Friday, May 31, 2013


Imaginations are what fuels a fiction writer along. The better the imagination, the better the story in my opinion. In A Stranger Comes Crawling, I needed to come up with a reason for events occurring that way and ended up with a great ending that will shock the readers. They will be more surprise in the sequel to A Stranger Comes Crawling called "Voyage back to Earth" due out in early 2014. They will learn what caused some of the deaths that occur. I can not tell you much more or I will give away the story.
In my other science fiction called the Chronicles of the Marauder,Book One. I again let my imagination soar coming up with various Aliens and their strange quirks along their appearances. Some become like family to the humans as members of the crew. Other Aliens seek to dominate them and use them as slaves or food. In book two of the Chronicles of the Marauder, Book Two. I had to come up with even more Aliens during the Marauder's ten year voyage. I have started on book three while Book two is in editing and awaiting a cover for it. I'm about twenty or thirty pages into it. Mainly writing it in my head before I put it on the computer. I won't finish it before I go and finish Voyage back to Earth and get it published so the readers can read what happens on Rip's way back to earth.
As a let my imagination soar, I think the stories get even better and better especially with the inner action of the characters aboard each of the crafts. Since both series are written for adults, I have included adult relationship problems between characters not just writing about their adventures and action scenes. Is this how most of you do it? I know this is my style of writing that I feel is getting better and better each book I write. Talk back to me, I'm Listening!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding an old friend!

It did my heart good when I was contacted by a wife of an old friend that I lost contact with when I moved from California to North Carolina over thirteen years ago. I guess she was browsing the Internet and happened to see a picture of me. We had been very close for so many years and then events made us go our separate ways. I lost his phone number and then my computer at that time crashed so I even lost his email account. I searched the web and still didn't find him. So many by the same name that I knew him by on the net. I tried email along with other social media sites trying to find him, then out of the blue she contacted me. I guess she got my email address from my blog site.Now that we have found each other. There is a lot of catching up to do, She and he was shocked to find me in Arkansas but like I explained to them, I came here to retire. He never knew I wrote SiFi and I never knew he was a SiFi fan. We both had been members of a Spade League back in California for many years. The league was called the National Spade League with a lot of members. I included that on my first book that has now been pulled from the market because of it having too much explicit sex in it.I wasn't out to write an erotica book. Anyway, our emails right now look like books instead of emails with so much being said. Yet, when I send one, I think of something else I didn't say and have the urge to send another but he is not computer savvy so it is hard for him to reply back. His wife is the one that uses the computer most of the time. He just plays games on his terminal. Nothing can bring a smile to your face than hearing from an old friend. I'm sure there is many out there that sit and wonder what happened to such and such as time goes on. Most of you are unlike me, moving around the country a lot and events cause you to lose contact. You might not think that it is unimportant at the time but the day will come when you wish you had maintained contact. Now, I just wished that a few others that I was close to back in California would accidentally run across me. Even though you make new friends and new close friends, part of you is missing those old friends the older you get. Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A little under the weather?

I had a problem that kept me from posting last week on this site. I'm okay now or getting there. My wife took over and posted about the wild horses, she is a horse fanatic and I didn't mind her using my site to vent on. That was the reason she signed it as Sammi Jo so everyone would know it really didn't come from me. What is a husband to do anyway, let her vent!
It is not easy to come up with a new subject three or four times a week anyway. Today I want to speak with you about commenting on blogs or other threads. I know more read them than they ever comment on. I was reading like normal the comments on Goodreads and noticed the same people by genre love commenting on the there. I switched to LinkedIn and found that even though I follow a lot of different threads and comment very infrequently, most of the comments are the same. You have those that are trying to sell something to you   by telling you what is wrong with the other guy's product while trying to be casual about mentioning their product. Reading it, sounds a lot like politics where everyone is bashing the other guys then claiming they weren't. Don't worry, you use their system and you will succeed in whatever your endeavor is. If these people had the answer, they wouldn't on the internet, they would be too rich to bother with it!
Maybe because I am not feeling one hundred percent, all this stuff struck me wrong, today. I even made a few comments on different threads today, that is unlike me but still being on probation, I doubt if they will ever post the comments. Even though I did no self promoting. That is one of the dangers you have when the moderator has to approve everything you post. Enough said, Talk back to me, I'm Listening!
Speaking of Self promotion, if you are looking for some interesting reading check me out at

