave a Christmas bonus and I would use that to buy Christmas gifts. The children were always sent to bed when I came home from shopping. I would spend the next few hours, sometimes almost until the sun came up assembling things I bought for the children. A few times, I just got into bed when the children woke up on Christmas morning. They would wake me up so they could open their presents! The joy on each of the faces was what made it worthwhile! One of the items I purchased for my oldest at the time, Lisa was a pair of roller skates. She was about four, just turning five. She loved those skates. Sleeping with her younger sister, they would some times wet the bed, don't recall which one. I was working the 11 pm to 7 am shift and would get home about 7:30 am and I would find her roller staking naked down the sidewalks. (If she did that now, I would worry about all the perverts out there)  My neighbor who had 21 children would also tell me where she was, she kept an eye on her for me. My wife at that time tended to sleep late and the children were up unsupervised until I got home. Yet I knew my children were safe knowing the neighbors kept an eye on them. Memories of the joy filled times with the children to me, made Christmas! I hope you have just as pleasant memories of Christmas past!
Now that all the children are grown up and have children of their own, I hope they have just as fond memories of each child on Christmas.
Each child the parent realizes goes down their own path in life. I have children and grandchildren scattered all around the USA. Some of the grandchildren have their own children to worry about now. The senseless things that go on in this world makes me worry about them more than I should. A parent shouldn't have to worry when their child goes off to school about them never coming home again! It is bad enough when accidents claim one of their lives but the senseless killings, should not be one that the parents have to worry about. They have enough worries as it is! I know the families of the victims will not have a good Christmas or even a happy one. There is an outcry to ban guns, remember guns don't kill people, only people (Stupid) people kill people! I agree that news service should not tell the name of the shooter, this is what they believe is their moment of fame! I think some of the shooters if they know no one will were hear their name, might not kill so many before they kill themselves, but who is to say?
Talk back to me! I would love to hear from you! Have a nice day! leave a comment if you please!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The road few travels along

As I walk down the road called life, I look back once in a while and see the forks in the road I took. Some good and some were dead ends making me backtrack to get back on the right road. It seems like that is with everyone's life. We don't realize we are on the wrong road until we are so unhappy and lost that it takes another event to show us where we error! A few people are lucky that the road they chose coming into adulthood was the correct one and it leads them right to where they wanted to go. Are you one of the lucky ones? Or like me, took several paths until we came to the right road!
Writing the series, Lightning in the Tunnel the characters became real to me. I felt their heartaches, sadness and yes, even the love they shared. As the world becomes more crowded and it is too expensive for a couple to support a family unless they are born to or inherit money, they will find group marriages are the way to raise the children and have what they want out of life. I saw in my lightning books that this is a viable answer to a lot of problems families in America have. Right now, having the grandparents move in or brothers and sisters sharing a home is the method some are starting to use. It is only logical for the next step, and that is families joining together to make ends meet. I'm not talking about just for sex but for emotional support as well as financial support. One would stay home to tend the children while others worked to support the family. The cost of child care almost makes it impossible for a couple with more than one children to afford to have both spouses working and still makes ends meet. My crystal ball tells me that this concept promoted by others as well as me will take place in the near future, maybe when our grandchildren face life with few options.
Living in today's world is not easy and we must find a way to make it happen for those just starting out. To me it is pathetic that a person with a college degree can only find a job at a fast food place.
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Keeping pace with life!

Woke up with an ear ache from my sinuses draining into my right ear while I slept. Feeling better now, so I'm back to work on my daily blog.
Good news for those mystery readers out there. My mystery book "Brandi's Nightmare" edges closer to being finished. It still won't be available until next year. It has to go to editing after I finish writing it. But I have the cover provided by awesome Kate (The Half-Light) so I started a new blog to familiarize all of you with the book and allow you to get to know my central character "Brandi" of course the blogsight is what else "Brandi's Nightmare" If you have the time, check it out if you love a great mystery. The book has so many twists and turns that it will hold your attention along with keeping you guessing!
Now, a little chatter about my series called Lightning in the Tunnel. My first book of the series was called "Lightning in the Tunnel/in the beginning" it set the context of the series but like I mentioned before it had too much explicit sex in it. All the readers I talked to only recalled the sex and not the story. I sat back and reread the book. The were right! So I took that book off the market (There is some still out there) and rewrote the book. Renaming it "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" I had to include some sex situations in the story in order to tell it properly but not very explicit or detailed. I hope! so the reader can enjoy the story line. One reviewer said it was a good story line that made me feel good. Readers seem to agree, sales are slow but steady on Kindle. I have yet to put it in print until I see if I need to go back and make more changes. Instead of sex scenes, I added more background of the Characters in the story and took out parts. If you have a kindle, check out the story it still is for adults only because of the violence and sex situations. Things are moving slower than I expected for my SiFi book "A Stranger Comes Crawling" I expected more action but then realize that SiFi fans out there have so many to chose from, they just haven't gotten around to noticing it yet. I know they will so I've started on the sequel to it and soon might even have a name for it.
My love story with time travel "T.T. Gristman" has steadily climbed the sales charts and that makes me happy that some are reading it and hopefully enjoying the story. If you have read it, give me your feedback, I would love to hear from you, good or bad!
Blogging sure takes up a lot of time but I enjoy the feedback and can't wait to hear from you!
Keep in mind my that my books for the reader in your family or friend, that you can still get my books in time for Christmas! I will chat with you later! Leave a comment or email me or just tweet me at @Agmoye as you take time from your hustle and bustle of the Holidays!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Chattin'

