Friday, December 23, 2016

2016- A year of uncertain events

The year started like most years with high hopes and feeling as this would be a great year for Indie writers. I started off as usual with reviews of Indie books, cover reals to get the word out about these new writers and their work.  If mind is correct, the first one was 
 and then I went on to review others work. Blogging started out my main theme for 2016. My writing took second place. I was into writing mainly at that time, "IronHearts" with the secondary work on "Saddle Spur" as you know I tend to write more than one book at a time. Sometimes three. I looked to get two books in editing out this year but the American Election started grabbing my attention so I would stray from writing to blogging about the impact the election would have for the future of America. Now that the course for America has been set to go backwards for the next four years, I have return to writing but "Saddle Spur" has become the primary book I am working on. Research was needed to get this book somewhat accurate in that time frame. It became time consuming and all the other books fell to the wayside. Even blogging has taken a back seat to this research and writing . I had hoped it would be complete in 2016 but I know it won't be. I still haven't gotten back to reading other Indie books for review. When Saddle Spur is complete, I will try to make some Indie writers happy and give them as much support as I can. I know there is a lot of Indie writers out there, more and more everyday so be patient, I will get to you as soon as I can.

This is not the final cover for Saddle Spur. I just used it whenever I post about writing the book. The actual cover will be revealed next year when it is ready to be published. Talk back, I'm listening as always. What are you working on for the new year?

Friday, December 9, 2016

A little sense of humor and the three L's of life.

Every now and then, you need to add a little of the three most important "L's" to your life. (Live, laugh and love)  The other night we were sitting around (my wife and I) talking like we normally do while sipping our drinks. I try to make her laugh every single day as many times as possible. She said something that I didn't hear so I told her about the last ear examine I had. For those that worked in a manufacturing environment know that yearly hearing tests are mandatory. Anyway, at my last one the male examiner said to me while he was reviewing the results, "Congratulations, you are losing the range of hearing that women normally speak in" She busted up laughing, just as I had when had when he said it to me those many years ago. It didn't happen, I soon left that job and retired, so I hear her just fine. I am still living and breathing, the laughter keeps us young. I have never known love like I have since I met her and kissed her for the first time. It seems like just yesterday that we met. Each day, we make it a point to find a little time for kissing and hugging. I will be working on my books and she will come by, she will stop and see if she should interrupt me. If she thinks not, she will go on but the next time, she will stop, kiss me and give me a hug to fulfill our daily requirement for love. Do you have that daily requirement, if so, is it taken care of?

On another note, I am finally on my last rewrite of "Saddle Spur" and soon will have it into editing. I don't know how long that will take because I want to spend as much time with the editor that it takes to get it right. Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day!     

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fear Factor

Hatred, fear of terrorism, fueled this year's American election. Everyone was looking for someone to blame for the state of the world and felt that hiding in the racist, bigotry and umbrella of hate, they would be protected better than by voting on a future. In my book "The Need for Lightning" I used just this premise for  the story about a United Earth that becomes so paranoid that they ban all spacers from returning to Earth after an outbreak of a virus on Mars that spread to other spacers quickly, eating away the body in a slow painful death. I threw in Aliens from other planets for good measure. The World President after the painful death of his son, goes about rebuilding the armed forces to prevent anyone that travels in space from returning and branded them criminals. This is as much as our President elect going to ban all Muslims from entering the USA and rounding up of all undocumented aliens in the USA. The wall will be the first step in the plan to become a closed society under the control of the rich. In a way the book I wrote a few years ago will become sort of poetic of our current state of affairs for All Americans. 

Talk back, I'm listening as Always to what you think.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

As the reality of the new America sinks in, I'm back to writing and reading again.

It is hard to believe the results of our election but having to choose the lesser of two evils, the American people wanted a change. Any change would do in their minds. I hope we don't live to regret it. My first books were the apocalyptic series called "Lightning in the Tunnel" I just hope our new President doesn't make it come true. Drop by Amazon and check it out called "Lightning in the Tunnel- in the Beginning" for those wishing to see what would happen when the President pushes that nuclear button.   

Now, I can concentrate on writing again instead of the election. It has side track me on several occasions. I should be able now to finish "Saddle Spur" and get it ready for editing. It took me almost three hundred rewrites to get my first series into print. Saddle Spur will only take me twenty rewrites, so I must be getting better or under the illusion that I am. LOL

Talk back, I'm listening. How many rewrites did it take you? Have a great day and pray for World peace and harmony.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Hi, Wildoats back again.

Picking up where I left off. Remember, John worked in a leather shop to create my first halter, bridle and repair my first saddle. The saddle was the one thing I couldn't stand for the longest time, but each day John placed it on my back until it became second nature. The most important thing John taught me was to leave the barn whenever anyone new came to the farm. "Someone might take you away, so you have to learn to hide yourself." John told me. There was no way anyone would separate my Pal and I.  So I gladly learned with his teaching how to quickly escape the barn and hide, letting no one else near me. As spring came and went each year, me and John were almost inseparable. He started hanging bags of seed on the saddle, that was no bother. I learned how to walk the rows being planted and not step on the new seed that would bury it too deep. After each day in the fields, I enjoyed rolling in the dirt after he removed the saddle, or jumping into the water and swimming with John, Caleb and Chloe. Sometimes even the dark, gray-haired man would join us. It was in my third summer when John saddled me up like normal, then he said to me, "I'm going to climb on your back, don't buck me off". I wasn't sure about this as he put his foot in the stirrup and swung upon my back. He didn't weigh much more than what I had carried for him before. He was gentle as he sat on me, petting my neck saying, "Take it easy pal, it is only me on your back." His loving touch kept me calm, so I wouldn't buck. We stayed there for a few minutes while I adjusted to his weight. He took the reins and slowly turned my head, directing me to move in that direction. I responded and we went for a short ride. When we returned to the barn, he and I were excited, experiencing this togetherness. After that, neither of us could wait until the next time. I felt John's unhappiness when a buckboard showed up with his injured Pa and John worried he might die. When his father recovered and returned back to the war, we both were happy. The first time John fired a thing he called a pistol from my back, I did get spooked, but a few calming words from my pal and I was alright. He used the pistol whenever hunting rabbits, becoming very good at hitting his target. The first time he took what he called a rifle, we went deer hunting far from the farm. He bagged his first deer while sitting on my back. John was always talking to me and explaining things as he saw them. Sometimes he would ask my opinion and since I knew yes and no answers, I usually answered him back. He soon learned that if I had no answer or opinion that I would respond by blowing air out. This is my story about how we became such pals. You can read our adventures together in Saddle Spur, the story of John and I.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Arkansas river pipeline (Diamond pipeline) post by my wife

