Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RRBC recruitment day blog

Once again it is Rave Review Book Club recruitment day. I decided not to participate this month, they wanted a Halloween theme but I didn't want to change up my blog just for that. I guess I like the way it looks. To the left is a picture of how my work station looked before my wife relocated me and rearranged the room. I will try to get a newer picture of me up soon. Showing how nice the room looks and my new work station.

Getting back to the recruitment blog, I figure all the authors that have read my previous recruitment post have decided to join or not depending on their take on the organization. Anyway, if you are unsure and would like to join an organization that will help you boost your brand, this is the organization that will do that with you by getting your name out there. Check it out  Tell them Agmoye sent you. Honestly, all you aspiring authors can use an organization like this to get your brand out there. There is a cost so you decide if it is worth it to you. 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wife re-do of computer room/library

My wife grew tired of my room where I write in, so she repainted it. Then rearranged it where now it feels bigger and seems bigger. She even relocated me to the other side of the room, I no longer have a window to look out but I can look out the glass door when I get my mind rolling on a book. It is a habit I have of writing the story in my head then putting it on the computer. She has learned when I am quiet and starring out into space that I am writing. The only thing that bugs her is when I start another book. Right now, I have four of them rolling around in my head plus a couple of rewrites. She just rolls her eyes upon learning I have another book I am writing. 

2014 will turn out to be my least productive year of new releases but 2015 looks like another banner year after I get all them edited. I have been spending more time rewriting and editing old releases than finishing my other stories. So look out, 2015!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random thoughts

You might have noticed I have been tweeting a lot of different authors lately. I love to help out little known authors get noticed. I don't say unknown because they are getting noticed by my followers and others just not well known in the ocean of books out there. Some of their books, I plan to read in the near future. I have slowed down on my reviewing right now since my wife is painting the computer room and redesigning it. She has moved my desk and computer to fit into her grand design taking me off line a lot. Once I post this, she wants me to unplug and wheel it into another room giving her room to move around.

On other thoughts, after the Supreme court decided to throw out out all election rules and allow the wealthy to buy a candidate, I have been flooded with political ads and solicitations for money by all the candidates running.for office. I will glad when the election is over so my email box can be less overloaded. Are you suffering from the same overload? 
On another front, I wish to thank all those that read and commented on my posts about what I called my Hellion years. Should have been titled my hellion year because it all occurred in the summer of 1962 when I was young and stupid. LOL. If you didn't read them, they are on my previous posts, have look and a laugh.

If you are a struggling writer and need a boost in getting the word out, join the Rave Review Book Club. They are having their monthly drive to add members. They will help you spread the word about your book for a very low membership price allowing your book(s) to float to the top out there. Check them out and tell them agmoye recommended you join. 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Understanding Tears or the lack of

I grew up during the era were it was not appropriate for a male to be seen crying. I didn't even cry at my father's funeral when I was eleven. I felt detached from my emotions. So I went through my earlier life with emotions in check except for anger, I was quick to explode.  I didn't even cry at my grandmother's funeral in my twenties. We had been very close and I loved her dearly. Looking back now, I went through my life, slightly detached from my emotions especially after I learned to control my anger. The birth of my children made me happy but I didn't cry tears of joy like some did. When the world changed where men were suppose to show their emotions, I did not keeping them in check. To some I appeared as cold but hopefully not to my family. As I grew older and my children started having children, I found I could express emotions easier. The death of my mother brought forth the first tears. They have flowed easier and easier since then. The untimely deaths of two of my sisters brought them to the forefront. Now, I get emotional and even cry over sad movies, death of a character in my writings. I went back and read some of my earlier stories that i wrote years ago and published after updating them. The one thing that was lacking in my writing was the emotions, turmoil and tears the main characters should have been displaying. I was a good story teller following the story line but something was missing and I am in the process of correcting that. For those writers out there, put as much emotion in your story as possible, the reader will feel them and become engaged in your story. Yes, my earlier books had too much sex but that has been toned down as their feelings emerge in the place of sex. 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Game Master of Somerville by A.J.Raven-my review

I gave this book four stars on Amazon and this blog. It is a sequel to "Missing In Somerville". Still it draws you in as a Y/A suspense book you will enjoy the relationships along with the twists and turns of a good suspense book. Jerry is the main character and finds he has become somewhat a celebrity after solving the case in the book, Missing in Somerville.  He finds it uncomfortable being in this status but the others in his crowd that helped solve it, enjoyed the status. When children go missing in Somerville, the parents expect him to find them, hopefully alive.  Read the story if you are into Y/A books. You can find it at this link on Kindle.