It is time once again to talk to you!I hope your day is going well. Just be thankful that you never run into the crazies out there in this world. They will ruin your day or your life if they don't kill you.
Now, back to my writing. Having reached the crossroads and made the decision to be an Indie Author, I have faced the fact that it is necessary to do things different and touch the lives of many different people. I have decided after the first of the year to start hosting a talk show on Blog talk Radio called George's little write shop and plan to talk with a lot of writers and publishers about writing and getting published. I am currently listening to their workshops so I will get an idea of how to do this. BlogtalkRadio is an Internet talk show. Since I have a web camera, I thought about doing live segments with video but then decided I didn't want to have to get dressed every show. I work most of the time in my sweats and night gown top unless I plan on going somewhere. Ha Ha! They are the most comfortable to stay in all day.
Since I have made the decision to be a Indie writer and not bother with an agent or TP, things have become more simple for me. I must make the effort to get the word out to as many people as I can about my books. An unknown Author has a tough row to hoe. Knowing I am one of a million writers out there trying to spread the word about their books, don't make the task any less daunting.
As I develop more friends and contacts, it makes it easier hearing their stories along with getting their feedback on their lives. No matter how mundane we think our lives are, connections with others brighten our day and make it all worth while. That is why I ask for feedback and comments each post. On this site I'm really not trying to sell you my books, just tell you a little of the story behind each book.
I get my inspirations for each book since the Lightning in the Tunnel Series by sitting in my chair and letting my mind flow while staring out the window. A little music in the background sometimes gets the creative juices flowing. I love country music and old rock but the rap stuff turns me off. Too much cussing or obscenities for my liking. If you noticed in my books, their is very little cussing even though there might be a little sex in them. I feel obscenities are a sign of a weak mind. I have family members that cuss so much that I can't stand to listen to them. I'm sure those of you out there have the same problem, why is it necessary? I ask myself, the only answer I get is some of them started doing that when they first became an adult and still think it is an adult way of speaking. I don't think so!
Talk back to me! I would love to hear your comments or thoughts on this or other subject matter. Just chat if you feel bored or a little lonely and want someone to vent your frustrations on! I am here to listen, maybe even help! email me at or tweet me at or use the comment section down below! Have a great day!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things I can't believe!

The senseless killing of children at a school in Connecticut, especially elementary age students shocked me along with everyone else. Wanting to kill his own mother was another shocking thing! Most people love their mother even when they go through the terrible teen years where they are trying to find themselves.  In my books, there is a lot of killing but it is because of the world they are thrust into after a nuclear war! Yet most killed only when they had to! My heart and prayers go out to the families of all those involved!
Enough about killing, senseless or otherwise, most things in my Lightning in the Tunnel Series had a reason for them to occur. At first, I admit there were no reasons for some of the killings.
I just wanted to update everyone where I am in my writings but the above occurrence kept rolling through my head keeping me off track. My book cover designer, K.H. or the Half-light she prefers to be used under just created me an awesome cover for my mystery book, Brandi's Nightmare! that I now will get back on to finish it to be out early next year. Unlike a lot of people, I don't believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012 unless those out there make it happen in a self fulfilling prophecy! Go crazy in other words!
Take a look at my awesome cover!

