Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New entries in book cover contest

This week we have only a couple of new entries in our contest but I will give them the royal treatment they deserve. If you have a book cover you think you would like to enter, join this site and post it on what's new? you can do so by following this link if I get it right. and I will include your cover with links to your book on my next post. As this week progresses I have been really busy and haven't spent much time on my site on MARSocial but I will get back to it shortly. I have been busy writing or finishing up my final book in the "Chronicles of the Marauder series". I am on my final chapter of book three ready to work on the editing but it is in line for my editor being busy editing my "Lightning Rages" the final book of my Lightning in the Tunnel series. I entered part of the book, (chapter twenty-six) in the author of the week competition calling it "Jody's Dilemma" It finished in the top ten but since it was unedited, it didn't do as well as I expected. I just have to have the final book of the series edited by a good editor. Now here is one of the new entries to the cover contest!

Here is another that occured in the last minute of the previous week still in the running!
Take a gander at these books, you might find one you like. One thing I have found in this contest is how much work each author puts into writing his or her story and needed the exposure to allow readers to see their work is out there. They pour their heart and soul into these books. Not written by a named author but by aspiring writers that one day might write the next best seller. I look forward to reviewing them on this site one day. Right now, I don't have a chance to read them being so swamped with concluding or starting my next books. 
One thing I have noticed that a lot of books out right now that have some sort of eye on the cover of them. I wonder if that is a trend? LOL I have two of them myself! Talk back, I'm Listening! The SpaceCowboy is signing off for today!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This week's book cover winning selections

This past week's selection of the best book covers ended in a tie, so both book covers advance to the finals to face three other books judged to be the best, of those submitted. It was tough selecting the best from all the entries. Get in this week's running by joining our group and posting your cover along with links where your book can be found. To post your cover use this link
There on "what is new" post your book and links on the same page, making it easier for me to post them on this blog and for everyone to vote on their favorite selection. Votes are only part of the process, all entries are rated by three catagories.
On a scale one to five then tallied up, including the likes to determine the winner. Like one of our co-selections listed below.

 Blurb for Slave Trader – In the Name of Freedom
For the past three years, young prostitutes and destitute women have been vanishing without trace. Their fates unknown, the only common links to their disappearances are their good looks and prison records.
Never before has a cop been taken.
Detective Billie McCoy, a member of an elite undercover squad, is on assignment when she stumbles onto a slavery racket that goes deeper than she could ever have imagined. Plunged into a web of corruption and evil, not only does she have to contend with the slave traders, but her fellow prisoners – all who hate cops.
Stretching from the streets of Sydney to the rainforests in far north Queensland, it’s a race against time. Filled with determination, disappointment and twists, the story follows Billie’s fight for freedom and her greatest ever challenge. She will need all her cunning and skill to get out alive and see justice done.
Blood will be spilt, hopes will be destroyed – all to uncover a plot so unpredictable that only fate can decide . . . .

                    These two books have earned a spot in the finals of the book cover contest. Drop by our site and vote for your favorite this week, to go into the finals. Three more covers will be selected, one each week unless we have another tie. Then it will only take a couple of weeks to narrow the field down to five.  Add yours at   or just to vote on those you think are the best. Remember to scroll down to page two to see all of them.
On another front, Lightning Rages is still being edited! may make it into publishing in late November or early December just in time for Christmas. If you haven't read the rest of the Lightning in the Tunnel series you still can enjoy the final when it comes out at  Talk back, I'm listening! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cold Morning!

The mornings are getting colder, so my early morning walk requires a coat. Now the only thing that gets cold is my hands and ears. I guess I should wear something on my ears. Today I decided to post something different than just posting other people's book covers. I might add them on the end of the post and again, maybe not! I am trying to read a little more but find I'm on my social site more than I would like. I didn't know that hosting a cover contest would take up so much time along with trying to get the word out. I still have time to write. My "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and hope to have it published soon. Chronicles of the Marauder Book One is being re-edited so it will be revised soon. When it was read in print, I noticed too many ! marks being used. I guess when I speak for the characters I think they are exclaiming something when they are not, just talking. LOL It was not caught in the first editing.  As a writer improves, he/she learns a lot about their tendencies while writing. I know when I first started writing long hand, I tended to use "and" a lot. I now watch that closely. Another action connector I use a lot is "as", I am trying to get away from that. Writing is tough, especially if you try to make it easier and readable for the reader while keeping their attention through the flow of the story.
I am on the final chapter of "Chronicles of the Marauder- Book Three" trying to figure out exactly how I intend to end it. Should I leave a possibility of another book or just end it period? I guess I will decide when I reach the final lines. LOL If you haven't read the series and are into SiFi check out my author site and read a little of each book. Maybe you will find it interesting. for my friends in Great Britain it is
Talk back, I'm Listening!  

