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EARTH by Caroline Allen-blog tour

Welcome to my tour stop of Earth by Caroline Allen, a literary fiction novel.  This is book 1 of the Elemental Journey series.  The tour runs from October 26-30 and the full schedule can be seen here.

Print: $15.99

eBook: $4.99


Apple ID: 962247664

ePub ISBN: 978-1-62015-665-0

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62015-651-3

Series Title: Elemental Journey series (Book One)

Winner of the 2015 Independent Publishers’ Gold Medal for Best Midwest Fiction. 

In rural Missouri in the 1970s, thirteen-year-old Pearl Swinton has just had her first mystical vision. There is no place for Pearl’s “gift” in the bloody reality of subsistence farming and rural poverty. As her visions unfold, she must find her way in a family and a community that react with fear and violence.

When Pearl discovers that her Aunt Nadine, the family shame, has a similar gift, she bicycles across the state to find her. That trip unexpectedly throws Pearl into a journey to save her runaway sister and sends her into a deep exploration of herself, her visions and her visceral relationship to the earth.

Told with fierce lyricism, Earth is a story about the importance of finding one’s own truth and sense of self in dire circumstances and against the odds. It is also a story about the link between understanding ourselves and our relationship with the earth.

In this first of the four-book Elemental Journey series that will follow Pearl across continents and into adulthood, Caroline Allen introduces a form of storytelling that is unflinching in its honesty, filled with compassion and underscored with originality.


That King James Bible and an almanac were the only books we ever had in the house. Once, a hardbound Reader’s Digest Father had found in the woods, some of the pages so speckled with mold you could make out only sixty percent of the words. All my life I was starving for books. Hungry for story.

 I’d already read the Old Testament. After Meghan left, I’d locked myself in the bathroom and covered the begetting and begatting, brother killing brother, being forced off the land, tossed off the earth, ripped from the magic of the soil. Lobbing a rock, flailing a bit of a plow, cracking a sibling over the head. Blood flowing and soaking. Forced to roam. Some crazy, heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching universal plan.

 In my house, nobody ever told tales. It wasn’t just my parents. My relatives were all shut up too. The silence of my kinfolk wove core-deep. So few stories, you could fit them in the palm of your hand. Poor folk didn’t talk about themselves, wary of what specters such stories might invoke. I was surrounded by clenched jaws, thinned and bitter lips. My story was a lack of story, a poverty of legend, a dearth of poetry. I wanted to tell Mother that our being poor wasn’t just about food— we were starved for legend. 


Caroline Allen worked in newsrooms across Asia and in London. She is now a novelist and visual artist who lives in rural Oregon. She is the founder of Art of Storytelling, a coaching service for writers. This is her first novel. To learn more about Caroline and the upcoming novels in the Elemental Journey series, visit:


The prize will be a 9x12 original watercolor painting that was done as part of Op365, featured on   It has a retail value of $125.

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The Gathering of Butterflies by Sean C. Wright- blog tour

Welcome to my tour stop for "A Gathering of Butterflies" by Sean C. Wright.  The tour runs from October 26-30 and the full tour schedule can be found here.


Tales of steely but vulnerable women of color will melt your heart while lifting your spirits… A fierce grandmother keeps her grandson from the clutches of Old Scratch in Devil Does Dallas. An alien abduction transforms a large, miserable woman in Hazel Hogan. A country girl meets a city girl on her birthday, and struggles to decide if the girl’s heart is dark or light in Bubble Bath Twelve. And methodical Genie forms an unlikely relationship in Heaven’s Halfway House while in a coma.


Sean C. Wright is native to Dallas, TX, and earned a degree in English from University of North Texas. She is the author of the short story collection A Gathering of Butterflies, the novella Honey Riley. Actress Jessica Biel directed a short film based on her winning essay in 2010: Sodales (18 minutes). For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–for business or consumer needs–visit


