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Reveiw of "The Trident and The Book" by Vic Broquard

Cover for The Trident and the Book

Displaying Vic.jpg              Vic Broquard  Author of the "Trident and the Book"

Great escapism reading complete with Knights and Damsels in distress, but these are not your ordinary Dames! Brought to you by Vic Broquard in his trident series, which "The Trident and the Book" is the first of the series. Next week I will bring you another review of the next book in the series!

     Cover for The Trident and the Book        

                            Review of “The Trident and the Book” by Vic Broquard
I debated between 4 and 5 stars and finally decided I really liked it, so five stars it is. The author gave me a free copy for my honest review.
            For those that can accept that a special picture book allowed a person (Jon) to travel to other planes of existence on Earth will find this a captivating book with magic, demons, god like figures (Both good and evil), and strange creatures. Telepathy and evil abound as Jon finds he has great mental powers on this plane of existence. Where good and evil demons abound, right next to humans. A great escapism book for the young and old alike, Vic tells a very believable story.
Main Characters are:
            Jon Brown, the young musician in college that inherits the picture book. A very believable character that the story is told from his POV. You will find this “not very brave young man” does not know how fight with his hands but uses his brain to win battles and save his comrades. Bashful around beautiful females, he finds himself in the presence of two of them, on his travels into these other planes of existence.       
            Mandy Blackburn, the beautiful Ranger of Reylona, with telepathic powers but not like Jon has. An Amazon warrior that is skilled with a bow and arrow and her sword, joining her strong mental powers. She can change her shape and appearance at will becoming a Pegasus when she wants also.
            Alison d’Ambrose, a beautiful young lady with blue eyes and brown hair, also user of magic as a “mage” (spell caster). She captivates Jon’s heart as they team up, the three of them to save the world.
                             Check out this book, you will find it to your liking at  you can also find Vic on facebook at

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Blog post #140

I was suppose to post a reveiw on this posting but I am running a little behind so I will skip it today, I was to have another author to interview but she has not gotten back to me. Therefore, I am just going to do a little chatting for this post and hope for the best on Wednesday or Thursday for my next blog. I would just like to say to all those that follow my blog, Thanks! and be sure to tell your friends about it.
I am spending a lot of time on Marsocial if anyone is wondering. So much time that I have neglected my other duties except writing. I have started another book called "Iron Heart". It is a break from my science fiction set in present day about a young man coming of age and his trials along with his sorrows in his life. Some of his adventures and escapades, I am drawing on my own life just changing the names and places where some of it occurs. Along with drawing from my brothers events that occurred in their lives then mixing it all up into one story about "Claude Bullet" the main Character in IronHeart". I chose the Name Iron Heart because he goes from a gullible, overly protected young man into a man with a strong heart and hard as nails.
Lightning Rages and Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three are still in editing so don't expect them very soon. I guess my editor has a lot of work cut out for her. She has gotten back to me on several issues on Lightning Rages. I tend to throw more detail into the stories than my editor thinks I need to on some things, on others I didn't go far enough. 
My book "SASHA" is third in the cue to be edited so I guess it won't be out until next year. LOL!
Those of you that are GoodReads members, I have a Lightning Chronicles sight on there as well. Join me to discuss books. As always, you can usually find me on Lightning Chronicles on Marsocial at even if you don't like SiFi books, there are other sites you can join on Marsocial to have fun. You don't have to be an author to join, there is plenty of room for readers and socializing with others. It is a fast growing site with many people from different parts of the globe to meet.
Oh, by the way Vic Broquard that is, I am half finished with your books and will do a review soon on them. You write a good story but I never expected the three books to be 1600 plus pages. LOL
Talk back, I'm Listening and be sure to visit me at there are other sites but I don't want to crowd you with them. Have a great day.


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Blinded by the Spotlight- Vic Broquard

Blinded by the Spotlight Feature!  Vic Broquard Under it today!

Displaying Vic.jpg  Author of several book series, including the Trident Series, that are three volumes. A short series for him, he has another that is Thirteen books long called the Elizabeth Stanton series. He is going to speak about his fourteen book series in today's interview, called the Planet of the Orange-Red Sun Volumes 1-14   Displaying planet-of-the-orange-red-sun-large.jpg available on ebooks.

The First thing I wanted to know was what Genre would I find this book, even though the title made it obvious? "Science fiction" was his response as expected!" 

