Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things don't go as planned!

When our tom cat "Claw brought home a feral female cat so it could have her babies born in our barn, he had no idea of the problems it would cause. Things were fine for him at the start until she started chasing him out of the barn. When it came feeding time, he was glad to share. I thought like he must have thought that having his own female would reduce his prowling around for other females. Not so! He kept up his habits and as the children grew, she had three kittens but as they grew, she chased one of them off, we assumed it was the male of the litter and were shocked to discover one of the that we called CeeCee was a male when he turned around on the porch. Instead of being something special, our tom cat found he was on the outs with the cats in the barn. I don't know where he sleeps now in the cold weather after giving up his home. I do know when I go to feed them, it is a scramble to get the wet food and I have to keep the other cats away because he is used to eating his food nice and slow. They gulp down theirs and want his making me stand guard until he eats. Tonight, he didn't want to go to the barn to eat because it is such a hassle for him but I don't want to feed him on the front porch. The other night, I dropped a little food for him by the back door so he could eat in peace whereas the others rushed to the barn to get what they call good food, the wet stuff. Being so many, I give them dry food as well then the wet stuff but they ignore the dry food until they have ate all the wet stuff I brought, then they eat the dry stuff. The female feral cat, we named Cleo, she is always trying to drive the others away and keep all the wet stuff for herself. She even tries to drive away Claw so he can't eat. I know he didn't plan on this happening. He lost his home and has to share his food!
Just like my books, I'm sure he didn't think things would turn out this way but it did.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling Great!

   Yesterday's blog received a lot of views. I guess by Indie writers that needed a pick me up and a pat on the back for their efforts no matter how much they get down for the low sales volume of their books. The pick me up writing also worked on me. I felt better after writing the article. I even touched my latest works "Chronicles of the Marauder" besides blogging about a couple of my books. "A Stranger Comes Crawling", my science fiction book about an alien coming to Earth and marrying a human being. I blog about my other book on the same site called "T.T. Gristman" Time Traveler! I also blogged about one of the "Lightning in the Tunnel Series" Called "A Need for Lightning" it is a story about Brad and his wives going into space. It was the one that spawned the book "A Stranger Comes Crawling".
If you haven't read the series, no worry, you can start with "A Need for Lightning" or it prequel "Changes a Bullet Makes" They are both set in one possible future for humanity.
   Life deals everyone hard blows especially in writing by an unknown but I keep spreading the word and some day it will happen! That is the optimist in me speaking. I have always looked on the bright side of everything. That is why I can smile and move on.
   What do you do to put a smile on your face? Today is our anniversary and my lovely wife's birthday. So I don't want to spend too much time on this blog. I added links to three of my books so if you are looking for reading material, they are there! in this link you can find both ebook and paperback for A Stranger comes crawling. for my time travel book both ebook and paperback for A Need for Lightning
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Monday, January 28, 2013

A little Frustration!

   Yesterday on Linkened- Writer's Network I saw where a writer posted his frustration about lack of book sales. I know how he feels but if he thought just because he wrote a good book that immediately it would become a best seller, he is in writing for the wrong reasons. Very few actually hit the best seller unless you are a big named author or word of mouth gets your sales to slowly climb. Then people start noticing your book. For an unknown to have high books sales it takes a lot of time regardless of how good the book is. I know there are millions of authors out there trying to do the same things. Get on the best seller list! But most authors plug along hoping some people will read their work and like it. Not get frustrated and want to give up. Me. I love to write and being retired that keeps my brain active even though the only thing getting a work out is my mind, eyes and fingers. The rest of my body, I have to depend on the exercise machine to keep it in shape.
   His biggest complaint was only making a couple of dollars a week off sales. That is better than nothing and should tell him that slowly the word about his book is getting out. One day fortune might smile upon him and sales pick up but he has to continue to plug away using social media and whatever else he can find to get the word out. Continue to improve his writing skills and maybe his next book will be the one that gets noticed and his sales will increase.
   We all are in this race together to get the word out. My advice to that writer is you have to stay in the race to win. Remember the Hare and the Turtle, some people jump out of the starting gate with great hoopla and looks like they will finish first but then it fizzles out and the turtle just plods along and eventually wins the race. For all us unknowns, we are the turtles and must keep plodding along to the finish line! Have a good day and keep plodding! Or is it blogging along?
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Dead Alien