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Save the wild Mustangs

It has come to my attention that the goverment and local authorties are tryin to decide if they should kill the wild mustangs down to a "Managable" size of 850 from 1,450 in Wyoming! Excuse me but these horses are the very last of their kind and need to be protected! A ranch called the BLM is the one doing the most crabbing cause these horses are starving and thirsty due to a 2 year drought.My answer to this is feed them, water them and when the drought is over they will go back into the wild AND LEAVE THE STUPID BLM ALONE!!!! Why on this earth would you slaughter these beautiful creatures, WOULD YOU SLAUGHTER YOUR CHILDREN CAUSE YOU HAD TOO MANY? I am sorry to put it so bluntly but you leave me no choice. I became so upst when I heard this that I had to voice my opinion, If I had the money and the means I would go and rescue everyone of those mustangs and bring them to Arkansas where they could live without prosecution of the government and the BLM! E mail or Twitter the President and Congress if you agree! hank you for your time Sammi Jo Moye  Talkback, im listening!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wicked weather

As the deadly storms roll through Oklahoma spreading death and destruction, I am thankful that they basically fell apart when they reached me. I say a prayer for those that died and are trying to recover from their injuries. For those that lost everything except for their lives, I hope they are able to have a speedy recovery from their losses. Two years ago this month when the Tornado came through Denning-Altus area I lost part of the roof on the house and other damage. Along with not having power for seven days which meant we lost all our frozen foods along with everything in the refrigerator. It took months afterwards to refill and restore everything back like it was. At least the house still stood and we were able to overcome the damage. Those in Oklahoma I know will overcome this just as they did in Joplin. Starting over is one of the most difficult things and the emotional scars left behind by the tornado will take a long time to heal. I know that when the sirens went off here, we have a secure shelter and people that normally never took cover before came crowding in. It was okay with us, we brought plenty of water but the only thing we forgot was something to use for a bathroom but we worked it out. Boy it gets stuffy in a crowded storm shelter but we all were okay It turned out to be just wind and hail that caused problems around here. No tornado materialized, thank goodness!
Today could have another return of the wicked weather but we are in the slight risk category so we should be okay, but the storm cellar is ready if it turns bad around here. Talk back to me, I'm listening!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Still Struggling!

The one thing I'm not struggling with right now is I just completed writing Chronicles of the Marauder book Two Now comes the proofing and editing part. That takes just as long as writing the story in my estimation. All you writers out there know that, then I will see how I'm going to publish it and get a cover made for it. At least now I should be able to sleep better. When I am writing a book, some times I can't fall asleep at night writing the next scene in my head or I wake up early to write the scene down on the computer. That is why I decided not to work on Book Three for awhiile. Just let it rest and me.
Last Friday and Saturday, I put the first Chronicles of the Marauder Book One, on free kindle downloads. I am still struggling on whether that was such a good idea even though it got hundreds of downloads but does that mean I will get more sales in the future? I'm not sure! I at least hope a few of those that downloaded it give a review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads maybe interesting others in the series. Is it worth givign away so many free books? That is the question I keep asking my self. I guess it is what unknown authors have to do to get noticed. Sales of the book started off okay but slowed to a trickle that was why I even gave it  a shot. Just maybe, they will tell their friends and they might buy a copy. What is a writer to do?
My other struggle is this computer, I had to basically dump everything and reset to factory settings. It has been a struggle to get everything back to where it was. Right now, it keeps telling me that it has a problem saving/publishing this blog, so it might never get out! So goes life! Talk back to me, I'm listening if this fool computer works right!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free Promotions?