Devil Does Dallas
One, two, three
The devil’s after me.
Four, five, six
He started throwing sticks.
Seven, eight, nine
He missed me every time.
Hallelujah, hallelujah.  Amen!
-- Children’s song
             “It’s time again,” Lucifer said aloud, “to remind them that I’m still here. “
Pay It Forward with Kindness, Oprah’s Angel Network, Feed the Hungry, Save a Tree, Adopt a Child from a Third World Country, Live Greener.  And the Debauchery Report was pitiful.  Murder was down fifteen percent, lying twenty-five.  Adultery numbers plummeted a whopping forty percent.
Lucifer’s cloven feet clopped on the hot, stone floor as he strolled to the cages that held his three pet snakes -- Slither, Hiss and Fangs.   
“Daddy’s going away for a little while, babies.  You be. . .bad.”
 Saddam Hussein caught sight of Lucifer walking out of Hell. 
“Where are you going, Boss?” 
“Up there to recruit,” Lucifer told him, “Keep the fires burning until I get back.”
Lucifer liked Saddam.  He reminded Lucifer of himself when he was expelled from Heaven.   Whenever Lucifer’s internal fires dimmed, he recalled the incident.  It helped him keep his venom.  
God frowned when Lucifer rolled around Heaven on roller skates.
God shook his head when Lucifer tie-dyed his white frock. 
God scowled when Lucifer got the rebel angels together and played what would later be labeled The Devil’s Music – Rock ‘n Roll and jazz.    Not everybody wanted to hear harps’ incessant plink, plink, plink.
“Lucifer,” God had said, pursing his lips, when he got called into the office, “It’s just not working out.”
“What?” he had asked.
“Souls are here for peace and serenity.  You and the other angels you associate with are disruptive.”
“But, God, not all people lived their earthly lives the same, so why should everyone live the afterlife the same?
“Son, please give me your wings,” God retorted, his voice keeping its even cadence.  His voice hadn’t wavered, but Lucifer saw God’s face had That Look.  It was the look He had when someone begged Him to help, but He couldn’t because the person’s prayers weren’t destiny.  Then God’s sad face became His omniscient one. 
“You think I’m trouble,” Lucifer had growled.
“I didn’t say that—“
“You didn’t have to, God.  I’ve known you an eternity!” 
And with that, he had removed his wings from his back, thrown them in God’s face, and stormed out of Heaven.  Lucifer had even scared himself with the sudden display of temper, but he felt happier and freer than he had ever felt in his afterlife.  But Lucifer hadn’t wanted to steal God’s glory.  He only wanted fun.
Lucifer treaded the murk to Earth’s portals, his scaly lips curling in annoyance.  Recruiting would be so much easier if it weren’t for the rules.  He could only stay on Earth each time in terms of 6 – 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days; 6 months, 6 days, and six hours, and so on.  Lucifer could not make anyone do anything.  He could only tempt, that is, dangle the bait and collect those souls that bit.   Once a person realized who he was, he had to leave Earth – even if his term of sixes had not been finished.
His anger had pushed aside his focus.  Where was Lucifer going on Earth?  Did it really matter?  Potential sinners were everywhere.  Here was as good a place as any.  Lucifer rose from the earth, taking gentle care to brush off the grub worms and beetles that clung to him; he had a soft spot for creepy, crawly things in decaying matter.  He scanned the sable of night until he found the pot of bubbling decadence.  A city.   Pin points of candy-colored lights, tall buildings, and the faint roar of car motors.   
He was so excited that he did not even take note of the sign:  WELCOME TO DALLAS.
Lucifer stood under a lamp post in the thick of downtown.  Sometimes a small child or a dog spotted him, but there was no chance of that here.    
Lucifer zeroed in on a Latina, waiting for the bus.   Esperanza.  She was twenty-eight.  Esperanza was the oldest of six children.  Growing up, her mother had given her slaps and ugly words when her younger siblings got into mischief or she burned the food.  A hole.  She had lost her father at seventeen.   The hole widened.  After her father’s death, Esperanza spent her adult life helping her thankless mother, who never learned to speak English.  When the lack of love and validation yielded self-loathing, she swallowed a whole bottle of pills at twenty-one.  Esperanza spent four months in a mental hospital.   When her mother had died of a stroke two years ago, she had thought, “Madre, may you eat a burnt dinner with el diablo every night.” She was single and worked as a maid cleaning warehouses in downtown Dallas. Esperanza did nothing more exciting than eat Hot Pockets and watch American Idol and Spanish soap operas at home. 
Lucifer could hardly wait to see what came next.   But just before he could get more information, Esperanza reached into the neck of her blouse, pulled out a rope of beads.   She fingered the charm on the end of the necklace absentmindedly.  Let it dangle, exposed.  Lucifer recoiled.  A crucifix.  Damn, Esperanza’s name meant hope and she had the faith! 
Her bus came.  Esperanza climbed on and it pulled away.  Lucifer looked after her, his beady eyes glazed with disgust. 
But the night was yet a baby. 