I wish I had the President's phone number, I would like to ask him and his wife if they care as much as I do, about the fate of their children and their grandchildren. I just found out tonight that the Diamond pipeline is going under and around the Arkansas river along with 500 watersheds! This can't be allowed! Everyone knows that eventually that pipeline will break and kill everything, including us! Why are we risking our drinking water? We won't be able to drink it, I stand with my brothers and sisters in North Dakota who are fighting this same battle, this pipeline will be the death of us all! The pipeline companies think by hiding it under the river we will never know where it leaks, and put the blame elsewhere. Pipelines have leaked and polluted the waterways, beaches and oceans, and the death of fish and birds. So why is the government continuing to allow what we know is wrong? Being self sufficient is one thing, being self destructive is another. I am ready to stand up for what is right for my children, grandchildren, friends and citizens, will you join me? I'll stand in front of a earth mover to stop this! God help us all, Sammi Jo Moye

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wildoats here again. the rest of my story

Hi, I am Wildoats from the book Saddle Spur, due out next year. I wanted to pick up where I left off in the last post.  Alone, hungry and scared, I found refuge in John's barn. I told you about his voice, to me it was soothing and made me no longer afraid. What I really want to mention was when he touched me for the first time. I came over close to the rail that separated where I was and the rest of the barn. After weeks of his just talking to me, I felt like he was a friend and was in no danger of being locked in this barn. I stuck my head over the rail as he spoke to me while placing new hay in my area for me to bed down each night. He put down his pitchfork and came over to me, still talking words of comfort. Then he touched my muzzle and gently stroked it. I started to back away, but it felt so nice I stayed, allowing him to do this for a few minutes. He put his arm around my neck and held me close. I never felt so loved in my life since my mother was forced to leave me. I just stood there enjoying the closeness. Finally he released me even though I would have preferred to stay forever. "I have to go into the house for supper." He gave me a couple more gentle pats then took the lantern going out the other way. Each night I looked forward to our time together, when it warmed up, I followed him around outside all day long. As I grew and became stronger, John loved to watch me run. In the spring, I was with him when he plowed the fields using the mules. He had four and switched them out, using two in the mornings and the other two in the afternoons. The first time I got in trouble was when I ran through a freshly planted field, I learned not to after he scolded me. Even that night we had quality time together. Once when a young dark skinned boy that worked the fields with John swatted me, John scolded him for even touching me. The older dark skinned man out there never had anything but kind words for me. The dark skinned young female and I sort of became friends, she would sneak me something she called carrots. I like them! When the next cold time came, John started teaching me things. The first thing he taught me was to answer yes or no. He would bob his head up and down for yes, then shake it side to side for no. The first question he asked me to be sure I understood was "Do you want more oats, yes or No?" I bobbed my head up and down, so he gave me more oats. He began teaching me different things, such as how to open a barn door. I watched him use a pump to get fresh water. Soon I was able to pump my own clean water when I wanted it, unless it was frozen. John worked during that winter at a leather shop but was home each night after dark. I wasn't allowed to go with him. One day he brought home a  halter, bridle and a used saddle. The bridle and saddle I didn't like wearing but accepted them because he was my pal. Even though I did try to buck the saddle off, it stayed put.
I will talk more on the next post about our friendship and love for each other.
Talk back, the blogger is listening!   

Thursday, October 20, 2016

HI,, my name is Wildoats. I'm a horse so they tell me.

I'd like to tell you a story about how I came to be in book called "Saddle Spur" and John's best pal. My story began when I was just a foal (young colt).  I wasn't even weaned yet  from my mother's milk when she was taken off to war, what ever that is.  I was locked up in a round pen with other newborn foals, their mothers went to war also. One day the human that fed us didn't secure the gate properly and we escaped. I didn't know what the others were going to do, but I saw the direction my mother had taken when she left me. I was going to find her. My legs were still a little wobbly, but I was determined. I knew she went in the direction of that bright object in the morning sky. There were fences I couldn't jump over so I followed the wide dirt path my mother did. I found plenty of water near the path, but none of the food appealed to me. Whenever any human came along, I would run and hide, afraid they would take me back.  

On the third day, cold, wet white stuff came from the sky and blocked my detection of the morning sun. I wasn't sure if I was going in the right direction or not. The water that had been plentiful was now frozen solid. I couldn't get at it. My hunger was getting worse also, I was about ready to give up and just lie down when I heard the braying of mules. They would have water and food, so I cut across a large barren field heading toward some buildings. I didn't care if I was penned up again, just as long as I was warm, fed, and my thirst quenched. The buildings were all closed up except one small door. Taking a deep breath, fearing the unknown, I poked my head into the door. The smell of the mules, hay and other familiar scents greeted me. This was like home. Weak, cold and tired, I entered the dwelling. I instantly felt warmer getting out of the wind, even my meager coat wasn't enough to prevent me from getting cold.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a trough with the frozen top cracked up, allowing me to drink the water. Two wooden rails prevented me from going into the barn any farther, but I could reach the water and used my muzzle to push aside the floating solid part and drink my fill. Once my thirst was quenched, I looked around for something to eat. Some hay from above littered the floor. I munched that, then a familiar smell led me over to several bags of oats, one was open. I dug right in eating as much as I could. Full, I laid down and slept for the first time since my mother was taken away.

 "What do we have here?" Was the first time I heard John's voice. He came in as I struggled to rise. My legs were wobbly and unsteady. "Don't be afraid, I will not harm you."

John made his way past me without coming close, allowing me the open door to flee if I wanted. He then carried the oat bags through another door into another room. I went out the door but turned around, putting my head back inside out of the cold wind. John brought a metal container with some oats, sitting it on the floor near the other door he went in and out of. John then climbed over the rails and soon fresh hay was raining down from above to the area where I slept last night. Afterwards, I could hear John doing the same, throwing hay into the mules' stalls. When John left by another door, I went back inside.

Later John returned but made no effort to come in where I was, instead, he leaned on the rail and talked to me. For some reason, his voice had a friendly, calming effect on me. 

"What should I call you?" he asked, looking at me as he thought. "How about Wildoats, you are wild and love oats." I never answered him then. I didn't know how. 

Each day for the next month or so, he came daily to talk to me and give me some oats. Not once did he ever try to close me in or put a rope on me. When the weather warmed, John came less for me, instead took the mules out. Since I was free to come and go, I soon started following him just so I could hear his voice. Later his touch.