Besides blogging my new release "Brandi's Nightmare" among my other books. I am still writing on the "Chronicles of the Marauder" but my mind every once in a while jumps to the sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" so I write a little on it. I finally came up with a name for it "One Dead Alien" unless I change it before publishing. I like that title it is different like my books.
Today, I'm not really in the writing mood so I decided to blog a little to see if that would motivate me. That is why I'm writing this! LOL
But I can not seem to get in the mood so I will make this short and sweet throwing in a couple of pictures and links. I think IndiesUnlimited will publish the announcement of my book "Brandi's Nightmare" in a few days. That would be nice if they tell the world about it even though I know most that read that site are writers themselves and will very unlikely buy my book. It is on Amazon at Http:// the paperback will be on there soon but right now it is only available at Take a look at it along with my SiFi and timetravel books!

 my SiFi
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Friday, January 25, 2013

The day after Publishing

The euphoria has died down now that my latest book is published on Amazon and Createspace. "Brandi's Nightmare" went live yesterday. The paperback will go live on Amazon in a few days but anyone can get it on Createspace right now. Now comes the hard part, trying to get people to read it. I did some of the usual things, Blogging, etc, but I know it is a long hard road to get people to read it because there is so many choices out there and so many new authors. I am undaunted in my task of getting the word out! Do you face the same problems? Paying for a publicist is not in my budget so I will have to do it myself.
I will add the links to those sites that now have it available if anyone that reads it so desires to purchase a copy. for the ebook. For the paperback  I priced both books low to enable the readers to afford a copy. Only $2.99 for the ebook and $12.49 for the paperback.
Now on to talking about other things. I placed my "Changes a Bullet Makes" as free today and Saturday on KPD select! Hoping to get readers caught up in my series called "Lightning in the Tunnel" and maybe they will start to follow the series and get caught up in it. I am still rewriting the second book after I took the Original book called "Lightning in the Tunnel, In the Beginning" off the market because i was unhappy with the story. I replaced it with two books because it was too long to keep as one book after the changes. The first book is out called "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" and the second one is called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue" is still being rewritten. I bounce back and forth between it and my new SiFi called "Chronicles of the Marauder" that is more of my focus right now!
I feel in my bones that 2013 will be the year when one of my books hit the best seller list but it could be arthritis I'm feeling! LOL
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's finally out!

I was surprised when "Brandi's Nightmare" came back from editing with only a few corrections and changes recommended. I published it right away on Kindle and started working on publishing it on Createspace to get the paperback out there since I have not bothered with looking for a traditional publisher for that book since it is not in my normal genre. It was my first and most likely my last unless it becomes a best seller of course!
Some have commented on my photo that it should be more professionally done but I like the jagged look of the picture. It fits my personality and writing style. LOL Now that Brandi is out, I can concentrate on writing my "Chronicles of the Marauder" so i can get it out later this year!
Since I like working on two or three books at a time, I am indecisive about whether I should start on the "Planet of the Midnight Mists" or go back to my western "Saddle Spur". I feel like I should go to the western since it is also out of my genre but I like jumping back and forth from one genre to another!
I may ask Kate to go ahead and create me a cover for both stories so which ever I finish first, I can blog on and talk about more! I feel it is important that in my blogs or talking that I have a picture so my readers can become familiar with it. What do you think?
It has been nice chatting with you!Talk back to me, I'm listening! My email address is I am on Twitter at or just comment on this post. I will get back to you sooner or later!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another cup of coffee, needed!