I will talk more in the future about my mystery book. Today's post is kind of short so I can get back to finishing Brandi's Nightmare! but I will add some links at the bottom of the pack where you can get free Kindle downloads, today only! And where to get my latest paperbacks that will make a great Christmas gift for the reader in your family!
Free Kindle downloads today only! for my love story "T.T. Gristman"  also my SiFi "A Stranger Comes Crawling"
For links to my paperbacks to put under the tree! For Amazon books! love story SiFi
I look forward to hearing from you, make comments on this post or contact me at @Agmoye
or just to hear what you think! Have a nice day!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pulling one's self up by the boot straps

I borrowed a saying from my wife for the title of this post. She is always saying, "When life knocks you down, pull yourself up by your boot straps and stand up!" That is my writing career, I have found as I search for my self after starting down the wrong paths. I feel I'm walking the right path now but I'm sure there is many forks in the road ahead, I just have to select the right path as I go!
Concluding my apocalyptic/dystopia Series in the Lightning in the Tunnel Series with the publication of Lightning Rages I will have concluded it finally! I just published "A Need For Lightning"  the next to last one in the series. Once I finish up Brandi's Nightmare, my mystery book. I will get back on writing more SiFi books that I love to write. I guess I will wait and see if I should write anymore mysteries after seeing how it sales when it comes out. I will shy away from Love story books after seeing the dismal response to "T.T. Gristman". But who knows, it might catch on sometime in the future!
What is slowing down the final saga of Lightning in the Tunnel Series is I keep constantly jumping back to other books I am writing. Like the sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" that keeps rolling around in my head, I have written the first few pages of the sequel feeling it will be even better than the original! As of yet, I haven't named it which is unusual because I usually have the name before I have the story.
I have been caught up in writing my other SiFi called "Chronicles of the Marauder" that I feel will be a good story even though I already have to go back and re-write some of it because I'm on Chapter ten or thereabouts and made some changes there that necessitate the re-writing of some of my earlier chapters.
Talk back to me! I'd love to here from you about you picking yourself up by you book straps when life deals you a blow!
links to A Stranger Comes Crawling
for paperback: or

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Which way from Here?

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was making the full shift to being an Indie writer. I reached that decision after becoming dissatisfied with my supposely TP. I will finish my Series on SP most likely using Createspace and Amazon unless a real TP comes along. There is only one more book to be published in the series called "Lightning Rages" I might finish it this year or maybe not! I had to go back and rewrite most of it since making some changes to my previous two books "Changes a Bullet Makes" and "A Need for Lightning"  It requires a major overhaul but the ending won't change.
What keeps me from finishing it is I'm trying to finish my mystery book now called "Brandi's Nightmare" if I can stay off writing another SiFi which I think I like better than mystery books. I originally started Brandi as it was then called before I wrote my Series. Now, I'm updating it to more modern times as I come close to finishing it. Most of the premise is the same, it starts out with her learning of the death of both her parents in a car bomb. She learns the man she called her father all those years wasn't her father. As she tries to unwind what really happened, her life takes twists and turns. Even getting sidetracked for awhile before getting back on finding her parent's killers. I finally figured out who did it and have to just reach the conclusion to have it ready for Publishing after editing.
The other thing that keeps me from completing Brandi is I like writing SiFi better than anything so I've started the sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" while also writing my new SiFi series called the "Chronicles of the Marauder". Which ever one that comes to my mind when I wake up each morning is what I write on that day. I am also working on another SiFi that is on the back burner(Way back) that I started called "Planet of the Midnight Mists" I will be talking about thse books in the near future, right now I am still trying to get everyone to sample my books by putting them free on Kindle every now and then. "A Stranger Comes Crawling" will be free this December 15 and 16th for everyone with a kindle! I have yet to put them on other ebooks but will do so maybe after the 18th when my KDP expires and I publish by someone else. Anyway, have a good day or night whatever it is in your time zone and be sure to connect with me, leave a comment or contact me on  or on Facebook at
on twitter @Agmoye  also on my Amazon. site
visit my web site and leave a comment!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things are not what they seem!

After returning from an Author's Convention and book signing, I mentioned in my previous blogs, I had another set up in a larger city not far from my home three weeks after the trip to North Carolina. When the day happened, I found they didn't carry any of my books. Strange! I had paid my publisher to have them presented to them. Being part of a major chain, I assumed they would. Then I found out they didn't carry any books by my Publisher! Luckily, I had them that I carried with me. I never knew when I might make a sale especially with my wife talking to everyone we met about my books!
After the book signing was over, I left two sets of my books there on consignment just in case some of those I talked to decided to come back and purchase them.
All this, had me thinking, what is up? I started checking into my so called TP and found they weren't really one. They made their money by selling books to the author not the public! Wheels started to churn as I realized that I had to do something if I wanted people to read my books. I started really blogging in earnest along with contacting others on the Internet learning all about building a platform and about Connections! That I mentioned before. Learning from the best of them, I became an Indie Writer!
I ignore most of the email from my publisher even though I soon will have to buy a few more books from them when these run out. I can't wait until the end of my contract runs out for the books they have published, then I will re-edit them and publish them either on SP or a real TP.
I put my new books on ebook (Kindle) first and saw how they were received. Encouraged, I have published four books on Createspace and Amazon in time for Christmas. I know most bookstores won't carry them being SP but if I can create enough interest, the stores might order a few for their customers that ask for them. Let me know what you think, add comments to this blog or take a look at my website!