 I am a little late on posting this because I realized after I emailed the author to clear up a couple points, I had other commitments that I scheduled on that day. A.J. sorry about that but I am now doing my review.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Guitar Face Book Blast- Guest post

I am pleased to host this book blast this week.

Henley Hendrix has been a guitar prodigy since the age of 12, and has grown up in rock-n-roll her entire life. By the age of 22 she was the Queen of rock-n-roll, and lead singer/guitarist in her band Abandoned Shadow. Women wanted to be her, and men simply wanted her. Tragedy strikes and she walks away from music for four years. She spends four years attempting to pick up the pieces of her life, then she is slowly pulled back to the only things she has ever loved, music and Jagger Carlyle.

Jagger is People's Sexiest Man Alive, and rock's biggest bad boy, and every woman wants to bed him, while every man wants to be him. Jagger presses her to tour with his and her brother's band, Broken Access, and sparks fly. Her eyes are opened back up to music, and to the boy she fell in love with in the sixth grade.

The journey is marked by Henley's fears of her past, and how to proceed with her music career. She is surrounded by comic relief, and most of all love, but will the pressures of the rich and famous be too much after her sabbatical? Will the cameras and the women be too much for her?

If you are looking for a story of redemption with comic relief and a heavy sexual mind, you've found it. If you are offended by hot, tattooed rock stars who are vulgar then this is not the book for you. Please be warned, this book is not for anyone below the age of 18. The book contains sex, death, violence, and harsh language.

Author Bio
I am a Georgia native, who loves bad boys, tattoos, rock-n-roll, and sexy books. I toured during the 2009 reunion tour with The Allman Brothers as their photographer. I had the time of my life, and through those experiences, I gained an insight into the world of the rich and famous.

The "Guitar Face" story has lived in my crazy mind for many years. I did nothing but eat, sleep, and write "Guitar Face" for a solid week in April, 2014. I laughed and cried with each of these characters,  and immensely enjoy reading this story the many times I have. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it.

I love music, dogs, children, family, friends, and tattoos. I combined all of these into this story, & what better way to incorporate some of my favorite things than gorgeous, tatted rock stars.
Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads | Pinterest | Medium

Excerpt 1
“I am going to kill him.” I hear my brother’s voice.
Light is shining in from somewhere. I just need a few more hours sleep. I feel something shift beside me, and I let out a hung over groan. Wait, something shifted beside me? My eyes pop open, and I see Jag. He really is a gorgeous man. He winks at me, and the night’s events came back to me. We kissed… twice. It was amazing.
He whispers, “I think we are in trouble.”
“I know you are awake,” my brother says.
I am so not ready to deal with an overprotective brother and all the man rules that accompany kissing your best friend’s sister.
“I am so hurt Henley. I really thought what we had was beautiful. I sacrificed so much for you last night. I went for a brunette out of mad respect for you. You are my everything,” Kip says.
Jag and I chuckle.
Jag stands from the couch, and then offers me his hand to help me. I decide I can’t make it upright just yet, so I only manage to sit up. He sits back down by me. Kip jumps on my other side, and pulls me to him with both arms.
“She is mine, and you can’t have her Jagger Carlyle. Do you know where his penis has been?” he asks.
I didn’t want to think about that.
“No, I don’t Kip. But I know where your penis was last night,” I reply.
“Shit. You have a very valid point.” He releases me. “I will need to think of a million more reasons why you should be with me and not him,” he says.
I laugh at the ridiculousness that is Kip.
“You ready for this?” Koi asks.
He flips on the TV in the suite living room, and the E Channel blasts through TV’s surround sound.
It appears Henley Hendrix has reemerged after a four year sabbatical, and what better way to reappear than on the arm of Jagger Carlyle? The two were spotted at a Jacksonville nightclub last night entering arm in arm. Onlookers report he was very protective and fond of her. Once inside the bar, the pictures tell a pretty telling tale. This particular picture shows Carlyle and Hendrix holding each other on the dance floor. It is reported the two danced to Purple Rain. Are you trying to tell us something? More pictures emerged from club goers who captured the two in the corner of the club. It appears the Guitar Goddess is giving rock-n-roll’s bad boy a run for his money. The pictures are a bit grainy, but it shows Carlyle in a chair, and Hendrix straddling him. I am not sure who I am more jealous of.
Kip turns the television off. “I can’t take this. I am dying with jealousy over here. You never straddled me in public, pumpkin.”
Jagger throws a pillow at him. I burst out laughing. I stop long enough to see the look on Koi’s face, and then I laugh some more. I laugh so hard and for so long, tears run down my face. No one else in the room is laughing or smiling. They look a bit concerned.
“Is she losing it?” Koi asks with concern in his voice.
I keep laughing. He wants to know if I am losing it. Funny.
“Maybe we should get her a doctor,” Kip suggests.
“Just give her a minute.” Jag orders.
I keep laughing. I try several times to stop, but I found their hypocrisy to be too much.
Cam enters the room from his bedroom. “Is she okay?” he asks.
I laugh some more.
“What did you do to her last night?” Koi asks Jag.
“What did I do? Why is this my fault?” he asks.
“You broke man code. First, you are sleeping with Koi’s sister on the couch. Secondly, you are trying to steal the love of my life. You don’t bone your bro’s sister, and you don’t steal another bro’s girl,” Kip says.
“Don’t forget he kissed her in the elevator,” Cam says. “I can’t believe he finally did it. I mean who has balls enough to kiss her?” 
“You kissed my sister?” Koi asks.
“You kissed my Henley?” Kip asks.
“Jesus Christ,” Jagger says.
“Why is she laughing like that?” Cam asks.
“We were photographed dancing at the club last night. E! News already has the story,” Jag says.
“I wouldn’t call the last set of pictures dancing,” Koi says gruffly.
“Now you two will get the combo name. I already had ours picked out. We were going to be Kipley. You stole all my glory! Now you two will be Jagley,” Kip says, and it only makes me laugh more.
Jagley. It is as ridiculous as Kipley.
“She needs coffee,” Jag says.
“Got it,” Cam says with concern in his voice. He thinks I am leaving here in a strait jacket. 