Monday, October 21, 2013

A few book cover contest entries!

Here a few of the entries to my book cover contest ongoing on Marsocial. Check it out, enter your book cover or go to select your favorite ones by hitting like on the tab below the cover at  and join the fun!


My daughter is a photographer and she provides me with the photos and I do the rest.



Here a few to enjoy today with the links where they can be purchased or for a closer look. Talk back, I'm Listening. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Book Cover contest!

Hi everyone, this is a special post. I am hosting a book cover contest on my site. Join me there and post your book covers along with a link. The contest runs for five weeks. While you are there, give a "like" to covers you think are best, to vote. For those without book covers (Readers), join in selecting what you think is the best cover from those entries you see. It will be a lot of fun. One winner will be selected each week, then the final five will face off!
Be sure to scroll down because there is more pages of them. Authors place your entry in the what's new box and I will take it from there!
That link once again is join me and let's have a little fun!
Talk back, I'm listening!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Week on home front!

After the last two hectic weeks, it is nice to have a quiet week on the home front. I know most of the focus of everyone is on the Federal shutdown and the looming Debt ceiling crisis for most folks that is. Us writers tend to not get into the fray on who is right and who is wrong unless they are a reporter. We just keep on typing away on our stories trying to finish the story that we are working on. Some might include the current crisis in their stories giving their characters real world events in the background. Since I write about events taking place in the future, it doesn't do me any good to use these events.
My book, "Lightning Rages" the final Lightning in the Tunnel book is still in editing so I just have to wait to get it finalized. I am close to finishing "Chronicles of the Marauder-Book Three" then it will head into editing. What is slowing the process is the re-editing of the first Chronicles of the Marauder.
On a personal note, my wife has returned to her normal self after battling her addiction to Valium and I have got my blood sugar back under control to some extent, I guess my pills are not working as effective as they used to so now I am on taking insulin shots, normally once a day but occasionally twice a day when it seems to hang up there a little on the high side.
Just a reminder, my book "Changes a Bullet Makes" is still on sale this month for 99 cents then it goes back up to the normal price. or Don't forget you can find all my books on my author site at
Have a nice day, talk back, I'm listening! visit me on where I talk about my stories even more and don't forget on twitter to re-tweet my excerpt from my story called "Jody's Dilemma" I am in a contest.

Friday, October 11, 2013

World of Worlds

I have agreed to write a short story for a book the ASMSG is putting out next year. My story is called "The World of Kaynar" hopefully it gets included in the book that is a collection of short SiFi and Fantasy stories that the reader will enjoy. Christopher Shields is heading up the group and it should be a good collection. I copied and pasted the description of my world in the collection.

                                        World of Kaynar!The red dwarf sun that Kaynar orbits, gives the ever present cloud covering a reddish hue, that gives the appearance as if it were raining blood. During the moonless night it is less noticeable. Even the marble used to build the structures on Kaynar bears the same red tint. The leaves of the short stubby trees that grow on the planet have red leaves with a slight blackish-green stem. Solid ground on Kaynar is less than a thousand square miles. She is basically a water planet. Life existed in the water long before the Kaynarins emerged onto dry land to escape the jaws of the Klaptor. Rain comes daily. Sometimes as a mist, other times a downpour. The constantly rolling oceans appear blackish and foreboding for the life held within. Despite the Klaptor and ever present whirlpools of the ocean, life flourishes on Kaynar.
  What do you think, does this describe a foreign planet and how it looks day by day?