I had to get my second cup of coffee trying to kick start my brain so I could write this. I was up late last night and slow about getting to my writing. Yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning out my hayloft, didn't know I had so much junk stored up there. But I will get it all out sooner or later to convert it into a guest room. Since we don't have any horses, no need for a hayloft.
Now back to my writing. I haven't written much for the past three days. don't know why but I just seem to be pausing in my writing of "Chronicles of the Marauder". I have written the next few pages in my head but have yet to put it down. I'm spending a lot of time reading and answering or commenting on my emails. That is fine with me, keep them coming! Since joining Linkened (Wrtier's Network) and A.S.M.S.G, I have a lot more distractions but like I said, that is okay with me.
Brandi's Nightnmare is still in editing, it looks like it won't be out until the end of February of 2013.  I hope there is not a lot of corrections or changes that need to be made, but that is part of writing.
Except for three bad reviews before I changed it even more, Lightning in the Tunnel Begins is selling okay. Maybe, the bad reviews has provoked reader's interest in what the fuss is all about. The grammar one complained about is just my style of writing and I'm not going to change that. Maybe the sex parts are what has reader's interested in since the success of Fifty Shades of Gray!  I don't know but I like it! Check it out for yourself, I have the complete novel for only ninety-nine cents on Amazon and Smashwords! Paperback is only $14.99!
Now, I need to get back to my writing! Have a nice day, talk to me! I'm Listening!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today, I couldn't come up with a Theme for this blog so I revisited my old thoughts. Putting on my reading glasses, I went to work. I touched on the subject of why I wrote "A Stranger Comes Crawling". The idea came to me while writing "A Need for Lightning" part of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series" about an alien contact. So the idea of an alien coming to Earth in present times was born. Unlike most books that present the alien as something fierce or weird, I tried to make it human as much as possible but with differences that would arise in an Alien world. Ripley or Rip as I call him is actually the main character. A nineteen year old man that is scheduled to begin college that fall but he never makes it to college because of the arrival of the Alien! He gets his education from the Alien and the two streetwise females that become part of his and his wife Holly's family. I know, here goes author A.G. Moye having a married man having sex with more than just his wife. My wife rolled her eyes at the story when she read it and wanted to know why most of my books doesn't have the man staying true to his wife? If you will note, in the story that he felt compelled to make love to Denise and Sally. Later in the book, you will find out why? Why did he marry her? That you will also find out near the end of the book. NO sneaking a peek to find the answer and don't tell anyone until they read the book and find out for themselves! I understand that you will want to, but it will spoil the fun of reading the story. It wasn't until her parent, Tee`ra showed up that Holly learned that she could control the elements, they do it all the time back on her main world of Zoturna! Holly for her age was really just a child as far as her fellow Minds thought. She was still learning when she arrived in the lifeboat on Earth. Being a child, she absorbed human emotions and found she liked them. Love, laughter and facial expressions were her favorite human emotions. Events that happen force her to face other emotions such as anger! Realizing her powers over things, she uses them to free her family member that was locked up for being an accessory when Holly used her powers in anger resulting in the death of several humans after they killed Sally, part of her human family.
Her wrath when united with Tee`ra and using Rip as an energy source could be destructive as they found out when she created a tornado.
Planting the seed in the Scientist and Engineer's minds and computer in Area 51, Holly gets them to build a spacecraft for her and others to get off Earth. Other characters were shanghaied into leaving Earth with them where they find they are not welcome on her home worlds after finding out the terrible secrets of the Minds that rule the planets.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look at the sunshine!

