Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wendy Owens review

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A 4.5 almost a 5 Star review of Sacred Bloodlines by Wendy Owens.
            The Guardian Series especially Sacred Bloodlines would have us to believe that there is special protectors out there fighting against evil for those that believe. The author Wendy Owens drew her stories loosely from the bible making them believable for the most part. I found the book very entertaining and easy to read. I ended up being drawn into the story line that surprised me in a good way. Normally I never read stories like this, but the author made the characters so real, causing you to believe in the story line. If I have the time, I will most likely read the rest of the series after getting hooked on the story, you might get hooked also. 
            Gabe, the young man that couldn’t understand why all those around him that he cared for were killed and the worst part, he saw it coming. A coward at heart, but Gabe was brave when it was necessary for him to be. I liked his character, very believable almost normal for a young man at that age and background. Confused about the right path he should take in his life, he has a lot of help along with those that believed he could and would take the right path even though he doubted it himself.
            Uri, the one that was expected to show Gabe what he was, a descendant of past Guardians. He became the first person that Gabe allowed close to him. Even though Uri was in awe of Gabe because of some prophecy, he still tried to befriend him and make him feel he was part of them.
            Sophie, the beautiful young Guardian that Gabe finds he is in love with but is afraid to love.
            Michael, the headmaster of the school where young Guardians learn to battle evil and protect the world from the devil, teaches Gabe that free will is man’s biggest difference than the other’s god rules over.

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 Today concludes my posting of Wendy Owens I will add her about profile here!
Check her out, she is well worth the trouble! Talk back, I'm listening!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Featuring Wendy Owens this week post #1

                                                                                  I am featuring Wendy Owens work all this week with my review on Thursday of her first book in her series. Scared Bloodlines surprised me that I would like it being loosely based on the bible but once I started reading I couldn't stop which bode well for the story and her writing. Below I will past an insert from the book from her press kit release.
Excerpt #2
Gabe closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the cool subway tiles. The pungent smell of urine and burnt electrical wires filled his nostrils as the loud roar of a passing train erupted in his ears. His social worker’s words replayed again and again in his head, “difficulties with home placement,” “a past filled with tragic incidents,” “more time needed to find the right parental candidates.” Gabe knew what that meant, after years of being shipped from one foster family to the next, it was clear what people thought of him. He was cursed. “And why wouldn’t they,” he thought. It was even obvious to himself.
The bustle of the station increased as the train squealed to a halt. Gabe grabbed his ragged black backpack and headed to the nearest set of open doors. He twisted and turned, trying to make his way through the thick crowd. A chill came over him, one that was all too familiar and Gabe found himself filled with dread. Coming to a sudden stop he looked around at the sea of people. Just steps from the train doors he was unable to move. He was staring and searching, his breath now shallow. The voices around him were instantly silenced as a pulsing white noise consumed his mind.
Gabe’s hands were clammy and he felt his legs weaken. “Are you getting on or what?” the man behind him shouted. The man was wearing a plain, tan trench coat and carried a briefcase. Gabe looked back at him, not able to hear what he was saying for a moment, still distracted by the deafening white noise in his head.
“Come on, some of us have places to be,” the man grumbled as he rudely pushed past Gabe and boarded the subway car. Stumbling to a nearby column, Gabe steadied himself, attempting to regain his composure.
As sounds came flooding back, he heard the buzzer warning that the doors would soon be closing. Gabe looked up and prepared to make a dash for the opening. Before he could make his move, he caught sight of a young woman standing in front of the subway doors. She was wearing a long, black leather coat that was cinched at her waist. There was an odd grey color that surrounded her, creating a halo effect around her entire body. He had seen this before, actually more times than he cared to recall. He even saw the same grey aura the night his parents died.
Gabe stared intensely at her back as she stepped into the subway car. She slowly turned around, her black hair was short, cut just above the chin, which she wore slicked back, tucked behind her petite ears. Gabe thought she looked as though she were trying to remove the femininity from her small frame in any way she could. Her skin was pale; the color reminded Gabe of milk.
He watched, frozen, as the girl lifted her head and looked directly into his eyes. She flashed him a small, wicked smile as the doors closed. He saw her eyes flicker a hint of red. A moment later, the train pulled away. Gabe slid to the cold floor as the crushing weight of impending doom filled him.
Gabe had been plagued by these feelings and visions his entire life. He could remember being sent to at least a dozen different therapists all over the city. Their diagnoses were all the same; however, ‘hallucinations brought on by depression caused by the tragic loss of his parents.’ Some had him writing his feelings in journals, but most of them found it easier to load him up on medication and send him on his way. He had learned a long time ago that the easiest thing to do was to lie about the visions.
Gabe wondered if the therapists were all right. Perhaps he was just crazy with grief. His parents had died when he was only five years old. He found it hard to believe such grief could plague a person for eleven years, but what did he know, he was no ...
A loud explosion suddenly interrupted Gabe’s thoughts. He reached out his hands to try and steady himself as the ground under him shook violently. He threw up his arms to cover his head, plaster crumbling and falling like rain from the high ceilings.

This is just a sample of the fine writing of Wendy Owens in her book "Sacred Bloodlines" That is now free everywhere for ebook downloads to celebrate her release of the fifth book in her Guardian Series.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

New Blog Name

I decided to change the name from "Things that Haunt Us" to Lightning Chronicles to blend with my group I moderate/adminster on M.A.R.S. at this link come join me. It is a group where we discuss my SiFi books along with others and have a good time. We might get off subject once in while but I think you will enjoy it. Check out the docs segment where you will find clips from my books and even some insights into why I wrote them along with what might be in the future!
Since it is just before the weekend, I will make this blog short and sweet so you can go off to enjoy the weekend. Maybe take along one of my books! check them out at  for those that need other than Mobi for your reader, I'm also on smashwords. All books are available in print for those that like the feel and smell of a new paperback.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Ass backward week!