Monday, December 10, 2012

chatting with a one arm mountain man!

I guess all writers start getting bored with a long series, that was what happened to me on the Lightning in the Tunnel series while rewriting book eight of the series. I had the story and my characters were starting to ride off into the sunset, I debated about adding stories of the children as they became adults, then I decided I wanted to add some more adventures to my old characters. Brad, Vicki, Michele, Jean and others. Since, Cat and Jackson had left the family to follow their dream of going into space, I took the rest of the characters into space. That is the essence of "A Need For Lightning!"
Just before taking them into space, the idea came to me about trying a love/romance story. Like all my books "T.T. Gristman" couldn't be a straight love story it had to have other things in it. My wife, Sammi was shocked when she read T.T. I started on it and didn't stop until it was complete instead of jumping back and forth like I normally do between books. It is a story of a one armed mountain man that lost the use of his right arn in a Moonshine still explosion. He is recruited by a meek-geek type inventor (David) that built a time portal needing someone to go back in time and bring his sister back. She ran accidentally through the portal and doesn't know she is back in time. Ordinarily Tee, as he is called would never take this task but he inherited from his grandparents two mountains in Kentucky and didn't know he had to pay taxes. He ignored the notices not realizing what they were until the Sheriff showed up with papers informing him they were going on the auction block. Barely scraping by on selling some of the timber, Tee had no money to pay. David knows this from his father that intends to buy the land and turn it into retirement homes and expects to make millions. After being laughed at by two other prospects, David approaches Tee offering to pay his back taxes. David heard he fought a mountain lion barehanded and won, so he sounded like the tough kind of guy David needed to go back in time. Thinking David was trying to play some kind of joke on him, Tee was skeptical but the offer to pay his back taxes and save his land was too much to resist. Since David paid his taxes, Tee kept up his end of the deal and went back in time. David told him he had three days to find his sister, Joyce they all called Joy for short, he takes enough supplies that he felt he could live on for three days.
Right away, upon arriving back in time, Tee learns she is an uppity-bitch that thinks he is a low life and didn't believe she was back in time. She thought somehow, David and Tee were playing a trick on her and that it wasn't real. Being a chatterbox, he had a hard time making her keep from talking. Right away, he disliked her and wished he had never taken the job. Events occur that make him backhand her for screaming when she wakes up to find she was sleeping with a snake! A tribe of Savages lived down the mountain from where they were hiding. She calls him a mean,smelly, ugly cripple that beats on women. Joy soon learns that he is telling the truth but can't stand to be around him, yet she needs him to get back. He hated her but started falling in love with her being the first woman that he spent any time with since the death of his grandparents. He didn't realize how lonely he was up on the mountain living by himself.
A Tornado on David's end cuts the power when they start back and forces them to spend more time back in time. Joy is forced to change in order to survive doing things she never would do before to just stay alive. Joy knew he was in love with her but would have none of that, her fiance was a rich handsome man she would marry when she graduated from college in a few months. By the time they returned to their own time, they had learned to tolerate each other but she refused to let him get close to her!
Back in their own time, they went their separate ways and Tee went on another adventure before returning to his mountain where he finds that his home was destroyed by the tornado that cut the power off when they were to originally to return home! Heartbroken because he believes Joy has married and got on with her life, Tee tries to get on with his lonely existence up on the mountain. He soon learns that there is a whole world out there and seeks out companionship.
Tee goes through a metamorphosis after rebuilding his home and finds out why he had been adopted by his grandparents and not raised by his parents. He tries to find love again but can't get Joy out of his mind! or for paperback  make comments or give me other feedback! I would love to hear what you have to say!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lightning Begins to shine!