Seeing the sunshine after several days of overcast and snow, it warms the soul! Also putting everyone in a better mood it seems. I don't know about you but several days of overcast seems to depress me and make me write sad parts in my books. When the sun is out, I tend to want to write happy scenes!
I see all four of the cats that now call this their home are waiting on the front porch waiting on food. We started out with one male cat "Claw" and it was that way for about a year or two then he brought home a female feral cat we ended up naming "Cleo" and it turned out she had three kittens in our barn. She ran off the male kitten but the two females hung around and now we have named them CeeCee and Clamity. Now we are stuck feeding four cats but at least the females hunt whereas the male did nothing but lay around, chase females and fight with the neighboring males for the females. I guess our male got tired of chasing females when he brought the one female home. LOL! But he still goes on the prowl for other females. I just hope he don't bring anymore here!
For those of you that don't know, I wrote my first SiFi about an alien that comes to Earth and marries a human. The trials and tribulations they go through here on Earth covers most of the book but feeling they had to get off Earth before humans found some way to kill his wife, Rip goes with her back to her home worlds after Holly (Alien) and her mother cause a tornado to form to free one that Holly calls her human family that was sent to prison for something that Holly and her parent, Tee`ra did! Once on her home worlds, Rip finds out why he suddenly fell in love with Holly and married her. This is Not  a story of true love and living happy ever after. I am writing a little of the sequel to this book but right now I have no name for it instead I'm concentrating on writing my other SiFi called "Chronicles of the Marauder" that I want to have out in early spring or summer.If anyone wants to read the blogs of this story I posted before just go to
If your interested in ordering a copy or downloading a copy, information is on that site.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updating things!

If you didn't notice, I changed the title of this blog from "Dreams that Haunt us" to "Things that haunt us!" as I try to get a more accurate title. I also went on Linken and updated some of my newer books on my profile. I guess this is the day to update various sites. I went to amazon and updated or renewed my status on "Changes a Bullet Makes" to keep it in KDP select for another ninety days! I need to go to the World Literary Cafe and add all my books to that site since there is only three on there. Shelfaire has all my books to date there. Culturalbook has only one book on it, "A Stranger Comes Crawling" because I can't figure out how to add more books. As the days progress I will try to get all the different groups/clubs I have joined updated over the past few years. My newest one ASMSG, I have no idea what books they will show on their site?
My attempts to touch readers has led my to join all these various sites along with making connections with those Indie Writers like me! I lean very heavily on their expertize on learning what to do. Linken has been a great area of contacting those people. Indies Unlimited has been another great source.
My book "Brandi's Nightmare" is still in editing and I am seeing it is a long slow process before I publish it. I am thinking about publishing the first chapter or two on Amazon (cheap selling price or free) so readers can get a look at the story then come out with the full version later on! I hear pros and cons on this.
I might do the same thing when I am ready to publish the "Chronicles of the Marauder" but that is a way down the line (Maybe) I only have a hundred pages of it written so far. But I have the next Chapter in my head and will get it on the computer soon! I still haven't asked Kate to generate a cover for it!
Talk back to me! I'm Listening! Love to chat about anything and everything!

Monday, January 14, 2013

It is Time!

Fitting title since I want to talk to you today about my book "T.T. Gristman" time traveler. Every once in a while I feel a writer has to break out from the mold they were first cast in. With this book, I feel I have done just that. It is a story about a one armed mountain man that lived up on his mountain all alone after her grandparents died. He had no inclination to live else where. Having no telephone, no TV or no electricity at all, he never knew what he was missing! Leaving school in the seventh grade to help his Grandfather on the working the farm, he never kept up contact with the outside. When a moonshine still exploded that he was tending to when his grandfather became to ill to do so exploded, he lost the use of his right arm. His Grandmother tended to the breaks in his arm since he didn't want to leave the mountain to see a real doctor. His right arm after healing, he found he had no use of it. It hung useless at his side. He started using a leather strap to keep it out of his way while he learned to do everything one handed. As time passed, he became better one armed than most men with two arms.
As fate would have it, his ignorance and ignoring notices from the government about taxes soon had his home being sold at an auction to pay back taxes. Lucky for him, he started once a week walking to town and enjoying a cold one. Most people ignored him feeling he had a bad temper after a bar fight with two drunks that he beat up so badly that they had to go to the hospital. Since they started the fight, no charges were filed against him but he was banned from the bar for a while. His reputation grew even more when the story of his fighting a mountain lion bareheaded and killing it spread around the county!
David, the inventor of a time portal was in trouble. Not only had a savage come through his portal that was lucky for him that the savage killed himself by electrocution when he tried to kill David but also David's twenty-two year old sister, Joyce ran from a spider straight back in time. Now he was forced to send someone after her. David approached two others only to be laughed at, they all thought it was some kind of joke but David had an ace up his sleeve when he went to see if T.T. would go back in time and bring his sister back. He knew that in two days his place was up for auction after hearing his Father brag about how much money he would be making when he bulldozed the mountains down making into retirement villas. He would pay T.T.'s back taxes if he would go back in time for him!
Never had David been inside a bar before but he put away his fears knowing that was where he would find T.T. only one night a week. T.T. at first thought he was playing a prank on him but when David offered to pay his back taxes and give him more money besides, T. T. agreed!
Little did T.T. or Tee as he had been called by his grandparents know that David's sister was such a bitch and snob. He might have declined the offer.
Being in close proximity with a female even under trying circumstances caused Tee to fall in love with her over time. He had been with only one female before he lost the use of his arm. A chance encounter finding an older female swimming nude in the stream near his mountain. She gave him his first taste of sex but he never saw her again. He never realized how alone he had been up on the mountains. Follow his adventures and search for love at these links:  for ebook or for paperback: or
I think you will enjoy a nice refreshing reading! Talk back to me! I'm Listening! A new title for this blog!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Back at it!

