Monday, March 31, 2014

Hours on social media?

The hours spent on social media keep growing, that is a fact. I know I find myself on LinkedIn, GoodReads, Facebook, Google+, Tumbler and Twitter more and more. Along with answering all my emails. I didn't mention flicker, StumbleUpon or some of the other sites mainly the ones I am found on daily.  Social media requires more hours each day reducing my writing time, reading and reviewing along with editing time. How is it effecting your time? Do you think you are doing less of what you should be doing since becoming a regular on social media? How has it changed your life? Have you let it overwhelm you?

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Avoiding the used car salesman approach!

While trying to hawk your wares, try not to sound like a pushy used car salesman. I get tons of flashy ads on my screen when i am on line. Most I ignore and never read them. If I can, I delete them right away so they will stop bothering me. The one thing that annoys me even more is in a non-fiction book is someone pushing another of their books every page using see this or I will tell you in this book instead of going into detail in this book. You have to read the other book to actually get the point the writer is making. This book is just the writer tooting their horn trying to get you to purchase the other book. Since I am doing a lot of reviews of books, reviewing this type of book just annoys me. I am currently reading to review a book for teacher's to use in their classrooms. I am about half way through reading it (it is so boring so far) but I will finish it. Hopefully, there will be an interesting story or points to be made in this book.Talk back, I'm listening as usual. Ps-I don't want to mention the name right now until I finish it. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Strange Post on a review. A different and difficult subject!

Product DetailsI was sent a copy of this book "The Kidney Sellers" by Sigrid Fry-Revere to review. Why is it weird? Because it is a factual, non-fiction book that makes it difficult to know how to properly review it, so I will go with my normal format. 

This story is about Sigrid Fry-Revere trying to evaluate whether or not Iran, of all places, has solved their kidney shortage. The argument on whether the USA and the rest of the world should allow people to sell their kidney (Having two of them in good working order) to anyone that needs them, in return for compensation for the kidney. Sigrid, to achieve this, goes undercover as an Iranian woman. She does this without the knowledge of Iranian authorities. She collects first hand stories from the Sellers and recipients regarding kidney sales, not government propaganda provided to the public. 

Sigrid's venture into Iran forces her to follow the rules of a female Muslim. Being opinionated, it was hard for her to conform.

The story, along with her thoughts as she collects data, are very compelling and forthright. Honest in her assessments, giving the good and bad of the system in Iran. Near the end of the book she gives her opinion to the US government. She stated they needed a match for waiting kidney transplant recipients to shorten the time spent on dialysis.  Did you know that dialysis only removes 10% of the toxins from your body? I didn't know that!

In the overall writing of this story, it has good pacing with humor inserted in places. The characters are real people. She tries to explain and understand why a person would sell a kidney to someone, having major surgery in the process. She has to change the names of the Iranian subjects to protect them. In a few places, she bogs down in the story but then picks it up, allowing the reader to realize the Iranian people are just like people anywhere in the world, trying to make a life for themselves by improving their financial position in life.  

She gives you facts and places to research the information yourself. She calls upon all, to change our laws, making it easier to get kidney transplants. Cutting down on the time a person spends on dialysis. The success rate will be higher by allowing people to sell one of their kidneys. 

I especially like the part of the conversations with her friend Larry about the hope of a new kidney, he was so optimistic, believing a transplant would happen soon after starting dialysis. This optimistic attitude soon turned from positive to passive, finding life wasn't worth living on dialysis. Then it became clear he was not going to be given a transplant. No kidneys were available because he was too far down the list. Living on dialysis turned into no life at all, he made the decision to stop the treatments and stop living. His passing, to me, brought home the need for change in our laws. After reading this story and learning how renal failure can destroy and otherwise productive life very quickly, we should allow the purchasing of a kidney, legally.

My own personal experience was with a friend that went from a robust looking man, went to a bare skeleton in a short time. He was on dialysis but he was lucky, my friend Danny had a younger brother whom donated one of his kidneys. Months afterwards, Danny started looking and feeling better, although it has taken him a long time to recover and lose his gray pallor. He has since returned to work as an electrical linemen. After reading this book, he was one of the lucky ones. You should pick up your copy of this book and it will change your outlook on a lot of things. Including the way you view Iranian people. Here is a link to her book-  

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reflections in the mirror

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself how you really look or you do still see yourself as that man twenty... thirty years ago. Women tend to be more critical of their selves seeing every little wrinkle and imperfection that age brings. They are quick to have surgery to correct things that age brings on whereas men seemed to not see them unless they are vain wanting to look exactly like they have always looked. Quoting the words of my wife, she said, "Men tend to grow old gracefully on the outside but stay in their mind like they are twenty years old, accepting to a degree that showing a little age makes them look more mature."  When I look at the photo on this post, it doesn't show the gray that has taken a hold of me now and that was only five years ago. I buzzed off my hair last year growing tired of the slightly long hair and was surprised when it started coming back. I expected it to be solid gray but the top came back in brown not by usual dark brown/black but a brown. The sides came back gray as did my sideburns which is to be expected at my age. Gray is also slowly showing up in my sideburns. By the way, my wife thinks I look great for my age and that is all that matters to me. I think men view aging so radically different than females do. Even though men try to stay young on the inside and worry less about the outside appearance. Women on the other hand worry excessively about their appearance especially showing of their age. They spend a lot of money on products trying to stay young as most men note but will never say so because of the wrath they will encounter even mentioning how much is spent on trying to stay younger looking. Writing this post, I expect to get some serious feedback from my wife. I don't think she will like this. If there is a woman reading this, she might disagree on the vanity of women but only slightly if she is being truthful to herself. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

My review of Deadly Fun by Pamela M. Richter

My review of this book by Pamela M. Richter. I found it was a very good story filled with action and intrigue with a strong female heroine keeping you locked into the story until the very end. I gave it four stars, could have been five because I actually loved it but she has a few mistakes in the story that I hoped she has corrected. I received my copy a few months back and over looked it not reading it or reviewing it until now. 