Approaching the end of Chronicles of the Marauder on KDP select, 90 day restriction for publishing on Kindle, I have debated about offering free downloads on the book. I have done other books with some success all depending on how much I got the word out was how successful they were. Sometimes after hundreds of downloads, the sales are very sporadic leaving me to believe everyone that was interested in that book had downloaded it for free and did not tell anyone about it so I don't know if it was worth the effort except to get my name known. I have yet to have anyone on prime to read any of my books so I am not concerned about their Prime feature. Against my better judgment, I am going to place Chronicles of the Marauder Book One! on May 17 and 18th I will be offering it for free downloads only because I want a couple of book clubs to review it and post the review on Goodreads and Amazon. So for you that have been waiting on it to be free here is the link for you to download on those two days, a week before I am no longer enrolled in KDP select.
I am thinking about putting it on Smashwords after it gets off KDP Select but I always have a problem with them because no matter how big my image is, they say it is too small and that frustrates me with their stupid autovetter errors. Putting it on Smashwords gives me other outlets besides Amazon to sell my books since I don't have a button on my websites to sell them.
It is difficult being an Indie author now days, you all know how irritating it can get just getting your brand out there so everyone will recognize you as a writer. Like I said earlier that I used the free download promotion on other books with limited success. I was reluctant to put the Chronicles of the Marauder on free promotions because sales have been steady but not brisk! Talk back to me, I'm Listening! Have a great day!  

Friday, May 10, 2013

my villains!

Villains are necessary in telling a good adventure story, sometimes they are loved more than the main characters of the story because a lot of people identify with them in their mind. They may hate them and love them at the same time. Such is the case in the Chronicles of the Marauder, Sockan, the Aszakalan the emotionless, heartless, evil woman with pale white skin, white hair, cold to the touch skin and purple lips that can pass through certain materials by changing her shape, read minds at a touch and make herself invisible to the human eye. Yet, while held captive after the death of her son and life companion, she reads ebooks to pass the time and learns there is such a thing as emotions and wished to explore them finding them totally alien to her. Exploring these emotions she read about in the books she read, she finds love and slowly becomes somewhat human. Her desire to experience love leads her to make herself invisible slipping into the Captain's quarters finding Neil dreaming about his dead ex-lover whereas she takes the dead lovers physical place. Neil thought the coldness was his ex-lover being dead. He tells her over and over that he loves her in his dream while they were enjoying each other. Sockan never knew the truth and she falls in love with him. In book two she becomes an officer of the Marauder. There are plenty of other villains in the story as they roam the galaxy seeking out new life forms, some friendly and some not!
In Brandi's Nightmare, the villains keep changing sides with some on her side and others trying to kill her to obtain her key. In the end, she finds who the true villains were.
In A Stranger Comes Crawling The villains are the government during the first part of the story and later Tee`ra and the other Minds become the villains when Ripley goes off Earth. Then the shocking revelation occurs on how and why the Minds come into being also why not all Zotorna were not Minds.
My Dystopia series called Lightning in the Tunnel is filled with villains, some are the main characters that everyone comes to love.
if you would like to read about my villains in anyone of my books, drop by my author site at  Talk back to me, I'm listening! tell me all about your villains! Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And Etc.

Well, the relatives have come and gone. It was nice visiting with them even though it somewhat disrupted our lives and prevented me from writing anything on my blogs. I had plans to do some traveling this summer but looks like they will change do to the same old reason, not enough money to do what I planned. LOL  How many of you have to scale back or cancel your summer plans for that?
Anyway back to my original conversation, when relatives drop by it is like a whirlwind for a few days then they are gone. Hopefully not to return for a few years, yes, you love them dearly but you are glad when they leave.
One of relatives has such a filthy mouth that I can not stand to hear what she has to say. I never understood the reason for such a filthy mouth. It seems like she acquired it after she became of age. Maybe, she thinks a filthy mouth is a sign of being an adult. Once in a while to cuss is understandable trying to make a point or when you smash your finger or do something stupid like that, then it is acceptable to use certain words but to have every other word a cuss word. I see no need for that. I'm not a prude neither is my wife but it is hard to tolerate this kind of talk. In my books, I avoid cuss words except once in a while when something happens to them that a cuss word is required to get the point across. Anyway, enough said about cussing to the extreme.
How has your week been going? I now can get back to writing my second book in the Chronicles of the Marauder. It is going well, I'm about two thirds done with the first write adding a couple of different points of view to spice it up some more. If you are a writer, how is your next book coming along or have you even started it?
Talk back to me, I'm Listening!  Have a nice day!
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Friday, May 3, 2013