Today I want to talk in depth a little about my first book that I revised after hearing so many comments about the sex scenes in it. First I want to speak of one reviewer calling it a story of a dysfunctional family. Because Brian hit Cindi the night before the missile came. Cindi was taught at a young age not to hit her brother back and he took advantage of her knowing she would never touch him in that way. Brian, I explained in a later book but then took it back out, was jealous of Cindi when he became a teenager. She was the goody two-shoes of the two. He hated her for getting all the praises to the point of doing everything he wasn't supposed to, further alienating his family. His desires to have Angel, who had turned him down on many occasions led to his agreeing with Jack that the women should become property down in the Tomb. Jack was the real whoremonger wanting the young girls, Brian knew Cindi wouldn't stand for being property, it was just another of his ways of trying to bring her down to gravel beneath his feet!
As I said early in another post, I took the original book called  Lightning in the Tunnel, "In the Beginning" off the market and revised it calling it "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" Then I went through it eliminating as much as the sex scenes as I could and still tell the story which one reviewer called a good story line! That made me feel good. Because the story was so long, I had to break it into another book the part between Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and Zigzagging Home. That part I called "L.I.T. To the Rescue"  I am still revising that part so it flows into Zigzagging Home. In both books, Begins and Rescue, I added more depth to the characters that made them longer. I believe this will take the focus off the sex and place it on the storyline! Yet, there still is some sex but it is instrumental in telling the story! Take a gander at it and see if you agree!
Because my love of writing, I felt the books would bring entertainment to the reader and tell a good story! I have several readers caught up in the story and they can't wait until the next installment comes out, but sadly to say after "A Need for Lightning" there is only one saga left and that is "Lightning Rages" then the series will all be in print and on kindle ebook. Enjoy!
my books including the SiFi and T.T. Gristman's story can be located at this blog on where to buy them: http://lighninggeorge or at for the series.
All my books can be found on Kindle! Now, is the time for me to ask for your feedback! contact me at @Agmoye on tweet or or make your comments below!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creative process

I just wanted to talk about my creative process used in writing my books. Since I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel series first, I will speak of it first. I mentioned that the series was originally only three books but my publisher said they were too big for their production process, so I broke them down. That should have been a warning to me about this publisher but like I said,  I broke them down then rewrote what I could to make them a stand alone book and not to large. So the Years of Terror became Zigzagging  Home, The Journey Continues.*, That was when I found that several books existed named the Journey Continues so I changed the name of the next book from A Place Called Home that several other authors used, to A Place called Terra and went on. I had previously written only three books for the series. The last installment was Terror Reigns and it was broken into Three parts, Terror Reigns, General Tomahawk Rises and Changes a Bullet Makes. That was to be the conclusion of the series, but I had a hundred pages left over of the series with no name. The series was the only time I knew where I was going with the books.
While working on getting the series published, I was still working on Brandi, my mystery book. Jumping off both, I wrote "T.T. Gristman" then went back to the series. Unsure of what to do with the last of the material, it wasn't long enough to make into a book and it was boring to me for them to just go to the ranch and ride off into the sunset. So "A Need for Lightning!" was born. While adding Alien contact, I got the idea of what if an Alien landed on Earth and no one but the Authorities knew about it? "A Stranger Comes Crawling" was born! Unlike my series where I knew where I was going until book eight, in a stranger Comes crawling I let the characters tell the story and where it flowed. I think the last few chapters will blow the reader's mind! I won't give away the secret here. Ha Ha!
Returning to A need for Lightning, I completed it and added one more chapter for the actual conclusion of the series called, Lightning Rages!
Gong back to my mystery Book, I found another book called " Brandi" so I renamed my mystery, "Brandi's Nightmare" it is almost finished! If I stay on it. I find in order to write a good mystery it is difficult, but I think I have succeeded. You Readers will tell me if I have! It will get finished early in 2013! Maybe! if I quit leaving it to write more SiFi. I guess I'm getting hooked on SiFi because I have stopped Brandi to start writing two SiFi books. One is called "Planet of the Midnight Mist" and the other is "Chronicles of the Marauder" Midnight mist is the story of an alien world where the visitors (Aliens) are human! The Chronicles is a story about a man that wants to go into space but after spending time in prison, he wins the largest lottery ever awarded. He builds with help from all over the world a spacecraft with crew coming from all over the world. Using the skills of what is considered the world's biggest crackpot scientists, he accomplishes his dream! Talk back, I'm Listening!  Leave me your comments!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Strike one! Missed that ball!