This is Wildoats, the blogger said I will have to wait until the next blog to tell the rest of my story. Tune in and learn. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Debating all day on this post

With the social media being full of the American Presidential debate and that tape, it was hard to do a post on writing, but I finally settled down and hit the keyboard. Writing can be tedious, trying to stay focused and pick up where you were at. Typing on Word has one advantage in rewriting, it will take you back to where you left off, the only thing it can't do is pick your brain as you try to get yourself back into the emotions and other aspects of your character, especially during a scene you half typed before being distracted. Since I write the story in my head, I have to find my thoughts no matter how fleeting they became when I was sidetracked. How do I get back into that frame of mind? I asked myself. So to pick up where I left off, I went back and read what I wrote a couple of pages ago. That seemed to help the flow a lot better and soon I was in the book, writing again. For those that don't know, I am writing my first western called "Saddle Spur" featuring John and his wonderful horse named "Wildoats," who keeps trying to steal the show. For those that read the book when it comes out, I discussed the antics and abilities of Wildoats with actual trainers and other horse lovers. So I know you are going to love Wildoats. For those that wonder what he looks like, he is solid black except for a white forelock and tail. He is taller than the average horse and very smart. John never owned him, he became John's pal when he ran away from the mare birthed him unusually, in the dead of winter. He came into John's barn searching for food as a foal. John spoke to him as if he were human and never tried to enclose him in the barn. Soon, Wildoats became less afraid of him and followed him around like a dog. Time and love bonded him to John, his pal.

Talk back, I'm listening. Have a great day as always.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Getting back to what I do best-writing, I think?

I know that I have been spending too much time on the American 2016 Presidential election. It has cut down on my writing time and I need to get back to making writing the most consumable of my time. This post has a slightly political statement but that is not the full intent. You will note the book cover I posted here, it is a story set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Read it is you want to learn about the world if Trump let's his fiery temper get out of control. This series is not what I am writing on currently. I am writing a western that is difficult at best for me trying to make sure all the scenes are realistic even though it is a fiction book of a fictional character and his horse "Wildoats" who keeps stealing the spotlight.
In time I will finish the story, if I quit rewriting it over and over. I think I am just over halfway through the third rewrite and still plan on having it out this year.
What are you writing this year or has the election some what distracted you?

Go ahead and talk back, I'm listening as always    


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Disturbing social media post

I was on Facebook and on my stream was a post about Hillary defending a rapist as a defense lawyer.  It chastised her for using every trick in the book to get her client off. What bothered me was not that she did, that is what defense lawyers do. Most of you know the high publicized trail of O.J. Simpson. His lawyers used every trick in the book to get him off even though most of us knew he did it. He was the only one with a reason to do so. Using tricks, misconception and establishing doubt is the defense lawyers main goal. To get their client off or lessen the time spent in jail. The defense lawyer may know for a fact their client is guilty but it is their job to get them off anyway they can. We know that Hillary broke the law by using a private server instead of the public one but I question the law, maybe she knew going through the public server people she didn't want to snoop into her emails couldn't. I don't know what or who gets instant access to her emails in the government if she had used the public server. Maybe that was why Colin Powell urged her to set up her own. I know her breaking of this law was not right. Should she go to jail for this? I'm not sure but faced with the choices we have this election, I have to forgive her for her "Mistake"and urge others to do so. Why do you ask? America has always since WWII been the leader of expanding human rights. That is the right of human happiness, pursuit of respect, right to vote, right to voice your opinion and our word once given has been our bond.  We may disagree for a long time but once we agree, we stick to it even if we have to amend it to do so.  Our leaders made a mistake of going to war in the middle east for all the wrong reasons. We all know that but the past can't be changed, only the future.  Retreating to the past can not happen, the USA can't go back to being an Isolationist country not in the days of the Internet. The decisions made in Washington D.C. not only effect our country but the world as a whole. We can not bury our heads in the sand and pretend the rest of the world is not our problem. We are all humans and once every human learns this, we might get on the road to human salvation instead of destruction. The only thing I can urge everyone to do is get out and vote this November 8 to be sure your voice is heard. Vote for the future of the human race.

Talk back, I'm listening as always.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

World peace and harmony

World peace and harmony- I know it is just a pipe dream but something I would like to see in my lifetime. We humans always learn the hard way. We will push and fight until we are almost extinct before we finally realize all life is precious regardless of color, greed, religion or place of birth. One day in the future we may sit down and solve differences with words instead of bullets. In my Lightning in the Tunnel series, I used the almost destruction of the human race to make my point. At least there, after they put the world back together, they eliminated war, hunger and insured every human being had an education. I sometimes wonder if we will stop fighting once the world his almost destroyed or will the survivors continue to fight and kill taking instead of sharing what little resources are left.  In my book, one of the main characters making a speech said this, "I would like to see a Mosque on one corner, a Synagogue on another, a Catholic church on another with a Protestant church on another and instead of settling their differences with bombs or bullets, they meet in the middle of the street and talk them out." I could see this happening if everyone agrees to disagree on the points that start wars. When the day comes that everyone realizes that everyone else has a right to life and live peacefully with each other, this can happen. Don't you agree? No one has the right to force another to believe as they do. If everyone above eighteen in the world had the right to vote and agreed not to elect those that wish to wage war or dominate the world were replaced. This could be a better world.

 I know I'm rambling on about my pipe dream, what do you think? Talk back I'm listening as always.    

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pondering a post

With the American election dominating the news, it is hard not to post something political for my American readers. Still I prefer to post something about writing or my books. Let's get the Political part out of the way. I saw a program where Donald Trump says he will bring back all those high paying jobs to America. That is clearly something that can never be done because when factories close and set idle for a long time, they have to be totally rebuilt and no one wants to spend that kind of money. Being a Plant Manager for many years, I know what I am talking about. American corporations are the ones that would have to do that kind of investments. They will never do it when it is more profitable for them to ship the jobs overseas getting tax breaks and huge profits. Why pay an American worker a high wages when it can be done cheaper overseas. I had to laugh when a worker went on to say that he believed Trump and was voting for him to be President just for that reason. I couldn't believe how naive that person was. I know Hillary is not much of a choice but I can't abode with racism, bigotry and sexism then trying to cover it up with fancy political ads that smothers the true facts. Enough about politics, I have had my weekly say.
In my last post about writing-The Evolution of a writer. I spoke of how must get better each time they write and publish a book. Very few writers are good out of the gate and have to improve with each book. Hopefully their first one doesn't turn the readers off. Like Stephen King said, "write,write,,read,read...." That is the way to improve your storytelling until you have everyone in the world reading your work and coming to you for advice. I admit I am a long way from having even a huge following but I stay on social media hoping that somehow one reader will pick up one of my books and tell another and another until it becomes a bestseller. In the meantime, I will keep writing, rewriting and blogging even if it is about other's books.