As the title of this post suggests, I am doing things in reverse order this week. Normally I post on Monday or Tuesday a new post but this week everything is out of order in my brain. Tuesday I almost slept until noon. I guess my body needed it but that is unusual for me. I have been out of sorts all week but I did manage to work on my book "Lightning Rages" some with the deadline fast approaching, I better get it done!
My sister, Barbara was suppose to come to live with me this week but it didn't happen. Maybe, she will make it out here soon from North Carolina. She is very sick and needs my help. I am glad to do it for her.
Her husband of thirty-three years don't want to watch her die so he is sending her to live with me. I don't understand that part of it but I am willing to help her all I can. He is a recluse and has somewhat made her that way. She wants to come here and us to do things together, like she said, "Live Life before her time is up!" She is bringing an RV so we will be traveling a lot according to her. My wife is still battling Chronic Vertigo but I think I can handle two problems at once. Life only occurs for a very short time in the scheme of things, you must live while you can!
Now back to the subject of books, I will be posting my review of Wendy Owens great book "Sacred Bloodlines" next week on this blog. I found her story very interesting and can't wait to read the rest of the series. If you like stories drawn from the bible, this is a good one!
If you are interested in any of my books, check out my author site at for your fall reading pleasure. I have a Dystopia/apocalyptic series called Lightning in the Tunnel. I have a time travel book called "T.T. Gristman". I also have a mystery (Brandi's Nightmare) that has received some good reviews on Amazon. For the science fiction fans, I have my very popular series called "Marauder Chronicles" starting with "Chronicles of the Marauder" with Book Two now out for the readers to continue the events and the story. Talk Back to me, I'm Listening!
Have a great day and the rest of the week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

We all get fooled!

We all go through life thinking that we never will get fooled by the one that you love but then it happens. You find they don't have you first in their heart. We get fooled by someone telling you that this company is the greatest to work for, then you find you hate it and want out as soon s you find another job. Then there is writing, like so many authors (writers) we believed that all we had to do was write a good book and walla off we go. Then we discover there is a social media we have to engage in, then build a platform while making connections. Those that understood the marketing aspects of this career, jumped out and started building their platform even before the book was close to being published. Others that were like me just wrote their first books then wondered why there were no sales. There should be someone out there that wanted to read our books, Right? Well we were fools, no one heard of us or our books until we got engaged into the social media. Then the slow process occurs as more and more hear of you and your books. I know a few of you have written best sellers but most of us are like me hoping to generate moderate sales as more people get the word out about you and your books. For me it has been one step forward and two steps back as I build my platform. I neglected it a while because of personal problems (Wife's illness) and wanting to concentrate on writing. Now, I try to spend equal time on social media and writing being retired but with interruptions by my wife occasionally she needs something being unable to do so herself. The past week, she has forced herself to do many things on her own so she would not have to interrupt me. That brings me closer to completing my two books I am working on, "Lightning Rages" the conclusion of my dystopia series and the conclusion of the Marauder series with "Chronicles of the Marauder-Book Three" . My wife feeling better has also allowed me to join a couple of blog tours or Hops as they are called overseas. I mentioned a review I am doing for one of the Blog Tours with Wendy and others. I have never done this before so I will see how it works. Laura Crean is going to do an article (author Interview) on me during that tour. She is not part of the tour but might be in my next one. I will paste a copy of it here on this site for everyone to read.
 This is the author Wendy Owens that i will be posting the review on. I was surprised that it caught my attention and held it while reading her book. I believe there is five books in the series and well worth the time to read it. It is not that long but a five star book to read, at least in my opinion!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slow climb uphill/Wendy Owens

It has been a long slow climb uphill by my wife as she battles withdrawals from eleven plus years on Valium. I think we are seeing the top of the hill and things will be better as she returns to her old self. I know it has been rough on both of us but as she gets better, less stress on me and maybe I can get my blood sugar back in control. I walk every morning about a mile sometimes, if I am energetic enough I walk two miles then try to use the exercise machine for twenty to forty minutes per day. Anything to help, now that I take insulin it helps bring it down but after my walks it shoots back up again. Even before I eat anything! I never eat until after my walk but check my blood sugar before I leave the house to know where I am everyday starting out.
On another subject, I have agreed to join in a blog tour on GoodReads using this site so expect something different in the next few days. I have read the book the tour wanted me to. I will write it and post it on this site in the morning. I was surprised that I got hooked on the book right away and couldn't put it down. The author Wendy Owens did an excellent book using the bible as the backdrop. Normally, not my kind of book but like I said, I got hooked and read the whole thing in six hours. A little information about the author:
  I snipped her page from her book to post above. I will write the review later. Visit my author site to get more information about me at if yo would like to know more about me and my books. Talk back, I'm Listening!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things are getting better!

It has been five days since my wife got off Valium completely. The first three days were rough but she actually had a decent day yesterday. We had to spray the house for fleas from the cats. They weren't in the house but I went out to the barn and didn't notice that my legs were covered with fleas bringing them into the house. I sprayed and then bombed yesterday forcing her to go outside while the house was closed up. That seemed to make her feel better being outside and so as the day progressed, she got better and better. Almost back to her old self. That was a nice change for us. As time goes on, she (hopefully) will get close to where she used to be just dealing with vertigo and not these other problems. She has started the day off after fixing her own breakfast watching TV, I plan on getting her out of the house again if I can. Things are looking up!
This is September now, so that means my time travel book called "T.T. Gristman" is on sale for the month of September and "A Stranger Comes Crawling" goes off sale for 99 cents and back to regular price of $2.99.
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