Panel 0

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Death of Anyone by D.J. Swykert-my review

I gave this book Five stars because it was well written and really held my interest to the very end. I was given a copy for my honest review.

The main character is Bonnie Benham, a homicide detective that is less than perfect being a reformed alcoholic and drug user determined to catch a serial killer of young girls in Detroit. The author takes you into the head of Bonnie, her frailties, strong points and her determination to be the best in her line of work.  Here is the synopsis written by D.J. Swykert. 

 Detroit homicide Detective Bonnie Benham has been transferred from narcotics for using more than arresting and is working the case of a killer of adolescent girls. CSI collects DNA evidence from the scene of the latest victim, which had not been detected on the other victims. But no suspect turns up in the FBI database. Due to the notoriety of the crimes a task force is put together with Bonnie as the lead detective, and she implores the D.A. to use an as yet unapproved type of a DNA Search in an effort to identify the killer. Homicide Detective Neil Jensen, with his own history of drug and alcohol problems, understands Bonnie’s frailty and the two detectives become inseparable as they track this killer of children.

I found the story both captivating and heartbreaking at the loss of lives by the young girls and Bonnie's losses. Read the story, I think you will find it the same way. I heartily recommend this book to all you suspense readers out there over the age of eighteen. It does contain graphic descriptions and sexual situations. You can purchase your copy at this link and other places:

About the Author Image result for dj swykert
 DJ Swykert is a former 911 operator. Short fiction published in; The Tampa Review, Monarch Review, Sand Canyon Review, The Detroit News, Zodiac Review, Scissors and Spackle, Spittoon, Barbaric Yawp and BULL. He is a wolf expert.   You can find him on the website: and on Facebook,

Enjoy the book and talk back to me; I'm listening.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Lady of Victory by Shirley Harris-Slaughter-my review

I gave this five stars, maybe because I am a history buff but I loved it. The author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter presented this factual story of how her African-American Catholic church came to be and how it was taken away by those in power that were not of that heritage. She is careful not to be too bold about her thoughts of Catholic church just wanting to rid itself of African-

American Churches but some of her anger shows through. The Church "Our Lady of Victory" was plagued by having white only pastors that didn't understand the African-Americans but they did get some that worked with them and created a school along with a church. They believed in what they were doing but too soon were transferred to another parish, disheartening the church members. Never a full blown church but called a mission so the church leaders never saw fit to assign or station a permanent Priest. Book is filled with details of the early organizers of the church and school. I found that very interesting, so you might as well.  Here is the link.

My name is Shirley Harris-Slaughter.  I have been a published author since 2007. I got the urge to write when I realized that no one else was going to save our history. It was up to me. So I wrote Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community.Something that started out as just a timeline of events honoring the pioneers of this West Eight Mile Community, turned into a narrative history
Like most of you I am an Indie author struggling to get recognition in a crowded field.                                   

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