Have a great week and talk back, I'm listening!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump buys the Presidency

No matter how much money the Democrats raise trying to secure the White house and Congress it will not be enough. Ever since the Republicans found out they can buy their way into office, they can and will do that. All Trump has to do is keep blaming everything wrong in the world on Hillary Clinton and President Obama, tying the two together they know that their negative campaigns will guarantee they win in 2016. The average America voter listens to the negative and recalls it when they walk into the election booth. Unless the economy really tanks in the next two months the voters will vote according to the negative commercials even if they are untrue or half-truths. I watched the election in 2014 in Arkansas very closely. The Republicans bide their time and wait until weeks before the vote to suddenly flood the airwaves as much bullshit as they can to turn the voters against a popular Senator and replace him with one the Koch Brothers bought and paid for. He knows he is owned and when the his owners pull his strings, he respond exactly like they want. To me it is shocking how short the memory is of voters but I guess that is human nature. 

Americans have short memories, they forget how we dumped the smoke filled back rooms where the party bigwigs decided who our next President will be and created primaries to lessen their power. After losing that, they decided the best way to get control back was to back only certain candidates make the people want them by saying or doing everything in their power to make sure Americans favor them. Even though Trump is a bigot, racist and dehumanizes women, they are doing everything in their power to make people forget all this so he can make America Great again, Whoops, Make America White again. 

On the Commander in Chief debate, that was a farce. It was clear that as Commander in Cheif, Trump would blame everything on Clinton and Obama but not offer any real solutions. Not one person asked him about his wanting to nuke the terrorist. They tried to worm out of him what the security briefings were about. He only said that those giving him the briefing had proposed one thing and Obama didn't follow. When asked  a question about anything, he quickly pointed out that everything wrong in the world was caused by Hillary or Obama. Even if the audience knew that some of the things were untrue they didn't waver in their support of Trump.      

Monday, September 5, 2016

Writing is an evolution by a writer

When an everyday writer finishes his/her first book, they think it is the greatest story ever written but the realization sets in that just because it is, no one has ever heard about it or you. So you start an author platform by going on social media. Let me tell you, it is a slow process, especially now days when there is so many out there writing books. If you are smart, you won't spend all your time on social media trying to garner followers but get back to what you love... writing. You have to love it or you wouldn't waste your time being a writer. When you have have written your second book as you go through editing it or having it edited, you will find that it is better than your first book. How do you ask? Your evolution has started. Most people do not start out writing their best book. I'm sure Stephen King had some of his earlier works in his opinion ready for the trash can. Once he found out what works, he cranks them out one after another. He has found his niche (style) that works for him. You have to find yours, copying someone else won't work, but once you have your style, each book will be better than your last. I may never write a bestseller but each book I write, I feel is better than the last one. A true writer's evolution into a well known writer, at least that is what I hope I have become. I have put all that I learned into writing "Saddle Spur" and believe when it is finished, everyone will agree it is the best one written by me so far. Once I complete it have it edited, I will go back to writing "IronHearts" Got to keep the writing flowing. So all you aspiring writers out there, here is Stephen King's advice "Keep writing and reading to become successful" My additional advice is after you have written the best book get back to writing and let time tell where or not it is the best. You might surprise yourself by actually writing the best book ever written.

Talk back, I'm listening as always just not here everyday.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Too busy writing to blog- I apologize

I know the past few posts have been about President Trump but I haven't been posting a thing recently. I have been busy writing "Saddle Spur" featuring "Wildoats" the horse of my main Character John Howard Strum. Their adventure from Alabama to Oregon in 1870. I am trying to make it historically accurate as I can, hence I have to do a lot of research to get it write besides having to make the story interesting and compelling for the reader. This is my first time in trying to write such an adventure book of this nature. Normally, I write straight fiction books making it all up in my head since most are set in the near future or future. That is easy to do I have found out but having an adventure in the old west even fiction, you need some truism to be believable. I know in the old westerns, they didn't worry about how accurate it was but I do even if the characters are fictional. As soon as Saddle Spur is complete, I will get back on finishing "IronHearts" My story set in today's times, just fictional characters that have hell to pay to survive.
So this is my status right now. Every since I had Wildoats playing a bigger role in the Saddle Spur story, I have had to rewrite most of it while checking to insure each event or scene is correct.

Have a great day. Talk back, I'm listening as always just not on social media that much. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Concerns of my wife about President Trump

Last night, my wife and I were sitting up having a few drinks. The conversation covered various subjects then it went onto politics. I asked her what concerned her the most about Trump becoming President. This was her answer, "I am not concerned with the rights of women being trampled upon, even removal of my voting rights. What concerns me more is the fact that the Republicans want to roll back laws and even eliminate EPA to allow businesses to pollute even more destroying the planet for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have a lot of those. About Trump, "he is a ticking time bomb that would start World War III in one of his tirades, destroying this planet for future generations, maybe even eliminating them entirely.  We were entrusted this planet by our past generations, to make it better and pass it onto our children and to learn to live in peace regardless of religion, color and gender.  If humans are truly the advanced species, they owe it to themselves and the other inhabitants of this planet to allow each to live and not be destroyed in one of the rages of man.  I couldn't disagree with any of the points she raised. I like it getting a woman's prospective on this election. Everyone with a half a brain knows Hillary was less than truthful about her emails but she was calm under fire and didn't explode just because someone questioned her. I would feel better knowing we have a calmer person in the White House with their finger on the button. 

Talk back, I'm listening. Tell me how you see the 2016 election shaping up.       

Monday, August 8, 2016

Reflections of a blogger

Thanks to all those that dropped by my blog during the 2016 Cherish Blogfest. It was nice to see you. Sorry I wasn't able to drop by every site on the list, my volunteer activities limited my time on here. 

As I write this post, it gave me thoughts to reflect upon. Why does anyone blog anyway? Most people blog to sell you something, others blog about their point of view on different subjects including politics, books and their health conditions or what they had for dinner. I started blogging back a few years ago when I found out that as an author, I had to present myself to the public. Along the way, I found I enjoyed talking more about other unknown authors and their books than I did about my books. Then I started doing reviews of other's books since I read a lot. I have made a lot of online friends and others that I will call associates. I tend to follow back anyone that follows me whether I find their post interesting or not. I even comment more on various posts on LinkedIn,Facebook, Blogs and even on GoodReads. It is interesting on GoodReads that I have even started chatting with other authors in their discussions where you ask why they write and other questions. A question for other authors, do you engage in such discussions?
Time spent on social media will always reduce the amount of time an author has to write but I try to balance that with writing and my activities where I do volunteer work realizing both are equal important in my life.

Talk back, I'm listening as always! Have a great week!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cherish Blogfest 2016 post-Cherished Item

 It took me a long time to find my Cherished item. My real most cherished item is my wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so I had to select something after agreeing to do the Cherish Blogfest 2016.