It was good for me yesterday to post something on this blog spot. It got me somewhat back into wanting to do something. Yesterday, I just couldn't get into the swing of things, actually it had been for two days that way. I think I wrote only one line in my book "Chronicles of the Marauder" in three days. That is a rarity for me. Usually I am just banging away at the keyboard.  I still haven't done any today even though I wrote in my mind the next scene in the book. Now, to just get it down on the computer. I know when the mood strikes me, I will be up all hours of the night until I get that scene down on the computer. It is a long scene and I hope I can translate it from my mind into words so it comes out right!
I felt so good yesterday after my first blog that I actually went on my other two blogs are put something on them. and http://www.lightninggeorge My first time in a few days.
I think 2013 is going to be a slow year for me. I will have only two maybe three books coming out instead of four or more! Brandi's Nightmare" will be out after editing. I am already starting to blog about it some on http://www.agmoyemystery I am still debating about maybe putting the first chapter or so on Amazon Kindle to see how people react to it. I just don't know if I will make it free or charge 99 cents for it? Since editing will take a while, I have time to make up my mind. What do you think I should do?
I am still not happy about the ending, I guess I will revisit that once it is edited or close to being final edited. For this book, the reader is guaranteed to have to skip to the ending to find out who the killer is. Ha Ha! Brandi's nightmare can be found on this website:

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fusterating Time!

I don't know what is wrong with me, I don't feel like blogging, writing or doing anything on the computer! Am I suffering from burn out? I wonder, or is this just my mood lately after I completed Brandi's Nightmare. I should be elated and jump back on writing but for some reason, I'm just not in the mood even though I have story lines running through my head constantly. It is hard to do all those Honey do list to get done with my mind on other things but I will get to them eventually!
Have you ever had one of those times that last for more than a day that you don't feel like doing what you love?
Maybe by finally doing this blog, I can get back into the swing of things. Let's talk about my two latest books. A Stranger Comes Crawling (SiFi) and "T.T. Gristman" (Time Traveler) about how many free downloads I had, yet none of them gave the books a review on Amazon, even a bad one. Maybe, they figured why say something about it if you can't say anything nice? They were quick to lambasted my sex filled book called "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins!" So I went back one more time and reduced the sex in the book. I wonder if anyone has read the new version? In time, I guess the reviewers out there will comment on these books, someday!
Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fear of being wrong!