Yesterday, I took my eye off the ball and jumped over to talking about my newest books forgetting that was not what this is about, Or is it?Back to talking about my story on the road to be an acceptable author. Notice, I didn't say great author! There is only a handful that become great.
Now, back to keeping my eye on the ball. One of the connections I made through Figment was one Kate.H. better known as the Half-Light, she has made some totally awesome book covers for me. The last four book covers came from her! This young girl has a great imagination and some day will become a great writer as well! Her work is good already but she is still working to perfect her craft as I am. One of her books will eventually make the best seller list. Her cover images of my books the best there is!
Blogging everyday is time consuming and I sometimes run out of ideas without telling the whole story in my blogs. My wife, Sammi reading my blogs said that I was giving away too much of the story and no one would have to buy any of my ten books to read the whole story. I thought about what she said and then challenged her to do better. She took over blogging for my SiFi, "A Stranger Comes Crawling and T.T. Gristman, my romance novel with a twist. I blog for the others on another blog. Each day we compete to see who gets the most views. That has made it fun for us and less work. So far, she wins 5 out of 7 blogs unless I cheat and post two blogs in one day. The only time she has had to do a double post was when she posted a heading that actually turned off the readers. By suggesting that T.T. was a woman beater! But he is not! It is a romance/adventure! She learned her lesson and so did I!
I have been asked a couple times in interviews, Why do you write? My answer is simple, I love to write and always have! The idea for my series came up during the LA riots wondering after seeing how the people acted, What it would be like if a real disaster hit LA? The book rolled around in my head for a few years before I actually started writing. At that time, being in my sexual prowess years, I created sex scenes in the story because the characters in it had a lot of time trapped and unable to move out because of the nuclear winter and constant blizzards that occurred. I cut most of those scenes out except those necessary to tell the whole story. Even then, I tried to reduce down the descriptions to a bare minimum, after all this was not supposed to be an erotica series, but a story of one family's ordeal through the mess.Read the Lightning in the Tunnel Series to get the complete picture!
When asked, Where did you come up with the idea of "A Stranger Comes Crawling" I answered. Just like the premise of the Lightning in the Tunnel series, I wondered how people would react or what would happen if an Alien came to Earth. At first I knew that the information would be suppressed unless it landed on the lawn in front of the White House, that would be hard to hide! The reason it would be suppressed was how such an event would shake the foundation of our beliefs. Most religions have no place in their teachings for Aliens to exist. Most people would accept their existence, even a small minority would welcome them with open arms. I used the fear most would have of them in my book. Even though the book takes you back to the worlds the Aliens came from, I tried to explain a lot of why certain things happened the way they did, from Ripley (Rip) falling in love and marrying an Alien within seventy-two hours after she arrives near the end of the book. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I like writing it. I have started the sequel but haven't named it yet! It will be out late in 2013.
During the time I was writing "Changes a Bullet Makes" An idea of another book came to mind. This time I wanted to step out of the genre of apocalyptic/ Dystopia type books. I was still working on Brandi's Nightmare also, I decided to try my hand at writing a romance/adventure but you know me, I can't write nothing without some kind of twist to it. That was where "T,T. Gristman" came to life. I started writing it and couldn't stop, then put it on the back burner while I completed "Changes a Bullet Makes!" part of my series. I just had both published after I made a few more changes and it went through the editing process.
Completing  "A Need for Lightning" I went back and worked on Brandi's Nightmare some, it is three quarters written. Being a mystery book, I find it hard to write trying to keep the readers interested and not give away the end! Meanwhile, I started two more books. One about an Alien world where the  Humans are the Aliens that come to that world! The other I'm really focused on right now is called "Chronicles of the Marauder!" I feel I'm growing as a writer and each book becomes better and better. The same thing goes for my series, I am writing the last book of that series called, Lightning Rages" I hope to have it concluded in 2013! Give me your comments and feedback! I would love to hear from everyone! Remember Let's make connections! Stay connected! my twitter address is @Agmoye or my email address is I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping an eye on the ball!