My wife discovered during the winter that she had talents she never knew. Normally she does not have the patience to create something. It was tedious work but she found her abilities and patience to do this. She started with old horseshoes, cleaned them up and then painted them. Some black, some silver. Using leather she attached all the beads and feathers creating a beautiful wall ornament. In the center is our last name made from wooden blocks. To me it is something special she created for us.
I showed two views, the top one is trying to show the entire item with a slight close up in the second picture to see more of the details. Thank you for dropping by my blog and you can follow me if you wish. I normally follow the sites I visit.
 Drop by and visit other blogs taking part in this blogfest. I am sure they will enjoy having your company.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Poem "Thoughts from Afar" by my wife-S.J.Moye

My wife is a better poet than me, I have to agree. She wanted to post a poem to share with the world she wrote in 1981. Previously she had only shared it with family and a few friends, until now. Previously untitled until now. Copyright - 1981 by S.J.Moye
She wrote this in Ireland when she was 21 for her younger sister she jokingly called "Duffet". She left the states with a 13 month old son and a 6 week old daughter. Leaving her close knit family behind finally got to her, ergo the poem.
(the picture is of my lovely wife with our granddaughter, Elizabeth).

"Thoughts from Afar" by. S.J.Moye

All night long
the gale winds blew
whisking my thoughts 
from Ireland, to you

Dreams of times
of days gone by
in the dead of night
I hear the blackbird cry

My thoughts stop
as I lie and listen
she sings a song
of the love she's missing

Alas, she's finished
off she flies
thoughts stir of you
as tears fill my eyes

I hear your voice
in the howling wind
Oh my, I can see you
I'm home again!

We kiss, we hug
we laugh, we cry
we reminisce
of days gone by

We're walking in 
the summer sun
I reach for you
and off you run!

Further and further
your now out of reach
I stand alone
on the sandy beach

Yak, Yak, Yak,
the magpie screams
awakening me
from a long winters dream

So, all night long
the gale winds blew
whisking my thoughts
from Ireland, to you...

Copyright-S.J. Moye  
Talk back, I'm listening

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learning To Stutter by Sherm Davis -blog tour

Welcome to my tour stop of "Learning to Stutter" by Sherm Davis, presented by Elite Book Tours.  To follow the full tour, please visit here.



Kenneth Kocher seems to have it all - a good heart, a sense of humor, decent looks, and lots of money. What he doesn't have is something most of us take for granted - freedom of speech. Kenneth lives with a severe stutter which has wreaked havoc with his life since childhood.

After much embarrassment, pain and soul-searching, Kenneth realizes that to free his inner self he must accept the fact that he cannot be cured, and that he must learn to stutter with grace. Along the way he meets another stutterer and a young widow who are both dealing with the stumbling blocks in their own lives.

Using an experimental syntax to portray the neurological component of the syndrome, the novel gives the reader a unique view of stuttering from the inside out.


This is an extraordinary book. It’s the inside dope on stuttering. And if one person was born to tell the story, it’s David Sherman. And does he have a story to tell. The plot is consummate, the writing proficient, the pacing skillful, with a clarity of detail that renders it very realistic. After awhile, I found myself caring about all the characters, even (or particularly) the minor ones, oftentimes because they reminded me of myself, and were therefore incredible familiar. It is a reflection of the author’s versatility –as educator, in math and Language Arts, as musician and writer –and diversity –Jewish, New York born and bred, having resided all over the world –that some parts of the writing even speak to the Oriental in me. As each of the characters, stuttering and non-, go about their lives, problem-solving, adapting, you cannot help but see the parables at a universal level. Resonant, poignant, and ultimately elucidatory, this book get an A+ from me.

---- Ling T., Guatemala

In addition to those who struggle with dysfluency and their friends and family, I highly recommend this novel to educators and speech pathologists to ensure their understanding of the multi-faceted impact that this neurological syndrome can have on one’s identity.

---- Shari Mayerson, MS, CCC-SLP


Why is the name so difficult? Perhaps because there is no way to reach into the verbal bag of tricks which every person who stutters carries with him in a desperate attempt to seem normal. Word substitution (the favorite of all stutterers who block more on certain sounds than others) is impossible when the name is fixed and finite. Linking the end of one sound to the start of another to increase fluidity is impossible also, because the name begins with a specific sound, and most stuttering occurs on the initial syllable of a word.
But the great author, unaware of Kenneth Kocher’s internal trauma, was in a hurry, and only scribbled his name and gave a cursory nod before moving on to the next person in line. It was only as he was walking away that KK realized that he was fixating on his own name, and hadn’t said a single word to one of his personal heroes.
On the heels of this humiliation, he still had one more errand to run, and it was better to get it over with early in the day. When he entered the toy and game store, he really didn’t know what he was looking for. He walked up and down the aisles of the small shop, but couldn’t find anything that struck his fancy. Finally the shopkeeper, a jovial man in his fifties, horseshoe bald with a red pate and dramatic waxed moustache like the character from Monopoly, came over and played the part.
“What are you looking for, son?”
“A gift for my six-year-old nephew,” was the sentence that formed itself with perfect clarity, sonority and resonance in his brain. But just after the sentence was formed, he scanned ahead and found a stutter reflex embedded in the /g/ in gift. Automatically, he sought to substitute a synonym, but in this case he couldn’t even substitute the word present, because the /p/ was his nemesis, the hardest sound in the lexicon and one to be avoided at almost any cost. So he got past the opening vowel and then hit the hard /g/ like an electric fence. His larynx locked and he started pushing against it with brute force, but it wouldn’t budge. His face and neck started twitching, and his left eye was blinking out of control. The harder he pushed, the harder he jerked and twitched.[1]
Finally he caught hold of himself and let go of his breath. Inhaling anew, he substituted one sound for another. “^Ssssssomething fffffor mmmmy nephew.” It was stilted and spasmodic, but got the point across, more or less.
He could see the surprise in the storekeeper’s face, but he was used to seeing this. All his life, he had been watching people try to figure out how to respond to his twisted speaking voice.
“Well,” the man said, maintaining an amiable front, “what is your nephew like?”
The second interaction of the day, and it wasn’t going well, either. He was floundering in a neurological rut, and he couldn’t make it stop. His larynx slammed shut on its own accord, his left arm shot into the air like it was connected to an invisible string, and the muscles in his face and neck began quivering under the strain. He pulled himself together and responded slowly, too slowly, “^~I…. ^d-d-don’t know. I nnnnnever see him.”
“Hmm,” the shopkeeper tugged at his moustache. “That makes it a bit more difficult, but I’m sure we have something. Are you looking for something educational, mechanical, sports-oriented, or just plain fun?”
He shrugged his shoulders. “Sssomething he ‡can ^g-grow into.”
The paunchy man nodded sagely from behind his suspenders and his bowtie. “I’ve got just the thing,” he said, and went into the back roozm. The shopkeeper returned with a magnetic construction set, simple enough for a young boy but advanced enough for his father to enjoy as well, and handed him the box. “What do you think?”
KK nodded his appreciation and gave a thumbs-up, too taut to say anything. On other days, he might have made the effort to ask the man to gift-wrap the box, but when a day began like this, every word was precious.
“This is a gift for a nephew who lives far away?” the man deduced. “Would you like me to wrap it for you?”
Exhaling a sigh of relief for the man’s telepathy and compassion, KK nodded his head and handed him a credit card. Walking out of that toy store, he was unable to even thank the man. Cursing himself and vowing to never shop in a store again for as long as he lived – he’d shop online instead – he stuffed the gift in his backpack and started power walking through the streets.