How would you describe your target audiences? "Anyone who loves sci-fi, particularly those who like to explore how societies evolve over very long spans of time, will find this long series exciting and intriguing."

Your previous books, how do they compare to this one?  "This one is a tough one, A. G. I’ve written over forty books now, a dozen on computer programming and over thirty in the fantasy and science fiction genres. In my fantasy novels, I love to explore character development and interactions on a personal level. However, in my two lengthy sci-fi series, I use the genre to explore what truly fascinates me: the evolution of people and societies over spans of centuries. The Planet of the Orange-red Sun does this over around five hundred years. In my other sci-fi series of thirteen novels, though it also looks at societal evolution, it also explores in great depth how aberration becomes contagious and spreads downward through generations of people and shows how aliens can influence such."

Take yourself out of the business for a moment.  As a fan, how would you describe your book to someone else?
"The Planet of the Orange-red Sun explores the evolution of a people initially in a primitive, bronze-age society living on a world far out on the rim of the galaxy, at that time when the highly advanced, space-faring Imperium lands on their world. The Imperium spans nearly half the galaxy and constantly discovers new worlds and civilizations. If the new world is sufficiently modern, it is accepted into the Imperium. However, if the world is not, the Imperium policy is to designate that world as a “Closed World,” meaning it is left alone to develop naturally on its own. No advanced Imperium technology is allowed on that world. In this case, because the world contains vast deposits of the fuel that the Imperium must have, they purposely violate that Closed World status. You can imagine what could happen — history shows us some examples, such as the US actions on the South Pacific islands during and after WWII.
            The first novel illustrates the disaster that happens when this principle is violated. The entire world is nearly destroyed! In the second novel, the isolated people try to adapt to the terrible changes to their world, but the Imperium returns, only this time, they rigidly enforce the Closed World status. That, however, only brings new conflicts. Obviously, some inhabitants want to embrace the alien technology, which now they cannot have any longer.
            With the near destruction of their world in the first novel, many of the inhabitants develop telepathic and other powerful mental skills, telekinesis being the least. Why? Nature, over time, modifies bodies to adapt to new environments, natural selection and all that. Thus, in the second novel, the people struggle to deal with this new physical change. However, a true telepath is a truly rare person within the rest of the galaxy. Naturally, when word spreads of an entire world filled with telepaths, you can imagine what’s going to happen, and it does.
            Through the series of fourteen novels, Planet of the Orange-red Sun explores how these people evolve and eventually find themselves helping to run the entire galaxy! This series studies and explores the evolution of a people and of various societies over nearly five hundred years. One could call it and “anthropological study.”
A very long answer but it is a long series. The reader will more than get their money's worth from this series. A.G.
What other hobbies or interests contribute to your writing and creativity?
"I discovered Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in the early 1980's and became addicted to it, writing an article for the Dragon magazine and publishing a game in the Dungeon magazine. I think my fantasy novels, in some ways, reflect my love of “magic.”
I play five different sizes of recorders and am a member of two music ensembles. We play Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. I even make hand-quilted quilts, my first being a castle quilt, naturally. (Note, part of the castle is in the background of my picture.)
In my youth, I did a great deal of photography and mountain climbing, camping out frequently.
I’ve almost a minor in archaeology and anthropology, so that may account for my intense interest in evolution of people and societies.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?  What is your least favorite?"Writing! I just love to write and often spend hours a day at it. A friend of mine once told me that “Writers write.” He is so right!I just hate copy editing! For me, that’s a tedious chore, offset only by actually getting the chance to reread my novel.

I think editing is most of us writers are the least favorite thing to do but very necessary.

What contributes to your character development?  What has been your favorite character created and why is he or she so special to you?

"I’ll share my method with all you writers out there. What I do is first make mockup of a character in my mind. Then, I spend time with that character mockup, imagining I was that person and seeing how I would react and act in various situations. Given that initial step, when I begin to write, when that character appears, I simple put that “hat” or mockup on and write from that character’s perspective. I once had a laugh. An English professor read my Trident trilogy and commented that at one point I had seven totally different characters active in one scene, each with their own personalities interacting with the others, and she was amazed that it was done so perfectly. So my secret, if you can call it that, is to “wear the hat” of the character when they say or do something. Of course, you have to change hats constantly.""As far as a favorite character, I can’t pick just one. In each novel, I actually do have one. It’s kind of hard not to play favorites. I guess if you press me on this, A. G., I would have to pick Lindsey Barron from that series of seven novels. She overcomes monumental physical disabilities, discovers her true nature, loves to help others learn, and absolutely never backs down. Her use of magic is to safeguard and protect others, not to attack and harm them. I guess I am partial to teachers, since I was a professor for over twenty years before I retired."