All my life has been filled with mistakes but I overcame everyone of them! When I was working before I retired, I worked my way up into higher management. Sure, I made mistakes but each one of them I would step back and ask why it was a mistake? Was it because I didn't have the complete data or made wrong assumptions? Sometimes I would go back to college to get background information to compete with those around me that had a bunch of degrees so I would reduce the chances of repeating a mistake. The key thing about making a mistake is Learn from it! I know at lot of people that don't do something because they are afraid of making a mistake. Do it and correct your mistake as you go along! Don't be afraid to make a mistake! Mistakes are a great teaching tool! I rose in Management by learning from my mistakes and with the help of great mentors. Don't be afraid to ask for help! That is a sign that you are willing to listen! People are willing to reach out with a helping hand when they know you will listen!Is writing a mistake for me? It could be but as I write having stories to tell, I feel I am getting better with each book and some day I will get to the level that others are but after each book is complete, I see improvement. Perfection is not my cup of tea!  I know some don't publish until they feel they have the perfect book. I want to tell my stories and if they are not prefect, oh well, I'm getting better each time. I believe the readers will find my books interesting and enjoyable to read. That is why I write them to enjoy! Why do you write?
Maybe, one day one of my books might become a classic? Who knows, a lot of writers never suceed in their lifetimes. It is later they become great, just as many painters do! I think my next stories will be even better than the early stories! Brandi's Nightmare being one of them along with "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and T.T. Gristman! Each of these stories were written or rewritten as I became a better writer. Brandi's nightmare is my mystery book. A Stranger comes crawling is my first book about aliens coming to Earth. T.T. is my first time travel book! With the Lightning in the Tunnel series concluding this year, you will see more SiFi books coming out from me. The one that I have returned to writing is called "Chronicles of the Marauder". I think it will take several months before I'm finished with it and ready to edit. Once it is finished, I will go back and finish my one attempt at writing a western then get back on my next SiFi called "Planet of the Midnight Mist" or write the sequel to A Stranger Comes crawling. So you see, I have a busy year planned for my writing. I hope the readers see my steady improvement in my books. HaHa!
Talk back to me! I'm Listening!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Hat?

I'm starting to skip a day between blogs to give me more time to work on my books. I have spent the last day or two rewriting my first book of the series, Lightning in the Tunnel Begins  hopefully this version will get better reviews. I took more sex scenes out and added more background information on the characters. Maybe, this time people will read the story line and not concentrate on the sex scenes. The book is not an erotica book, that was never my intent to write one but when I first wrote the book, sex sales! was the motto everywhere on TV and elsewhere so I thought including that would boost sales. I was wrong! Readers only concentrated on the sex scenes and not what the story was about! I have learned my lesson and hopefully improved my writing skills to the point where the reader finds my work interesting and enjoyable to read. It is a very good story line according to one reviewer!
Now, All I have to do is upload it to Amazon and Smashwords the new version, I will do that later today for people to download next week. My paperback version will take a few days to rewrite and put it into print! I love this cover, it tells so much of the story in just a picture especially if you look close at it. You see the city with the mushroom cloud forming above it with the shock wave spreading out! Kate the Half-Light does an excellent job!
Now, I can get back to working on my Chronicles of the Marauder while waiting on Brandi's Nightmare to be edited. It is a slow process as all you writers out there know! This book was actually started long before I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel Series but I put it aside having written it in long hand up in the hayloft with a couple of other stories. After I wrote "T.T. Gristman/Time Traveler" I started putting Brandi on the computer. Finding that someone else had the name Brandi, I changed it to Brandi's Nightmare a few weeks before I ask Kate to make me a cover for it. Once she did that, I hurried up and finished writing it on the computer and now it is finally in editing. This is my first mystery book, I will see how it goes and what the readers think of it.
I will be asking Kate, Half-Light to create me a cover for Chronicles of the Marauder when I am about three quarters done. That is about three months or longer off. How is you day going, are you looking forward to next week? Talk back to me, I'm listening! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Took a day off!