problem with relatives

The problem with relatives that you see only every few years is they think you are made of money just because you have a few books written. They think all authors are rich and the more books they have out, the richer they are! LOL! All of you writers out there know that it is difficult at best to make money from your books. Unless you have several best sellers, you won't. They drop in expecting to stay for a few days at your expense or call you on the phone with a sob story wanting money or free books expecting you to do it. When you say no they get all bent out of shape. We have a one bedroom house which is just perfect for my wife and I. We can accompany over night guest, we hate being rude, but no long term staying living on retirement. We have found most don't call or come by unless they want something. Usually they leave quickly all bent out of shape because they didn't get what they came for. Sometimes we make it a point not to be at home when one of these "I wants" calls and tells us they are coming. I love my family and wished I could do more for them but like I said "I'm living on a fixed income" There just is not extra money to spare, We have to budget ourselves to make each month's income reach the next pay day. When I first retired and my wife became disabled, we had several months where it didn't reach the next check. That is bad both of us needing medications that don't always need refilling on the day my check comes. Money doesn't grow on trees unlike some think. Our children are all grown up with children of their own, now the grandchildren think we are made of money. We love them all and try to help when we can but that is impossible to help everyone of them.
My sister, Barbara is one of the few that have never asked me for a thing but she is in ill health and has bought an RV to travel around the country. She wants to see things while she can before she leaves this world. She finally asked me for something that I can do, she wants me and my wife to travel with her so she won't be alone being in poor health. That is something I can do, be  driver and help take care of her. I wish the others would take her lead and never ask me for money but a little of my time! Talk back to me, I'm Listening!  Do you have some of these same problems with relatives or friends?  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things that upset me!

I learned long ago not to let things people do bother me, after all they are human with their own beliefs and see things with their clouded vision created by their understanding of the world. Mechanical things are what can upset me the easiest. That was why I gave up working on cars, all my brothers are mechanics or mechanically inclined but me! I know how to do some work like that but if it doesn't go right, I'm libel to take a sledgehammer to it and make matters worse. I don't know why I never had the patience to mechanical things.
Yesterday, I got upset because for some reason I couldn't get the angles right on cutting molding I was putting up in the hallway after paneling it. I have a mitre saw I borrowed from a friend of mine, that should have made it easy but I kept cutting them wrong and finally had to ask a friend of mine to come by and show me what I was doing wrong. It seemed so simple when she showed me so today after I get through writing this blog, I will try once again. I might have to go buy more molding but I want it right.
I guess thirty some years in upper management was what made me patient with people and never let them upset me. Part of the time, I was Training Manager at one company. I was told I had the patience of a saint, never getting upset with a person that failed to grasp what I was teaching them because I never got upset, just found a way to teach them that they would understand even those that didn't speak much English. Just let one thing mechanical go wrong and my patience flies out the window. I had to stop cutting molding until my friend came by, instead I sanded down an old dresser that my wife wants to refinish. I'm trying to do more things so I am not house bound just sitting in front of the computer writing my books. For the past two days, I haven't written a single line on my book two of the Chronicles of the Marauder. With spring here and warmer days, I'm trying to do things that keeps my body from turning to jelly from inactivity. It is easy to set in front of the computer and write but not good for the body.
A few days ago, I mowed the lawn with our push lawnmower and the intake manifold busted. A friend of mine helped me replace it so I wouldn't get mad at it and lose my temper with the stupid mechanical thing. It worked fine that day but when I went to use it again, the gas tank busted off. I think it has a warped shaft causing so much vibrations that the bolts work lose and when it tighten them up, other things break on it. Being something mechanical, I am not going to try to replace anything else on it, I will just scrap it and buy another one! It has pushed me to the end of my patience. LOL    Talk back to me, I'm Listening! Tell me the things that try your patience!