 I Guess I would be partial to teachers if I did that for a long time! 

What about your work sets it apart from everything else in your genre?

"In the sci-fi genre, my emphasis is on exploring the evolution of ideas, people, and societies over centuries. To carry out this mission requires the dedication and work to write not just one good novel but a rather large number of them. Only a few authors have done this, and three come to mind: Marion Zimmer Bradley (Darkover), Isaac Asimov (Foundation), and Frank Herbert (Dune). In my case, I’ve deliberately set out to accomplish this from the very first novel. It was a planned series and didn’t just sort of come about as I wrote a novel here and there, as in the “history” of Darkover, for example. In fact, it was Marion’s Darkover series that inspired me to directly tackle this evolution in a totally planned manner."

Do you have your next book floating around in you, already?

"I got a good laugh from this question, A. G.! I get ideas faster than I can pump out the books! At the moment, I have nine new novels either done or just about there, waiting for me to finish them yet this year, though I best hurry up. Like I said, “Writer’s write!”

 Do you have any other interests the readers might want to know about? Crazy quirks?

"I love classical music, but little beyond the Romantic era. I have all the Dr. Who series DVDs, taking up nine feet of bookshelf space! Plus, I am a big fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Don’t Panic! I’ve been asked why I got into publishing ebooks? I used to use mainstream publishers. However, in the computer arena, things change constantly. It took over a year from the time I finished a computer book before it was physically available for my students to use. I found the time delay just intolerable. (Plus, my books sold for $40, but I only got $2.) When ebooks began, I jumped on the bandwagon back then, turning out my computer books as ebooks, which my students loved. (Why pay $100 for a textbook when you can pay $15?) Since then, I’ve never looked back.I also publish everything as DRM-free. I hate remembering zillions of passwords and such just to access something. Personally, I find copy-protection intolerable, so I never use it on my works. Yes, I know, people will pirate the books. In fact, my best selling computer book has been pirated so many times it’s ludicrous. Still, I’m not about to penalize the good folks to stop a few bad ones, unlike our government currently does."

 You can find Vic at these sites listed below. I am currently reviewing his Trident Series that I did mention at the start of this post. I have found it very interesting reading. It has me trapped, I can't put it down! I have to read the whole series, but I will post each book one at a time on my post, even though he sells it as an ebook all together, A.G.

Facebook site:
Google Plus:

  I think this post is long enough, but I want to say check Vic out all you SiFi fans like me and my wife. Talk Back, I'm listening!

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book cover final selection and more!

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Excuse the first part of this post, in order to claim my blog on bloglovin I have to start my post with this link.I read a very good write on the Huffington Post about a book called The Wanderness that I wanted to share a link to it for those literature lovers out there. It caught my interest and just wanted to share it with you.
CoverWebFrontBlockCoverWebBackBlockNow, back to the book cover contest. The Final selection into the finals is none other than:

She Joins the other six selections to the finals and the winner will be determined next week.

A little about the book!
Enjoying the peaks of life’s highest highs only to fall into depths of
life’s lowest lows, Johanna Fath-Koziol takes us through the experiences of
her life. We feel the pain and confusion of a young girl desperately seeking
the approval of parents in a household where hard work and discipline were
proof of love. She delivers us at the doorsteps of despair as a young mother
who discovers her newborn daughter dead in the crib. When she rescues
us with the joy of a second child, we are thrown into her teeth-gnashing
pain after her husband is instantly killed, and her second child crippled, in
a horrible automobile crash on the autobahn.
Writing in the poignant style as someone who has experienced life in its
many guises, Johanna wraps her story into the remarkable history of her renowned family.
She shows us her life as a woman born into privilege,
but starved for acknowledgement. A lifetime of high aspirations and self-denial seeking her
gifted father’s approval is stunted by abusive, unfaithful and sometimes cruel men.
Traveling to the United States in search of herself, Johanna finds the
demons of tragedy, betrayal, and self-mutilation – which torment her as a
young woman – follow her across two continents. The highs and lows that
come with a lifetime of seeking, self-discovery, and healing are Johanna
Fath-Koziol’s true life story. You can find out more at
I wish all our finalist the best of luck in the finals. To bad only one can win!
Join me on for some conversation about SiFi and Fantasy books!                          Talk back, I'm Listening!