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Disavow by Jamie Magee-#disavow-release day blitz

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Mason Wade had fought death, and to some degree he had won. The fire of a phoenix coursing through his veins made him feel like hell. Each of his new senses forced him to reach into a past he knew was better left alone, yet he was grounded in the primal desire to protect Indie, to be a lethal supernatural guardian. The discovery of a secret library within the Falcon Manor landed River Sabine, the very girl who first stole his heart and left him in his darkest hour, front and center in his life. Mason and the others discovering how closely his past is connected to the paranormal war at hand have only scratched the surface of how deeply entwined those who lurk at the Falcon Manor are; a painful lesson Indie is forced to learn as she fights to rise to her role as the Queen of the Veil and protect the hearts of her own. An impossible decision must be made; no matter the choice lovers will divide. The only real question is whose sacrifice will be for the greater good.
Haven't started the Rivulet series yet? Get the first one for 99¢!
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In life he haunted death she haunted him. Love is eternal... Weeks away from her twenty-first birthday, the date where she would assume control over her family legacy, a night terror robs Indie of the balance she was clinging to. Like the dream she had before she lost her family, it predicts a fatal catastrophe on the horizon. The fight between life and death, good and evil, began the moment her thundering heart awoke her. Everything changed after that dream. The one thing that keeps her curse at bay is stolen, and then her enigmatic boy arrives in the flesh. Face to face with her fiery born-again lover Indie realizes that the only way she can prevent the tragedy before her is to surrender everything she was, is, and could be. Can she bend the laws of nature and fight the improbability that fire and ice could ever be one? As far as Indie is concerned, there is not a myth, spoken fate, or curse that is stronger than her stubborn desire to have it all ... including him.  
About Jamie Magee
Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she’d never been, introduce her to people she’s never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her.


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Coping with Writer's Block by A.J. Trevors-guest post

How to Get Past Writer’s Block
Writer’s block is a condition that is associated with the inability to think of what to write and how to proceed with writing. For many aspiring authors, this is akin to a debilitating disease, a cancer that can eat away at the quality of your writing. Before you know it, your manuscript is at death’s door and the editors are unable to resuscitate it, shaking their heads in despair.
For writers, the block could arrive at any moment. Some experience it in the middle of their writing, their fingers flying in full flow across the keyboard before it stops jarringly; your brain applying the brakes on the highway of creative thought. It may arrive even before you start writing, that moment when you boot up your computer and your mind just runs a blank as your struggle to complete the first sentence.
Getting past the block is important. In my experience, good ideas come in spurts and I feel that it needs to get on paper somewhere, anywhere, before that spurt peters out into nothingness. A block can be like a dam, a solid, concrete wall that prevents the river of ideas from fully taking shape as a waterfall of words on your manuscript. This detriment of ideas needs to be combated so that the quality of your manuscript, as a whole, improves.
 Here are a few ways I fought against the dreaded writer’s block as I completed by debut novel, The Gaia Chronicles: Birth of Hope:
1.       Express your ideas in bullet points before writing
My first suggestion may seem to be pretty obvious to many writers out there. However, it is a basic skill that is surprisingly not practiced by many writers. To them, they see no value in wasting their time listing down short pointers in the structure of their writing as they reason they might as well write it out instead!
However, I cannot stress enough how important it is to master this fundamental concept. By not writing your ideas down in bullet-point form, you leave yourself at the mercy of short-term memory of your original inspiration that your brain will conceive to forget just moments after you start writing. Always list down what you want to write and communicate to the readers before you start.
If you didn’t and face the block in the middle of your writing, don’t worry! My advice to you is to just stop writing and close your eyes for a few seconds. Then, start listing down the rest of your writing in bullet point form. You will be surprised to note that – it works!

2.       Read books that are similar to your writing style

Since The Gaia Chronicles was a scifi/fantasy novel, I would frequently come across writer’s block as I struggled to describe a desolate world destroyed by war. Description of places wouldn’t flow smoothly on paper and there were adjectives that were wholly inadequate in describing the environment characters had to face in each chapter.

When this occurred, I would take a break and, instead of brainstorming, just taking the time to read the works of other authors. There are many authors that I take inspiration from in terms of writing style. It’s all good to, metaphorically, learn from their feet and understand how they conveyed their ideas that could be similar to the problem you are facing.

Never be ashamed in learning from others. After all, life is short. We might as well learn how to write beautifully and professionally from those that made it before the chance passes us by.

3.        Call your friends out of the blue and talk

I believe that all writers can relate to this next statement. In plain English, writing dialogue sucks. When you have so many characters, with diverse motivations, histories and relationships with other characters mashed together in a 400 page manuscript, you are going to struggle differentiating how each speaks to each other. Each character needs their own nuance, inflections, habits of speech that only they do and helps the reader uniquely identify themselves with the character’s cause and actions.

In The Gaia Chronicles, writing dialogue was doubly hard as there were aliens, monsters and other characters that needed a totally different way of speaking compared to regular humans. As I pieced dialogue together, writer’s block occurred so frequently that I would struggle past a paragraph or two before calling it a day.