As 2012 draws to a close, I a back after replacing my modem on my computer. Sorry for the skipped days. I should be finished with my story today, uh maybe? As time progressed, I looked at my first book and listening to my readers, I decided to remove it from the market. Oh, sure there is a few copies out there still to be purchased and the ebook but I have cancelled my contract with that publisher and asked that it be removed from circulation. They agreed, so I sat down and rewrote the book now titled "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" . The reviews were mostly critical of there being too much sex in it. One reviewer said it was a good storyline, so I went in and reduced down the sex to the minimum. Sex is part of the story, what else can people do when trapped inside with a nuclear winter covering their world. Being trapped with a group of females, it is naturally going to occur especially since his wife is not around!
Looking at my books, I now could concentrate on Connecting with the World! I started spending at least two to three hours a day on connecting and found a lot of interesting and friendly people living in this world and I mean world. Every once in a while, I look to see where my connections are and found this to be a fact.
I causally mentioned that I published three books, now four with one just coming out yesterday. Branching out from the series I wrote, I wrote one called "T.T. Gristman" a story about a one armed mountain man that goes back in time to rescue a young woman and falls in love with her. A bittersweet event for Tee living alone on top of his Kentucky Mountains!
While T.T. Gristman languished on my computer, I wrote "A Stranger Comes Crawling" A story about female Alien that comes to Earth in a lifeboat. She meets and marries a nineteen year old young man. Ripley finds being married to an Alien from another world puts him on the run from authorities that wish to lock her up. He discovers her powerful mind and helps her with keeping out of the clutches of the authorities. When her parent arrives in another lifeboat, it is decided they needed to get off earth before someone else gets killed. Going to her home worlds, Rip finds out what alien life really was arriving on a planet controlled by those that called themselves, "Minds".  Rip finds he has to rescue his wife carrying his child from their death sentence for becoming "Zotorna!" and having emotions like the lower class people that lived on the worlds they ruled!
The third book that a I published was number seven in the Lightning in the Tunnel Series called "Changes a Bullet Makes" about efforts to unite the world in peace and under one government to end all future wars. So the destruction that World War III brought about would never occur on Earth again. Vicki asserts that humans are the caretakers of Earth and all its' species along with the future belonging to the Stars bringing about the start of human colonization of the Moon and other planets or their moons. A gold rush to the Asteroid Belt brings thousands into the belt but a Martian bug cast a pall on the rush to get off Earth and the paranoia that grips Earth, afraid of other deadly things that may be found out in space.
 By the time these three are steadily climbing the charts, I went ahead and published the eighth book on the Lightning in the Tunnel Series with only one more to go called "Lightning Rages!
Book Eight was titled, "A Need for Lightning!" it is a story about what happens when Aliens make contact with Humans out near the Saturn Moons! This contact leads Brad and his wives to decided to build a spaceship and go out to talk to them and others out there but problems exist on Earth! They won't be allowed to return once they left so they are facing a colossal decision on whether to take the younger children or leave them on Earth. A Doctor made a discovery that would make all the Earthly fears a mute point but those in power knew they would be ousted if the Earth knew of this discovery. They ruled by fear! Steps were taken to make sure word of this never reached never reached Earth of his discovery that made humans immune to everything they might run across in outer space! That's all for today! Make comments or otherwise give me your feedback!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting There! A writer's Journey part 3

Learning the writer's are the one that promote their books or there was no sales of them, I started making connections through the various groups I joined and learned from. Then I learned a curious fact, that trying to push them didn't work! Slowly, I learned that it was all about making connections and Strangely, I started to enjoy the making of Connections just as much as writing. I was shocked to find I had a lot of viewers and connections in Russia. I think they related to the Lightning in the Tunnel series about nuclear winter with their winters being so harsh. When I started blogging about survival, I found people are extremely interested in my blogs. I had one from Bosnia respond by saying that he had just formulated a survival plan but was not ready when things happened and he needed it. He wished he had prepared sooner! Being prepared is the key to survival whether it is a nuclear war as my characters had to or a natural disaster like those in Japan faced caused by earthquakes. Living in LA where earthquakes happen frequently, you assume the government or other agencies will come to your rescue and have only enough for a very short time. Hurricane Sandy showed the East Coast, especially New York and the surrounding areas that no matter how remote the chance of another hundred year storm, that they must be prepared. Not pay it just lip service!  For those that missed my earlier blog on survival, the steps are simple but not easy to do!
(1) Make a plan, make it as involved and deep as you can covering all the bases of what you and whomever is to be with you so you don't overlook something!
(2) make preparations, get the necessary items you need to survive and those with you!
(3) communicate your plan and train those that need it so they will know what to do when the event happens. Be sure to cover all bases, when you are at work! when you are out of town!
(4) hold some practice drills and maybe include the local authorities in your plan. See what they have planned! Everyone must know your plan that is involved with it! Family, neighbors, and friends. It is a good idea on items that have expiration dates that just before they expire, practice living on them so you can see what you missed!
(5)Re-visit you plan frequently, maybe keep it posted on the Refrigerator or some other place so you can see it daily! Remember, "Out of sight is out of mind!" Events occur when you least expect them!
Now to summarize this blog and continue it tomorrow! Connections with people are the most important thing I have learned and surprisingly enjoy! Someday book sales may follow but they are not the most important thing in my life any more! Talk back to me, I love to hear from you and just chat. If you wish to find out more about my writing go to:

I'd love to her from everyone! It has my gmail address along with my twitter address!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Author/writer's struggle