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More Entries in book cover contest!

These are some of the newer entries in our book cover contest on This week, the final week of the contest. I wish everyone the best of luck as one more will be selected to go to the finals for next week. I hope everyone enjoyed the feature in "Blinded by the SpotLight" about Tracy Kauffman. Next week I will feature another writer or maybe a do a book review. It will vary from week to week. Now, back to the contest, these entries have the cover and a link where they can be found if the cover catches your interest then you can click on the link to find the book!
This is all the latest additions, enjoy and click on the link to read a little about each book. A.G.
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Blinded by the Spotlight-Tracy Kauffman

 Blinded by the Spot Feature!


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by this lady about a year ago. A very classy lady that put my mind at ease doing my first interview. Now I am back putting her under the SpotLight!

Tracy writes Books in what I call "Feel Good Books," she calls Young Adult Romance books. This is her first try at writing a romance book. Her previous books targeted teenagers not young adults. I am sure that her teenager readers that have grown up will enjoy "Southern Attractions" just as much as we will. 

Tracy, how you would discribe this book to someone that has never picked up a copy and her answer was "It is an emotional read about a girl that loses her parents and is forced to go live with an Uncle she doesn't know. The book tells about the trials of losing her parents and rediscovering a new way of life."

Curious about what hobbies or interest does she have that contributes to her writing? She replied, "I love readng anything about the south and my books are geared to the South (USA). I started my own publishing company and I guess you can call that a hobby because I really love doing it. 

Tracy then told me what her favorite part of writing was "Expressing herself  putting onto paper, making up new stories."

Her least favorite part of writing and her answer was the same as mine! "Editing!"

Going through the interview I discovered we had a lot in common. 

My next question I asked her was what hope the reader recieved out of her book. "The book talks about grief and how Heather was able to overcome it. So I hope it will help someone deal with grief." 

What contributes to your character development? "I create someone that I can relate to in my books. Someone like me or like I wish I could have been."

Who is your favorite character in your books? " My favorite is Sami the parrot from Gwendolyn's Wish because he has magical powers and can grant wishes."

What sets apart your books from others in your genre? "My books are decent books that anyone should be able to pick up and read. I try to help others through my writing one way or another, either spiritually or emotional."

Do you have another book in your head? "I have one I started but have been so busy with my new company."

Do you have any interest your readers would want to know about? How about crazy quirks? "I love trying out anything new, travelling and spending time with my family. I don't know of crazy quirks but I guess I am a little nutty, most authors are!"

Thanks Tracy, I enjoyed this interveiw hope you the best with your venture and your book. 

 Amazon buy link is:  Drop by and pick up your copy so you can feel good all weekend!

Other links website: 

Talk back, I'm Listening 

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This week's selction to finals in book cover contest.

Another tie, this time a three way tie in selecting the Book covers for the Finals. With one more week to go the feild is getting crowded, but that is good. I will post the winners below with a short blurp about each one and where it can be found should you be interested. For those out there that are still interested, join me on Marsocial at this link and enter your cover. and join in the fun. After this week, the finalist will be determined and then the following week we will announce the final winner.
Wednesday this blog in our "Blinded by the Spotlight"  will feature an interview with Tracy KauffmanTracy Kauffman's profile photo where she will be featuring  her lastest book Southern Attractions. Now without anymore chatter from me here is the first of the three book covers selected into the finals this week to join the others already selected.
 ”Romantic. Witty. Sexy as hell. A story as satisfying as the perfect man – long and thick with all the right moves at just the right pace…
Thirty-one year old Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse. Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied. He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart.
Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime.
(Oh…and for those of you with husbands/boyfriends, please tell them “you’re welcome” from MJ.)
This novel is intended for mature audiences only.”