Currently "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and may be available by December 2013.  With the writing of the above story, my book Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three has not been finished but it is close. I have a lot on my plate right now, Trying to keep my group on MARsocail informed.
Join me at hyyp://  Five blogs and sometimes six on my various books along with doing reviews on GoodReads. Commenting on LinkedIn along with other sites. Following several other bloggers seeing what they are blogging about. It is becoming a full time computer operation. LOL but I enjoy it. Talking to various people, readers, writers and bloggers make my day. 
If you are interested or if you think others might be interested in some of my books, they can always check my work at  or on my many blogs. Just google agmoye and several of them will come up. Talk Back, I'm listening! Have a great day and weekend!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interveiw aftermath!

My interview by Laura Crean at  gave me a new nickname, I think I will start using in on my sites. I posted the link to the interview for those that haven't read it yet. It was a good interview that made me laugh and smile giving a big thank you to Laura. To date it was one of the best interview posting anyone has done about me. Even though the first interview I ever did by Tracy was good. This one had humor in it making me laugh! SpaceCowboy is now my new hashtag on my sites. That was the nickname she gave me. LOL!
It was a busy week for me, last week after myreview of Wendy Owens (Sacred Bloodline: Guardain Series). I did a revew of Emma Meade on her book "The end of the Line" and I have two more books to reveiw and post results on Goodreads and Amazon. I hope to finish both by the wenkend so I can post them next week.
Having "Chronicles of the Marauder book One re-edited so it reads better. Have "Lightning Rages" being edited and still waiting on cover. For this one I had no idea what would be a good cover. I am sure Half-Light will come up with something that will go good with the story. I am also working on writing a short story to be included in ASMSG's new book coming out next year with a lot of short stories in it about other worlds, made up by the writers of each of these stories due by the end of the year.
Talk back, I'm listening! Have a great day!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Reading

I have decided to allot more time to reading than to writing or blogging so I can do more reviews. With there being so many authors out there, I have decided to make time to read more. I used to read everyday spending more time on that than anything else. But as I became published and learned it was up to me to get the word out about my books, I found social media. From those sites especially LinkedIn and GoodReads, I learned what needed to be done if I want one single reader. So I spent most of my time blogging and talking about my books. I even got into trouble when one of my books was published and I didn't know any better, I sent out a notice to all of LinkedIn therefore almost getting banned from it. I have learned that is unacceptable! As time went on, I learned what was acceptable and what wasn't. Growing my followers has been the most fun, making contacts with various people out in the social media. I now know that not everyone wants to hear just about my books, but want to engage in meanfull conversation as they and I learn about each other. I enjoy that. Each day I try to do more conversation and try to help promote other authors, because in a world filled with readers, some even avid readers, I find that my stories are not their cup of tea. So, I am branching out my blog posts to include stories by other authors and even some interviews. Speaking of interviews, Mike Zimmerman has written a interview of my book and me, "Chronicles of the Marauder" book two and posted it on LinkedIn. Saturday, Laura Crean is doing an author interview on me and Chronicles of the Marauder book one. I twittered the announcement to everyone along with google plus to all those in my circles so they will be prepared for it when it comes out in the morning.
For those that haven't heard, I have been placing one book a month on sale (ebook only) each month. This month is "Changes a Bullet Makes" for 99 cents from regular price of $2.99.  It goes back up even higher on November first when I put another book on sale. Last month it was "T.T. Gristman" next month will be "A Need for Lightning" I don't know if I will continue putting a book of the month special in December or into next year. It all depends on how successful this works.   Talk back, I'm Listening!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Take a deep breath!

After last week's hectic posting about Wendy Owens and her Guardian series, I stepped back taking a deep breath and asking myself what I should blog about this week. Besides Wendy I read and reviewed another very short story with deep impact on me called "a Responsible Confession, the story of a young woman in India that was raped and tortured so bad that she died seven days later. I couldn't understand how a group on a bus could rape this woman and do such torture to her including pulling her intestines out. I can understand better if they were all on drugs or alcohol raping a woman but doing the things to her that they did just for her being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is hard for me to fathom. Her male companion was beaten senseless and unable to help her.
Now I have to get her story out of my mind and talk about other things. Starting October 1 (Today) I have lowered the price of another book of the month to 99 cents on ebook. It is part of the Lightning in the Tunnel series but can be read alone called "Changes a Bullet Makes" if you haven't already picked up your copy, now is the time to do it! It is on Amazon, Smashwords and other ereaders!

to purchase in paperback at these links:

Available on Amazon Kindle!

Talk back, I'm Listening! Have a great day!