Took the day of from writing and blogging, spirits down, so I decided to convert the barn hayloft into a guest room. It will be a long project but I will get it done with the help of my wife, Sammi. We make a great team to get things done. Don't know how much this will effect my writing time but I know I will blog less than once a day on this site and my other sites about my books.
Brandi's Nightmare is in editing and I was informed this will be a slow process so it might not make it out until February instead of in January! Been thinking about Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and I think I will rewrite it and republish it on Kindle once again! I am still not happy with certain parts. I guess all writers go through this? Since it is the first book of the Series, I want it to be even better than it is!
Life in 2013 will see a lot of changes, at least for me, maybe not the rest of you. I think I will be even better writer in 2013 and beyond as my writing skills improve and I perfect my style of writing which is a lot different than others. At least I think it is? Looking at other writers, I can see the difference between theirs and mine. I hope the readers like it!
Now to chat about my books, I know I don't stay in one genre by my writing because I write whatever stories that come to mind. Such as "T.T. Gristman-Time traveler"  or my Sifi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" in a stranger comes crawling I don't go into a lot of detail about how something works. I feel the reader doesn't care about how it works, only that it does so the story flows better in my estimation. Talk back, I'm Listening! make a comment or email me!
links for those that would like to read a copy of these two books: for ebook T.T. Gristman for paperback: 
For a stranger comes crawling: ebook for the paperback version:http//     Talk back to me!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Politics! Oh NO!

I am shocked when I see so many comments on the Internet about American politics. It seems that most Americans have forget their social study classes. It is Congress, not the President that makes our tax laws! He can recommend something but it is up to Congress to actually make the law! After they make a Law (called a Bill) the President has two choices, sign it into law or veto it. If he vetoes it the Congress can override the veto should it be desirable. He doesn't even make the budget, he submits his thoughts to Congress and they take it apart inserting their little pet peeves into it and then makes it into a bill. Once it is approved it comes back to him for signing. Again he has the two choices, most of the time the President has to accept the parts he didn't want to keep the country going! If the new law proves unpopular, Congress will step back and act like they had nothing to do with it! Blaming it all on the President! So goes American Politics!
Enough about politics, the cliff has been postponed for a couple of months, so they can fight longer without really doing anything!
I'm trying to get my mind back on my books, if you got a new ereader for Christmas, check out my books at  they will prove to be a distraction from all the news.
For those that really want to get out of this world, take a look at "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and travel to distant worlds! For those that don't want to leave this planet, take a look at "T.T. Gristman-TimeTraveler!
With Brandi's Nightmare in editing, I am now back to working on the "Chronicles of the Marauder"
Talk back to me! I'm listening!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it is a new year!

Now that all the hoopla is behind us, we all must get down to work to make this a new year what we expect from us. Some made resolutions for the new year, try to keep them. Some of us are glad that it is a new year leaving behind the old problems and challenges. Me, I feel it will be an ever better year for me, last year was okay as far as things went. It marked my first full year in retirement and the completion of several of my books or publishing several. I am one book away from finishing my Lightning in the Tunnel series! My SiFi, about alien coming to Earth and taking her husband back to her worlds, has been selling well. I expect greater results this year. I have started the sequel to it and will finish it some time this year. My only disappointment has been "T.T. Gristman" about a one-arm mountain man! I guess most are not interested in time traveling mixed with a love story of sorts. Readers are funny that way. What catches their interest can change day to day.
I am sure a lot of people received some kind of ereader over the holidays since that is a big gift idea. Now to just get them to sample some of my books.I need to get over my nervousness about doing a Blogtalk Radio show and do my first interview of special guests on it. I'm thinking of doing it once a month until I get good at it. What do you think?
I keep joining other sites that will give me more exposure out there. I just joined CulturalBook and I'm slowly learning how to use it. My first problem is being unable to load only one book when I have ten out there. If I knew I could only load one book, I would have picked "A Stranger Comes Crawling" instead of Lightning in the Tunnel Begins! You live and you learn!
Now that "Brandi's Nightmare" has went to editing, I can go back and work on the "Chronicles of the Marauder" and my redo of the second book in the Lightning series called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue"  The first book that I wrote of the series, I had to split into two parts because it was so long. Right now if a reader reads the series starting with Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" there is a slight gap until the read "Zigzagging Home" the rescue will fill in that gap but I'm in no hurry to do it.
Hope everyone is safe and not too hungover from the New Year's parties to talk back to me! Give me a chat! on Twitter at @Agmoye or or just make a comment on the bottom here! I will get back to you one way or another!