Desperate Pursuit in Venice
What if you become the object of someone’s infatuation?
When New York Private Equity partner Kataryna Taylor pursues the acquisition of a successful Italian biomedical company, she meets and falls in love with Luca Romano, a member of the existing shareholders. Kataryna and Luca engage in a sensual love affair, which includes erotic encounters neither one of them has experienced before with such intensity. But danger and a family drama wait around the corner for Kataryna and Luca when the CEO of the company to be acquired by Kataryna’s firm pursues her romantically and becomes infatuated with her.
While working on the important international acquisition transaction and deepening her relationship with Luca, Kataryna encounters love, obsession, danger and a stunning family secret, which she is determined to resolve.
The emotionally touching twists and turns for the captivating characters, playing against the backdrop of exciting international locales, will keep readers in suspense and highly entertained.
Desperate Pursuit in Venice is a story of what can happen when infatuation turns an otherwise brilliant and attractive man into a dark person in order to fulfill his desire for the love of a woman he cannot have. It describes true love as well as the painful emotions and negative psychological effects of unrequited love which ultimately lead to desperate measures.
Evil is slouching into Providence. Will the awakening memories of a rebellious runaway be enough to send the demon back into the shadows?

Fifteen-year-old Deborah is angry and bitter. Rebelling against an arranged marriage to an idiot, she flees the oppression of Providence’s religious Elders to search for her exiled mother, the legendary Green Woman.
Zachariah, dark, brooding and unhappy crosses Deborah’s path as they both plot escape from the House of Correction. Dislike is instant and mutual, and Zachariah blunders off alone to seek the Green Woman’s magical Garden. In the desert wasteland, Jonah, the dog boy takes Deborah’s hand, first as a friend and guide, then as something more.
Abaddon, Lord of Hell is waiting to crush the green magic that will destroy his realm on earth. Deborah is discovering love and the mysterious power of her memories, but will this be enough to defeat the demon and the Elder’s regime, and dispel the shadows cast by the Dark Citadel?

As always, the pups trotted in front at a steady lope, their bushy tails held low. One night, in the darkest hour before dawn, they stopped, hackles raised. As Jonah and Deborah listened to the throbbing darkness, they heard a shriek, like the call of a giant bird. The call was answered, again, and again.
“What is it?” Deborah whispered.
“Wyverns hunting.”
“Some people, the desert wanderers, call them grave worms.”
Jonah clicked his tongue to warn the pups and pulled Deborah beneath a clump of spiny bushes where they huddled together, not daring to breathe. The air turned icy cold, and they felt the rush of leathery wings on their faces. The wind passed but they were aware of a presence hovering above them. Their flesh crept in revulsion, and an icy trickle of fear made its way down their backs. They could see nothing, but they could hear a reptilian hissing and the sound of sniffing. The steady flapping of broad wings sent waves of fetid air to rattle the bushes of their hiding place.
Deborah felt sick with terror. This is it, she thought in a panic, this is where it ends.
Jonah pushed Deborah’s head down into the sand. “Close your eyes,” he hissed. “Whatever happens, don’t look up.”
Suddenly, there was the swoosh of displaced air, and the bird-shriek rent the heavy air, followed by a cry that might have been the beginning of a bark and ended in a scream of agony. Jonah pulled Deborah’s head towards him into the shelter of his shoulder, grinding his clenched teeth. Then the cold air quivered, viscous and evil smelling, and the presence departed. They lay, clinging together until the darkness began to break up.
* * * *
“What is a wyvern?” Deborah’s voice trembled. “I mean, what does it look like?”
“Ugly. A great winged serpent,” Jonah’s voice too was unsteady, “two-footed and venomous. It got one of the pups, the filthy vermin! They smell warm blood; they see body heat. Nothing escapes them.” He shook his head to clear the nascent tears and tried a feeble smile. “It’ll be light soon, we should find somewhere better to hide.”
But he didn’t move, just carried on gazing at Deborah’s face. With her finger, she touched away the damp beneath his eyes then kissed the place where it had been. As they got slowly to their feet, Deborah slipped her hand shyly into his.
Boy this is a long one but I hope you enjoyed reading a little of each one. I did and will add them to my to read list on Goodreads. A.G. Talk Back, I'm Listening! 

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Friday fever ?

