Friday, April 22, 2016

Neil is forced to control his fiery temper and change!

Neil Armstrong Andrews went to prison after losing control and nearly killing two men with a pool stick after one remarked that the child Neil's wife carried "Could have been fathered by any number of men, she was a known whore." Neil flew into such a rage, he even hit the policeman trying to stop him from killing the man. Neil learned quickly that rich people have great power and influence on Judges. His wife never spoke to him nor did she even try to see him, instead filed for an annulment of their marriage right away. By the time Neil arrived to prison, he had the paperwork stating an annulment had been granted by the same judge that sentenced him to fourteen years. Since they were married for less than six months, there was no mention of a child because she was not showing as of yet. Neil entered prison angry and frustrated after allowing his court appointed attorney to plead guilty to a lesser charge. He convinced Neil he would get one year, or probation at max, if he did. Placed in a medium security prison, Neil found it was easy to get in fights especially when they learned the smallest item set him off. In his third year, Neil made a mistake taking on three inmates at once. He was lucky the guards saved him or they would have beaten him to death. While recuperating, the Warden came to talk with him about joining an anger management group. When he was able, Neil began participating in the group, but spent most of his time in the gym and reading books, especially physic's books. Slowly the group caused him to face his anger and he gradually put it behind him. In his fourth year, he fought no one, nor did he react to snide comments. Neil was a changed man. In his fifth year, the Warden, guards and other inmates were sure he was a changed man. Due to overcrowding in the prisons, Neil came up for probation, they denied it but recommended he be looked at closely the next year.  After six years, Neil was granted his freedom, sort of. He had to stay where they said, wearing an ankle monitor. He was sent to a halfway house to re-introduce him into society. The only work he could find was at a fast food place since he was a convict. He worked and attended college wanting to finish his degree, he was a year away from his bachelor's when he went to prison. After a year wearing the monitor, they released him but kept him on probation for another two years. Neil was only interested in getting his degrees. He was finally offered a junior chemist job at a chemical company. The pay wasn't the best, but it allowed him to get a decent place and attend a better college. He sought his Masters degree in chemistry and physics. Once in a while, Neil would wonder if hie ex-wife had a boy or girl? He wondered if the child knew about him, or had she remarried and given the child another person's last name? His attempts at locating her had failed. It seemed no one knew where she moved to or if she even had a child. It was as if that part of his life never occurred. Read more in my next post......

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Chronicles of the Marauder-Prison-End of Neil's dreams

Neil never knew anything other than bad luck since his birth. He never knew who his mother or father were, he was given up for adoption at birth. He knew that Neil Armstrong Andrews was not his first name but he couldn't recall it. After two years in foster care, he had been adopted by the Andrews and given that name. Having a terrible temper and not knowing how to love, he was sent to the orphanage where he grew up under that name. His hateful attitude and terrible temper kept him in the orphanage. Every time anyone tried to make him a home, they had to send him back unable to control or make him mind. He got violent with the last ones trying to adopt him.The one thing they all agreed upon was he was a very bright and intelligent child. Science and math was his love. He did play baseball growing up, this was his first attempt at being a team player. He was good but his fiery temper would cause the coaches to side line him more than play him. As he grew up, his mind became engrossed in his studies. At college, the Professors all label him one of the brightest minds they saw in a long time. But college became his undoing when he met this fun loving young woman and fell in love with her. When her parents forbade them to marry, they eloped and were happy for a time. Neil had no idea she was the daughter of a very wealthy family. She tried to introduce Neil to her real world. Her parents grudgingly admitted him into their lives, even promising once they learned she was pregnant to get him a high paying job once he graduated. One holiday season, she took him to her parents mansion to party with her social equals. Neil was so proud of the child his wife carried, he couldn't resist telling everyone. While playing pool with several of her so called friends, one made a remark about whether the child was his or someone else, they said she slept with several of them since getting married, so he needed to be sure. Neil's temper which was always simmering below the surface exploded in full force. Neil attacked the speaker and when his friend tried to stop Neil from beating him to a pulp, Neil grabbed a pool stick and nearly killed the both of them. He did cripple for life the man speaking against his wife. When the cops arrived, Neil was in such a rage, he started hitting the cops with the broken pool stick before they subdued him and took him off to jail. While in jail, she never posted his bail keeping him there until his trial. Neil having no money for a lawyer had to use a public defender that encouraged him to plead guilty to assault saying he would get off easy but he didn't count on the power of the rich to see that he got the maximum sentence. His secret dreams of working for NASA or some other space agency died when the Judge pounded his gavel. Neil went to prison......  

Friday, April 8, 2016

I decided to give a count down deal on Amazon a shot.

I decided to do a countdown deal on Amazon but I did not have it drop all the way to 99 cents but did drop it for eighty hours down to $1.99 and after eighty hours it goes up to $2.99 before returning after eighty more hours back to its regular price of $3.99. I didn't  want to cheapen my book by dropping it all down to less than a dollar. The countdown started yesterday and will run through April 12, 2016.  You can find it at this link:  Of course those on Amazon Prime can downloaded it for free. 

The first time I did place a book for 99 cents or less. I had over two hundred downloads on the first day but have not sold that one since then. So I bought into on LinkedIn writer saying that if you do so, it cheapens your work and when you do put the price back, most won't pay that price waiting on you to lower your price. Another item, I only got two reviews on that book from all those I gave away.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Part two of why I wrote my first series and the thoughts behind it

  It might shock you to learn that I originally started writing the series in 1987. There are at least twenty versions of the story I wrote before my wife convinced me to actually publish in 2011. She convinced me to remove some of the more controversial parts but she could not get me to remove him having several lovers. She then told me "There is no way in hell several women could agree to share one man and later marry him!" I thought about it and agreed but didn't remove it from the story. My reasoning was Michele (who was his lover, not his wife) had to make a choice. Either kill the females that came onto him or share him for the good of the group. Brad was reluctant, loving his wife Vicki but he was unsure if she was dead or alive, so he went along, grudgingly. My wife finally bought that, knowing they were a tight knit group having to depend on each other to survive. Once that ball got rolling, it was hard for him to say no to others that may want to join the circle they created. What Brad didn't understand was why Michele wanted to add more women to the circle. He was told he didn't have a choice in the matter even when a couple of crazy-killer women became part of the circle. At least Bitch could be controlled, somewhat... The story encompasses their escape from the "living dead," (Tina's words) describing those affected by radiation that thought they should do nothing but party. Punish those not affected or members of the gangs that took over Los Angeles when the authorities failed to step up. They lived by their own rules, and their rules were not healthy for Brad and his small group, or anyone else for that matter. That was the concept I used to create the multi-lovers/wives. I will post on this subject again this Thursday to talk about their steps to stay alive. 

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