Up to this point, the only thing I had done right to help my writing career was having my daughter, Teresa create me a website. I didn't know how, she is going to college for this stuff! I still don't know how to move things from work in progress to published and to create a new listing for those books published not part of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series.
Anyway, as I said yesterday, I joined Linkedin and the Writer's Group finding that Marketing was the writer's job. I thought writing was the writer's job, Not Marketing! Applying my techniques I used in Management of listening and observing to find what was wrong with production problems and why they did it this way, I dove in. Reading what JD Guye, R.C.Wade,Sally Malkowski and others had to say about what the writer's responsibilities on Marketing.They have to do it all unless you have money to hire a Public Relations firm! Then I made connections with others like Sandra Beckwith,
Reno Lovison, Trevor Lund, Judy Collins, John Riddle and Laura Pepper Wu learning more ways to promote your books.
I then created my first blogs, a twitter account, I had a facebook account, I'm slowly learning how to use it to promote my books and make contacts. Joining several other sites such as World Literary Cafe, Goodreads, Indies Unlimited, Library Thing, Selfari, AuthorsDen,Figment, and more recent, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, along with creating me a post on Author Central/agmoye.
All these steps came slowly as I seeked to understand this writer's part in Writing called Marketing. I find myself spending more time trying to build an author's platform. I had been on Google plus for  a long time before I found it was a good way to blog on. So Using all these tools, I have slowly started to build my connections around the world. I'm a long way from where I should be if I had known about the other side of writing earlier but I am getting there! I have done two author Interviews, the last one with Tracy Kauffin, so I'm learning about those and will add that to this site after I finish with telling my writing beginnings.
Jane Blanchard and Jonathon Fields has helped a lot, one with pointing out direction I should be going and the other about steps to get there. I recently published three more of my books, T.T. Gristman, A Stranger Comes Crawling(SiFi) and Changes a Bullet Makes, Book eight of my Lightning in the Tunnel series! That's all for today! Talk back to me! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Author's Journey

 Like I promised yesterday, I will finish telling my story.
After publishing Lightning in the Tunnel," In the Beginning" I began to search for a publisher that I didn't have to pay to publish. I ran across an Ad that said we will pay you to publish your book! Claiming to be a traditional publisher!
Responding to the Ad, I submitted my second book in the series to them. They rejected it, so I took a look at it. Those that bought my first book, the older readers complained that there was too much explicit sex in it (the younger ones loved it!). So I thought that was the problem with the second book, so I rewrote it reducing down or eliminating any explicit sex in the book. Also because I felt the older ones didn't read the story or remember what it was about, not just the sex scenes in the book. I re-submitted the book under a new title "Zigzagging Home" and got a contract!
Once again I thought I had it going on, every three months I submitted another book, The next one was called "the Journey Continues.*" followed by "A Place Called Terra" then "Terror Reigns".
I bought a few copies of each and my saleslady, Sammi started selling them. Soon, I developed a following. One guy drives fifty miles away to here to buy each new book that comes out! I have it going on big time in my mind! The Publisher besides selling me books, I paid to have them placed in bookstores around the country and at all the book fairs (Guaranteed sales)!
This was 2011! Books should be selling like hotcakes, Right, no wrong! Being a diabetic, I chose early retirement having problems with my legs. Now, all I had to do was sit home and write more books! I wrote "T.T. Gristman" and decided that it would make a good story for TV so I decided to get an agent so they could present my book to all these screaming Producers. I still didn't know what a query letter was or existed. I submitted a short blurp to one agent and got a response asking me to send the first few chapters in an email not an attachment. So I did not realizing that when you copy and paste with notebook from word that all Formatting is lost and you have to re-format. I sent it on its way thinking I did what was right. When I reopened the email, I saw that it looked like a bunch of gibberish! I'm willing to bet that agent hit delete quicker than it took to open the email! Needless to say I was undaunted going on my merry way thinking I was doing right.
Being retired, I decided to attend an author's convention and meet my publisher! A book signing followed the convention. Just prior to attending the convention, I received a statement of my sales for 2011. NO Sales to report!  I was dumbfounded, what? I paid to have my book sold at a guaranteed book fairs!
Well, I was going to the convention, get answers there! At the convention, I thought I was at a soap sales convention, you all know about! Using my skills as a production specialist that gets to the root of production problems that I acquired over the years in the metal industry and in management. I observed and took notes. The answer to my question about those sales was the accounting for some reason didn't pick them up so my report was in error? They corrected and soon after I received a check.
After the convention, I went to the book signing event. They placed us in a mall that had little to no foot track being supper time for most people in that area. The best thing about the whole trip was I went and visited my children and grandchildren in North Carolina afterwards.
Returning home, I already had set up a book signing event in a large city. Those I held locally sold more books than at the convention book signing. When I arrived there, I found they didn't carry any of my books, that was alright with me, I had plenty! I even left some on consignment there! This was supposed to be one of those places that carried my books according to my publisher!
All this got me to thinking, what am I doing wrong? Meanwhile, I submitted "General Tomahawk Rises"
Getting on the Internet, I joined Writer's group and behold, Jason, R.C. and Sally M. had posts on there on Linkedin that told me about something I didn't know, Marketing! it was the Author's job to do that! I will continue with more of the story tomorrow! Give my your feed back!