This bilingual English/Spanish collection contains pieces ranging from flash fiction to folktale. Set in New York, New & Old Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, and the future, eight morsels of Zap Fiction lead off the collection, and five longer stories close it out. The Spanish translations, the product of a team of professionals, are as true to the original English as possible. 

Buy NOW @ AmazonCreatespace


David Howard Sherman Davis is a writer, musician and international educator who has taught in five countries on four continents. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island, he currently lives by Lake Atitl├ín in Guatemala. His journalism and fiction have appeared in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and online. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump hearten by Britain vote

Donald Trump is invigorated by the British vote to leave the E.U. The backlash vote was to close the borders and allow British to determine their own future, however rocky it may be.  In his campaign to become the next President his slogan is "Make America Great again" what he is really saying is "Make America White again" trying to return to the past where white males reigns supreme. Women, other religions, different colored people will all become second class citizens if he can have his way. He will get most of his way as the Republican controlled Congress gives him what wants in return for giving them what the want. I see a dark and unsettled future for the USA if he is elected President. He just might pull it off, his main opponent is strong establishment candidate. Americans are sick of the establishment and want a changed even if it means electing a racist, bigot and angry man that is quick to explode. Don't worry, he will get World War three started in one of his outbursts. He tried to sound Presidential now with new campaign manager and read straight from a teleprompter to keep him from saying something he should not say even though he seems bored with the speech. The true Trump will emerge once again as he tries to fire up the voters after he has the official nominee of the Republican Party. They Republican establishment is trying to rally around him, somewhat but they are worried He will return to his true self on the campaign trail and cost them the majority in Congress. They are building super amounts of cash to ensure it doesn't not happen and know that the weeks just before the November election they will flood the airwaves with untruths and other propaganda to get their candidates back into the do Nothing Congress.
Talk back, I'm listening as always. If you disagree, just say so but this is my current take on American politics.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

President Trump verses our Allies and Media

Our allies will be holding their breath, taking a wait and see approach, once Trump takes office. Our Muslim allies know they can expect nothing from him except hatred. President Trump will try to get Congress to agree to back out of NATO and other alliances that don't bow down to him when he withdraws our forces leaving them to shoulder the burden of protecting the free world. Putin will smile with glee seeing the USA withdraw into itself. China will see America taking the adversary role against China ending all trade agreements forcing American companies to bring back to the USA work they had shipped overseas. That might not be a bad thing but will further damage American relationship with other countries. 

The Washington Post found out the hard way why not to report the truth as it is but the lies Trump expects everyone to believe. News media will learn the hard way that reporting the truth is not what President Trump wants and if you cross him, you will find yourself shut out of being an acceptable new service at the White House. He will try to control what is printed, reported and what goes on the wire services. He might even try to get the licenses of anyone telling the truth about his actions, revoked while he strangles the freedom of speech. President Obama has tried to keep the flow of information to the news services down to a minimum, she should take lessons from Trump because he will take it to a new level unheard in America since the political bosses ran the conventions from back rooms making deals that decided American Politics. 

Talk back, I'm listening. If you disagree, say so but this is how I see America under President Trump with a Republican Congress that is willing to give him what he wants in return of giving them what they want.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

President Trump's America

Hours after being sworn in as America's President, Trump will issue his first Executive order stopping the issuing of any entry visa to anyone of the Muslim faith into the USA. Congress is too busy repealing Obamacare to tackle this subject right away but they will leave in tact the provision requiring every American to have insurance allowing the Insurance companies that support them to gouge the American people or collect more penalties into the Treasury without raising any taxes. Next President Trump will require all mosques to be monitored (constant surveillance) and anyone speaking out or demonstrating against his policies to be held under the Patriot Act to silence them.  Large collection of Muslims in one community must be patrolled by the local police and treated as second class citizens. 

President Trump's next move will to resend any Executive order of Obama and begin wholesale round up of illegal aliens in the entire country with special attention to those of Hispanic origins. Not having enough I.N.S. agents, he will use troops to make this go faster. Unable to get government or private funding of the wall between Mexico and the USA, he will come up with a unique plan to use the illegals to build the wall and have each state fund the projects.

The third priority on his list will to repeal or replace all Civil Right laws having selected the ninth justice on the Supreme Court, he knows his actions won't get reviewed for years. Women, Hispanics and Blacks will find their rights will be steadily taken away making them second class citizens once again along with the Muslims. Voting will be so restricted to deny them the rights they held before that most will give up voting allowing Trump's party to remain in power for many years as he transforms the USA back into the dark ages. 

My next post will be "President Trump and our allies" next week.

Talk back, I'm listening, if you disagree with me say so! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Plumbers and Other Lovers-Four Short Tales of Love, Lust and Leaky pipes by Spencer Dryden-Guest Post

<Plumbers Banner
Title: Plumbers and Other Lovers-Four Short Tales of Love, Lust and Leaky pipes
Author: Spencer Dryden
Series Title and Number (if applicable):
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Cover Artist: Brenna Lyons
Release Date: 5/13/16
Heat Level: 3
Pairing: M/F
Length: 100 pages
Genre/Tags: Erotic Romance, handyman, plumber, humor

Add to Goodreads


Plumbers and Other Lovers is a collection of four short stories about skilled tradesmen who stumble into romantic encounters in the course of their everyday, blue-collar lives. There is a tale for each season, beginning in summer with "Summer Heat"; on to fall for "Love Above See Level"; into the cold of winter with "Then, One Frozen Christmas Eve"; and finally, spring's "The Accidental Gigolo". It's four seasons of love and lust among leaky pipes. You won't find alpha males, billionaire bad boys, or self-destructive egomaniacs among Spencer Dryden's leading men--just ordinary guys who are drawn into the orbit of some enticing women. When the lights are out, the heat is off, or the pipes are leaking, these are the kind of guys a woman wants to see at her door: real men with tools and talent--and some smoldering sexuality. There's humor, tenderness, and plenty of heat in these stories told from the tradesman's point of view. Dryden's breezy style makes for easy reading, something to pass the time while waiting for the plumber. CONTENT ADVISORY: Three of the stories are re-issue re-release titles.