However, I found a partial cure to this problem. Whenever the block occurs, I would stop writing and just call a friend. You might ask ‘Why?’. Well, the reasons being is that I have a large selection of friends that come from all backgrounds and hence all have their own way of speaking. By talking to them, I would understand their inflections and habits which help shape the dialogue of a particular character. Friends can also give you support if you divulge your writing difficulties to them, lifting your spirit and renewing your determination to complete writing the dialogue.

4.       Take a break!

More often than not, the reason why you have writer’s block is due to the fact you overworked. You wrote too much, inspiration squeezing your brain dry until it can’t cope any longer. This is where it’s time to take a break and just do something else! Hit the gym, grab a snack or take a power nap. I guarantee that once you finish any of the above activities, you will get back to your computer with renewed determination and write the night away.

This is the end of my guest blog post. My thanks to A.G. Moye for having me as a guest on his awesome blog! My author details are below:

Name: Andy James Trevors
Age: 21
Nationality: Australian
Books: The Gaian Chronicles: Birth of Hope
Stab in the Back (Novella)
                Phae and the Sun Chariot (Novella)

Release Date:    Pre-order Date = 20th of November 2015 - 30th of November 2015
                                Release Date     = 1st of December 2015
                                Prices                    = $2.99 (Pre-order price)
                                                                   $4.99 (Retail Price)
Social Medias:

I was pleased to have this guest post by A.J. Trevors and on November 3, 2015. 
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Cover revealed for Seeking Redemption by Dr. Madhu Vajpayee

Book Blurb:

Story of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It's her journey from being a simple, medical graduate belonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste based politics. Her path is crossed by the two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are forever going to change her life. If it is Aman who can challenge her ideals and defy her resolves, and makes her the person she finally becomes, it is Abhay's sublime love which enables her to go through the vicissitudes of life. It's also the story of her loss as well as triumph against her own demons to find her true self.

Pre-order from Amazon

About the Author:
Dr.Madhu Vajpayee- the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several scientific papers and chapters in books, this book is her first step in literary world.  
Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post-graduation, MD from AIIMS, New Delhi. She was a consultant at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi having been associated with management of patients living with HIV/AIDS. She is now settled in Melbourne, Australia with her family, where she is devoting most of her time to writing, the passion that she couldn’t pursue earlier because of the demands of medical profession and commitment it requires.
When not creating stories, Madhu enjoys reading and travelling.

Contact the Author:

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I should be reading not writing.

Like the title says, 'I should be reading not writing' but for some reason I can't bring myself to read right now. I know I have several books in my ques waiting to be read and reviewed but I lack the focus to give the book a proper read and review. My mind keeps jumping t my books. I have several nearing completion or in editing that keeps me from reading. Editing properly is a long drawn out process I have found when you edit it properly. My editor has other projects that require attention, so I go back to writing and piling up the books to be edited. My Lightning Rages is suppose to be the completion of the Lightning in the Tunnel series is still waiting to be edited. I have created two spin offs from it called "Jody's Dilemma" and "Cat's cry" both are almost complete and will go to editing. Each morning I get up and look at social media, follow those that follow me and maybe make comments on LinkedIn, write a blog and then get back to one of my books. I am doing a rewrite of my very first book "Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning" to republish it by a new publisher. Also finishing up on my first western called "Saddle Spur". My "Doomsday Rock" will likely get renamed before I publish it. "Dangerous Rescue" is ready for editing. "IronHeart" is three quarters written and I may get back to it this winter when it is too cold to do much outside. I also have started another new book called "Unlucky Penny" I am switching from writing mostly science fiction to writing straight adventure fiction books. The Chronicles of Marauder series has been written but only the first two published, Number three is another book awaiting editing. My mind keeps filling with stories but as I have learned, take your time, edited the book more than once which means my editor is known to happy with me piling up work to be done. Since I can't afford to pay for all these books to be edited, I tried that and spent too much money on each book, I now work with an editor that does not charge me but has a long list of books to edit. So much for my reading time, enough of this.
Talk back, I'm listening and promise I will get back to reviewing other author's books soon. Have a great day.

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First Brush on the Canvas-Anthology-book Blitz-guest post

About the Book:
Graham, Daniel, their friendship, life and death.
Vampires, guardians' adventures at night. Coffee, love and a new couple. Imli and her mother in a complex web of darkness. A small town girl confused about virginity. Michael Jaikishen and his writing endeavours. Child adoption by a gay couple. Mahabharat - a modern tale in an epic form. The spine-chilling tale of Tina and Uncle Joe. A juicy love story by our guest author Sujata Parashar. These and many other unputdownable stories in this book.