The hoopla that always occurs around a birthday has died down so it is back to business, some might even call it work but I don't. To me writing is fun and very enjoyable. I hope you are doing what you enjoy, if not, the weekend is time for you to kick up your heels and do what you enjoy. Life is too short for you not to!
Next week, I am kicking off my first posting of "Blinded by the Spotlight" on this site and my Wordpress blog as well. I will be featuring Tracy Kauffman. Tracy writes what I call "feel good books" that tug at your heart strings! I will have more about Tracy next week.  and a bigger picture along with the covers of some of her books. If you have done an interview with her, give me a shout out so I can add some of your comments to that post as well. Be sure to include a picture of yourself. Send it to my email at also any one wishing to be featured on this spotlight send me a request.
Now, back to speak a little about my books. I have written and it is in editing the final of "Chronicles of the Marauder-book Three" some may not like the ending but I felt this was the way to end the story. I still don't have a cover for it, I guess I will come up with one in the near future. Right now, my final book in the "Lightning in the Tunnel series called "Lightning Rages" is in editing. I do have the cover for it and this is it, for those that haven't seen it before.
Talk back, I'm Listening like always! For those that need a little reading on their ereader, you can find my books on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, Shelfairi, World Literary Club, Black Caviar and a host of other sites including Barnes and Noble. I also have paperback in all my books.

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It is my birthday!

Today being my birthday, I watch another year click off, on the calender of life.My wife has my birthday present all wrapped up for me, LOL, I will open it later today. Life has been a series of ups and downs, she has smoothed out the road a lot for me. If it weren't for her, I would never have started publishing any of my books that I have written over the years.
Now, on to other things. I have started a rafflecopter to give away some free ebooks, for those that want to enter. I'm still not sure how I go about it, but I pasted it on my face book page and attached it to my blogs. I am like a kid swimming with blinders on, I might screw it up, but with others helping I just might get the word out. LOL!
It has been a nice change for me to become so engaged on Social Media, I have made a lot of new friends and acquaintances that are becoming my friends as time goes on. Sharing their hopes and aspirations in life.
Though I will most likely never write a best seller, I enjoy the reader's feedback on my books. Hearing good words even though my books might not be perfect, they are entertaining. That is what I strive for, giving a reader a little escape from life's problems. Hopefully, they might pick up tidbits on how to improve life, in their daily lives.
I will be adding a spot on this blog soon Called "Blinded by the spotlight," featuring authors or books each week. Look for it, you will enjoy reading about these authors or books. If you are short of reading material in paperback or ebooks just go to my author's site on Amazon at
my books are shown there. Have a great day and remember, talk back, I'm Listening  

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This week's selection into the final five book cover contest.

Announcing this weeks selection into the final five in our book cover contest. This lady did it all herself and seemed to like it getting the most likes of those posting their likes. Join Lightning Chronicles on MARsocail and post your favorite book cover. It might even get selected into the final five and be the over all winner. At least it will be posted on my blogs when you enter. Make sure you post it only on Lightning Chronicles because I don't visit other sites that often. Here is the link
For those without book covers but would like to join the site to talk about SiFi books or just to vote on your favorite book cover, you are more than welcome to join. So without any more chatter from me! Here is this week's selection.

My daughter is a photographer and she provides me with the photos and I do the rest. (Joan Fallon)

    I wish Joan Fallon the best of luck in the finals. 
Now back to me and my books. "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and looks like it won't be ready to be published until in December, 2013. I keep my fingers crossed it will still happen. Down to the final chapter of Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three and then it will join the line up waiting to be edited. LOL! Waiting is not something I am good at.  To view my other books that are published just go to or,  I try to keep them updated as much as possible. 
Talk back, I'm listening!

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Another Cover revealed

Today seems like my favor doing day,  have another cover to show you about another author along with the actual cover of the first post this morning. I hope you like them I am also including the cover of my latest book not yet released. These covers are not in my contest ongoing on but posted as an agreement with the publicist to do so. My books can be found on my author site at or at while you are there check out my re-edited Chronicles of the Marauder- Book One.

Iin order to reunite the Council and save both our world and theirs, the Guardians need to assemble three missing pieces of an ancient  relic called The Shoma. But their search is derailed by their love lives and entanglements. Surrounded by evil and under the threat of annihilation our lives depend on this one team. But with all the sex, scandal and secrets, who has time to save the world?
my latest book cover! A.G. Talk back I'm listening!

Atlus cover revealed

This is a special post to help out a friends (Rachel Laurie) that requested help getting the word out about one of her client's new book. Cover Contest is still going on at so join me and post the cover for your book. So without further comments here is the post I am doing as a favor.
 Talk Back to me, I'm Listening!                       Ju