"We require a deposit of three hundred dollars on all air conditioning repairs," I said, trying to assert my authority, but my resolve to enforce company policy was eroding fast. Where did this fantasy start? With her pale blue eyes raking over my body? With her sumptuous lips begging to be kissed? Or the rock hard nipples of her perky breasts pushing out on her sweat stained T-shirt? Actually, I do know, and she knew, too. Honestly, I'm trying to raise my sights, but when my cock goes up, my field of vision goes down. Tracy had me had "hello". She eyed my name tag, then smirked. "Roach. Are you the kind I step on or the kind I hold with a tweezers?" I've heard the tease so many times it bounced off without producing the rise she was probably hoping for. "It's Dave, Dave Roach." "Don't you usually use the first name?" "My bosses are a bunch of old pot-heads. They think it's funny." Another technician, Donny Tierney, turned the job down, so dispatch sent it to me. From the moment I saw her through the eye of my surging cock, I was fondling and licking those nipples, making them stand like little chocolate confections atop the small, firm mounds beneath, then hoisting her gymnast's body on to my oaken shaft, ramming her furiously while she moaned and panted for more. My mind is easily diverted by flights of fantasy. Tracy was pushing all the launch buttons, but there was a job to do and I had to find a way to do it in the midst of a heat wave. The heating and air-conditioning business thrives on cold snaps and heat waves. We have them both in Minneapolis. We encourage people to plan, but truthfully, it's a business built on failure--the inconvenient failure of heating and cooling systems. The Grand Opening Tonite banner over the windows of the old two-story, storefront building told me this was one desperate woman who had called. The nicely restored bar/grill was stifling from the heat and stale from the lack of circulation. My mental cash register was ringing even as I was wondering if she was a natural blonde. I am sympathetic to tales of woe, but the company has been stiffed so many times, it's turned my bosses into hard asses. As I stood in front of her, reciting the prepayment spiel, watching hope drain from her slumping body, something touched my heart. Actually, it wasn't my heart, it was my cock--beating back rationality, as I fantasized about what I would do with her. While she was telling her tale, I had my face buried deep in her pussy, lapping her juices like a man dying of thirst. She handed me a cold beer, the will-bending elixir of male life. Drinking on the job, another taboo, she had me on the ropes. "I've put every last cent I have into this place," she said with fierce pride. "Don't you have a credit card?" "Everything is maxed out." "This is a bar, you've gotta have cash in the till." "I can't tap that or I won't have enough to make it through the night." Noticing I was transfixed by her breasts, she draped a long bar towel over her shoulders, obscuring my view. "Can't we work something out? I'll be good for it. I've just got to get the AC going or it's going to ruin my grand opening tonight." I looked her in the eyes, silently trying to assert my authority. Then she went totally female; the tears started to pool in those mysterious blue orbs and her lower lip began to tremble. Even her breasts were pouting with the small heaving in her chest. I was a dead man. "Well, let's go take a look, maybe I can get the compressor running and buy you some time." She squealed with joy, ran around the bar, and planted a big, wet kiss on my stunned lips. Her mouth was juicy, her lips soft, but her kiss was urgent, promising much more. She broke off with a soft moan before I could open my mouth. "Let's go see that hateful thing," I said, gulping the last of my beer. She grabbed my arm and cradled it between her breasts--a sensation that went right to my groin. "Wow, you're like made out of steel," she said, sweeping her breasts across the arm she held. I knew what she was doing, but it was working. She started toward the back door, my arm tightly clasped against her. It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter. "I'm going to need my tools." We did a U-turn and brought my diagnostic pack from the van around to the back of the building. I shook my head when I saw the unit. Everything about it said old and in need of replacement. Without shade, I was sweating in no time, as I struggled with the corroded cover bolts. She stood right by my side, using her towel to wipe the sweat off me like a corner man in a boxing match. Each time she lifted the towel, I got a peek at those firm wet mounds beneath her shirt. My groin ached from the unrelenting erection.


Fireborn Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Plumber Square

Meet the Author

bw beardSpencer Dryden is a new writer, but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security. In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA). Like all writers he has a cat but they don’t get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Thursday, June 2, 2016

American Politics-Beginning of my series America under President Trump

Now wait a minute you say, "The election is Months away!" The Republican establishment laughed when Donald Trump announced his candidacy saying "he could never win" but they failed to listen to the rank and file Republicans that voted for him in swarms. They were sick of the Republican establishment that shut down the government and failed to do their jobs. Instead were perfectly happy to maintain a gridlock and spend all their time suing the President or taking other issues to court. They wanted to get rid of Obamacare but offered no alternative. The rank and file were only against the provision that forced everyone to have insurance. Americans just don't like being forced to do something or pay a penalty. They do like the fact that preexisting conditions can not be used to deny you coverage. In my state, last election, the rich bought themselves a Senator and this election looks like they will buy more seeing how easy it was to defeat the incumbent by tying him to the hugely unpopular Obamacare. So they will buy more Senators and Representatives knowing even though they won't own President Trump, he will have to deal with the Senators and Representatives they do own. The Establishment of the Republican Party is rushing to get behind Trump knowing he will be our next President even if he is a bigot, racist, con man and believes women should be seen and not heard. He would like to see us step back one hundred years. I know that you say this could never happen in America but, it will if events continue just the way they are going. The Democratic nominee has too much baggage to win. She is the establishment's preferred candidate but people trust her even less than they do Trump. (Most Republican voters feel they can overlook his bigotry, racism and hatred of non-white people, at least we know where he stands and can over look those attributes).
Sorry about going off post to my usual followers but I felt this series was more important to the future of America. Our President is not only the President of the USA but is the Leader of the Free World.
Talk Back, I'm Listening and please feel free to re-blog this to anyone you desire.      

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Neil's first date in seven years.