First Brush on the Canvas is an anthology comprising selected stories from Melonade (2014), a nationwide writing marathon organized by

Goodreads * Amazon

Melonade Authors’ Intro:

Uttiya Roy – Nourished with Bangla literature, he aspires to change the world someday writing in English. His days pass blending Life Science textbooks with poetry. 
Upasana Bhattacharjee – We catch ‘em as young as they get! Our youngest writer is still a student, but that doesn’t reflect in the matured story she’s written dealing with inconclusive logics and paradoxes. 
Stuti Chandra – She writes because she’s alive. This lovely lady is from Patna and has dipped her nose in English Literature at Delhi. 
Shaily Bhargava – A photographer, a logophile and an Equity Technical Analyst – all in one. She reads and writes in Noida, accompanied by beautiful clicks through her lens and lots of Coffee. 
Arunav Chowdhury – Have you met this Proletariat Axomiya before? He’s a movie buff and a news junkie rolled into one, who writes wonderful modern takes on the age old Mahabharat. 
Rafaa Dalvi – A Mumbaikar, an engineer, a blogger and a prolific writer. He’s already made his presence in three anthologies and likes to experiment with different genre. 
Diptee Raut – A quilter, a blogger, a quirky mom, an amazing writer and our co-winner of Melonade’4. She’s one bundle of positive energy who can spin stories and weave quilts simultaneously. 
Abhishek Mukherjee – Have you read his blog posts yet? Though he likes to believe he’s only a Cricket Historian, you have to read his humorous takes on Mythology to believe he’s the best. 
Anwesha Ray – An amazingly sensitive writer, she lives and works in Bangalore with her family. 
Avishek Basu Mallick – He’s the winner of Melonade’4. If you wish to laud him for more, he’s an engineer and an MBA, working in Bangalore and a featured writer on Sportskeeda.
Arijit Ghose – Blend Carnatic music with exceptional satire and the result is Arijit Ghose. Cheeky, expressive and vocal – we hope he becomes a great writer someday. 
Amit Nangia – For those working in MNCs for years, he’s your inspiration. Amit’s first novel has just released after facing many rejections but that didn’t deter him from writing. Climbing the rocks, gliding in a parachute, bungee jumping or making cocktails; nothing could elevate his spirits as much as writing did.
Tnahsin Garg - Tnahsin often exercises his freedom by convincing other folks that ‘free will’ does not exist. His first novel ‘The Prophecy of Trivine’ is a science-fiction based in India.
Sujata Parashar – Author of the immensely popular ‘In Pursuit Of’ trilogy, and a wonderful poet. She contributes articles to various websites and magazines, and is a social activist. She’s a guest author in the book. 

Lightning Chronicles is proud to present this to you.
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SHANTI and the Magic Mandala by F.T. Camargo- Cover revealed

Shanti and the Magic Mandala is an adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. The book tells the story of six teenagers, from different religious and cultural origins and different parts of the world, who are mystically recruited to form two groups - one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern. They eventually gather in Peru, and through a single alliance, begin a frantic chase for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan.

Awards & Recognition for the Book
- Winner of 2014 London Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards: Bronze Medal at “Young Adult Fiction – Spirituality” category
- 2014 New England Book Festival in Boston:  Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 Paris Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 International Book Awards in the category “Fiction / Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 New York Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 San Francisco Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles: Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.

About the Author
F. T. Camargo is an Italian Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An award winning architect and author, he also studied Arts and Media and has a post degree in Economics and MBA in e-commerce. He is a vegetarian because of his love for all animals and has been deeply involved in causes for their protection and freedom. He is a world traveler adventurer, outdoor sports lover, speaks 4 languages and has published a travel book “Rio, Maravilha!”
For many years he has been practicing yoga and meditation and studying the Kabbalah. His exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in life. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from his inner journey.

Contact the Author

Friday, October 2, 2015

Life evolves in stages; mistakes=learning

When I first started writing, I was just a story teller, now I believe I have become a writer. The steps to transform from one to another was taken in each book I wrote. That was why I cranked out so many books in a short time but now the process takes longer. I have six books nearly finished but I believe not one will get published this year as I have learned the steps necessary to have a successful book launch. Like I said "Life evolves in stages" sometimes baby steps and sometimes normal. Those that take courses in life spend less time in the baby step mode whereas the self taught has to learn as they go. Yes, we make mistakes but we learn from them. Yes, there is short cuts to the top but most don't have the money to push our works to the top. It is a long cruel grind for most of us. Spending time and effort to get one book read. 

Talk back, I'm listening.