Neil was ecstatic as he watched Denise walk away after asking him to go dancing after her shift ended. Neil didn't even set up his laptop as he normally did on Friday night, instead he looked at the sloppy clothing he wore. His pullover he bought at the thrift store and his baggy pants that clashed.
Neil decided he had to go shopping, he couldn't take her out dressed as a bum.
"I'll be back by ten," Neil said as he handed Denise the money to cover his check and a little extra.
"I'll be ready after I change," Denise gave him a wink and swayed away.
Neil grabbed his laptop, exiting the restaurant in haste. Driving to the nearest mall, he went in. He bought a western shirt that buttoned up and a new pair of jeans. He would have to wear his shoes instead of boots, boots were too expensive. Neil didn't like hats so he passed on that purchase as well.
Taking his new clothing back to his bachelor apartment, he quickly showered, shaved and trimmed his mustache before he dressed. Feeling he was at least presentable, he headed out to his car.
Stopping by the ATM, Neil picked up an extra hundred out of his account. He arrived at the restaurant five minutes to ten.
Denise looked him up and down, then smiled while pointing at the counter for him to sit there and wait until she finished her shift and dressed.
"I'll have a cup of coffee," Neil said to Jennifer, the other waitress. She grinned at Neil then glanced over at Denise cleaning up her station from the last customers.
Neil's jaw dropped at 10:25 when Denise came out of the bathroom. She was drop dead gorgeous, her sandy blonde hair shimmered from beneath her tan cowboy hat. He noticed her boots matched her hat and her jeans hugged her curves in all the right places. Her cowgirl shirt looked like it was made of deerskin and her belt buckle had a wolf howling at the moon.
Neil felt under-dressed but her smiling face wiped any doubts he had about going dancing with her. She seemed to approve of his attire.
"You look fabulous," Neil said while he hastily stood up and threw a couple of dollars on the counter.
"Thank you," Denise paused next to him. To Neil, her smile was genuine, not the one she wore for customers.
Denise started walking toward the exit carrying her work clothes and shoes in a bag. Neil quickly followed and stepped ahead of her to open the door for her.
She knew his car, heading straight for the passenger side. and pausing outside to allow him to open the door for her. Once Neil had the door open, she tossed her bag in the backseat and climbed in. He closed the door and rushed around the car to enter himself. His stomach was in a knot from nervousness.
By the time he entered the car, she had already fastened her seat belt, he did the same before inserting his key into the ignition. His hand was shaking while starting the car, Denise noticed. When Neil went to shift the car into reverse, she placed her hand upon his shaking hand.
"I know this is a scary time for both of us, just relax and enjoy." Denise said giving him a grin.
"I'll try," Neil muttered, then counted to himself, trying to relax while backing out of the parking space.
"I haven't been on the town for over two years, since my divorce, so I know how you feel." Denise said trying to calm him. Neil kept glancing at her as he settled down, her grin did the trick.
When they came to the parking lot exit, he glanced at her and asked, "Which way to Country Jacks?"
"Take a left out of here and I will tell you what to do after that."
Besides giving directions, their conversation was lacking on the drive to Country Jacks but they did smile at each other a lot.
Finding parking near the entrance was not available, Neil asked, "Would you like me to let out out near the entrance while I find a parking spot?"
"That would be nice,"
Neil pulled back in front of the entrance and put the car in park. Denise started to let herself out, but stopped as Neil hopped out and ran around to her side to open the door. His gentlemanly manners warmed her inside.
After parking the car, Neil rushed back to Denise and offered her his arm so he could escort her inside. They had a band tonight, so there was a cover charge. Neil paid and they went inside.
Neil had never been inside a place like this before, there were wall to wall patrons with no vacant place for them to sit. Denise clung to his arm so they wouldn't get separated trying to navigate through the crowd. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, laughing, joking creating a fun atmosphere.
Finally they found what looked like an empty table near the dance floor. It had seating for four but two of the chairs were missing.
"This will do," Denise said quickly sitting down, Neil sat next to her, but not real close.
"What can I get you, two?" The smiling waitress asked leaning toward them to hear. She had just finishing serving the table next to them.
"I'll take a tequila sunrise," Denise said glancing at Neil adding, "I haven;t had one of those in years."
"I'll take whiskey and coke," Neil said, the waitress abruptly turned away and disappeared.
 "I used to come here all the time," Denise leaned close to Neil so speak. The noise level was so loud. "Even after the children were born, I used to con my mother-in-law into watching them so I could come here. I just love to dance."
Hearing the music, Neil noted she was starting to fidget and move to the music while smiling at him. They listened to the music until their drinks were brought. Neil sipped a little of his drink but she downed nearly half of hers, grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor.
Neil wasn't surprised when she took the lead on the floor to teach him how to two-step. She kept him dancing until they played a slow song, then she led him back to the table.
Neil was surprised when she downed her drink, lifting her empty glass for the waitress going by to see. She gave Denise a nod and glanced at Neil, he shook his head no, he was still sipping. Denise tried to pay for her drink but Neil was having none of that.
She laughed and said, "I thought this was a dutch date."
Denise downed half of her second drink then grasped his hand, leading him back on the dance floor. He noticed she was getting a little tipsy, so he steadied her. She kept giggling a lot.
They danced until the band started playing another slow song, "This time I can lead, I know how to waltz." She giggled and let him lead. It felt so good to Neil holding her close, she smelt so nice and as the song progressed, she allowed him to hold her closer and closer until her body was pressed tightly against his. She rested her head on his shoulder from time to time. When the song was over Neil had the urge to kiss her but refrained from doing so as he led her back to the table.
Denise moved her chair over until they were sitting side by side. She finished her drink and flagged down the waitress for another. Neil had his arm around her, she snuggled up to him. Still sipping his drink, Neil was enjoying himself.
Denise downed her drink in one gulp as Neil was paying for it, and ordered another. Neil finally finished his and ordered another. When the drinks arrived, Denise let Neil pay for it but then took him out on the floor, again. He had to hold her close, she was a little wobbly but once the music started, she was so graceful on the floor.
While dancing another slow one, near the end of the song, Neil felt she wanted him to kiss her, so he did. They were still kissing when the music stopped, swaying in each others arms, they were lost in their passionate kisses.
Being the only ones on the dance floor, the band got the hint and played another slow song, bringing all the other lovers out on the floor to join them.
Finally realizing the band had stopped once again when they announced they were taking a break, Neil and Denise made their way to their table, arm in arm, their bodies clinging to one another.
Denise downed her drink while Neil sipped, then he whispered in a seductive voice, "Would you like to go to your apartment and dance some more?"
The look she gave him told him she had more than dancing on her mind. He kissed her another passionate kiss that took both their breaths away. "Sure, if that's what you want."
Her next kiss told him that was definitely what she wanted.
Neil had to steady her on the long walk to the car but the cool fresh air seemed to sober her up a little. He wondered if she would change her mind but she snuggled close to him, touching him on the ride to the apartment. She appeared somewhat sober walking up the stairs to his apartment, still she clung to him and stopped him occasionally to kiss him on the way up.
Inside his apartment, Neil was a little embarrassed seeing his clothes thrown around and on the bed after his hasty shower. She didn't seem to notice as she went straight to the radio and tuned it to a country station while he picked up his clothes.
It was a normal bachelor apartment, one room, besides the bathroom. Denise surprised him by not sitting in a chair, instead sitting on the bed. She smiled when a song came on and she reached out her arms for him to take for a dance. Being a slow song, she got as close as she could to him, breathing hard. Half way through the song, she started unbuttoning his shirt. Neil couldn't resist unsnapping her blouse. He struggled a little with the bra but soon it was skin against skin. Both were breathing heavily as the dance progressed.
Smiling or grinning at each other, they knew what they wanted. Denise flopped on the bed saying, "I need help getting my boots off."  Neil removed her boots, then she stuck up her legs, again, "And the jeans."
Neil removed her jeans and stood there admiring her fine body, she unfastened his jeans before sliding up on bed, allowing him to remove his other clothing while she removed her panties.

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