The story is set on a cruise ship where the heroine Lolita called Lo for short goes undercover as a private investigator being hired by the FBI to pose as the agent in charge, wife. He is her boss having hired her before on other jobs and was very successful in getting evidence on the bad guys. She always came through no matter what she had to do to collect the evidence. This investigation could cost her, her life. Being a good looking, sexy woman, Lo found men were easily attracted to her making it easy to get close to her targets but close could be deadly. Her targets do not hesitate to kill. Normally, a loner she has to put up with her employer questioning her every move and insuring she does her investigation by the book so everything would be admissible into a court of law. Not Lo's way of collecting evidence. 

Main Characters:

Lolita or Lo as she is called is a former ex-con with a beautiful face and body that poses as the wife. Sent to prison for refusing to testify against her former family, she was married to a member of the Mob. When he was killed by a rival gang she had her heart set on finding her dead husband's killer. Having a law degree, she was intelligent, ass kicking female.

Lance or cover name Dan is the agent in charge that Lolita finds herself working with. A handsome married man with a body that turns every woman on, he hired Lolita because of her past successful actions along with her good looks. 

This story the way it is written makes you feel like you are there. Very descriptive, emotional feelings along with clearly setting the scenes in the reader's mind. If you want a emotional, action packed adventure story to read, this book is for you. Here is the link for you.

Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. Be sure to pick up your copy today. If you like good mysteries pick up a copy of Brandi's Nightmare while your at Amazon.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My review of the Revelations of Cian

Revelations of Cian (Morte' Series)My review of Augusta Fern's book, Revelations of Cian. Let me start off by saying, this is not the normal type of book I would read and enjoy reading. It is a well written story about vampires but that is just not my thing!

The story is set in modern day New Orleans were the vampires have a night club and humans come to have a great night of fun only to become fonder for the vampires. Cian, the main character struggles with his desire not to feed on humans any longer preferring other methods of acquiring human blood that he needs to exist.  He falls in love with a human making his struggle not to harm humans to live even harder.  He tries to protect her from another unseen enemy that wishes to harm her and her children.

Cian, the main character is a handsome vampire that is several hundred years old. He works as a bounty hunter for other vampires that enter the city without registering with the Queen Vampire that controls the city and night club. He finds himself as the protector of one human female in particular.

Estella, a good looking female vampire that works with Cian in protecting the human, she can also see events that have just transpired allowing them to know who came in contact with her when no one was around or what happened with the human when she disappears.  

Babit, the human that Cian falls in love with and tries to protect her from any harm that might befall her.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Posting a successful Blog?

Ha! I fooled you if you expect to learn how to post a successful blog on this blog post. I have found that what I think is a good blog post, I get less views than others that I think is just so-so. Posting reviews of other author's books, especially a popular author gets you a big spike in your traffic. I have not any key to success because my site has a normal flow of views daily unless like I said my post is about an author's book that is poised to become successful or the author's brand is familiar to a lot of readers. If you viewed this blog trying to find the key or if you have the key, leave me a comment so I can open that door. Did your week start off on a low note or did it start with a bang?

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My review of Red Denver

My review of Red Denver by D.L. Denham. This is the prequel to a series of books by D.L called the Hegemon War series. Painting a clear picture of the world that the main character "Reho" lives in prepares us for the action that takes place. It is a short story clearly setting the stage for more action and events to take place in that bleak, radioactive world Reho lives in. Reho is clearly seen as a man that does not adhere to the corrupt establishment that rules through fear and abuse of the lowly average citizen. To order your copy for 99 cents drop by this link.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

My review of African Me and Satellite TV

Review of African Me and Satellite TV. Normally not my kind of reading material, I soon found myself caught up in the story of Suzette Herzog, a white woman in Africa.

This is a story that will tug at your heart and make you question yourself on how you view others not of your skin color. The story starts with her withdrawn within herself. She refuses to see or think about what is going on in Africa. Being an african minority, events cause her to emerge from the white superior mentality of other whites. She views the darker skinned natives as her equal, not judging them based solely on color. Circumstances finally draws the timid, frightened Suzette, into the real world finding she has the courage to speak the truth. This alienates her, from her own family that viewed the dark skinned people inferior to the white race. Some of the whites attempt to kill her for saying everyone was equal.

 Anyway, this story will have you smiling, crying and understanding what it is like to be a minority, even if you are white.

The Main Character is as I mentioned, Suzette Herzog, a married, motherless painter that for several years was withdrawn into herself, blinding her mind to all the events going on in her life and world. Her husband and her become like strangers sharing the same house until the scared, timid woman faces events that force her to emerge from her shell because of her concern for others.

Princess- loyal cook and housekeeper, becomes family after so many years of living with the Herzog's. Princess knew what life was really like outside the home, doing her best to shield Suzette from the ravages of others until she emerges from her shell. 

Christopher- the silent, mild mannered gardener that also hid in a shell because of events in his life. Suzette's emergence from her shell led him to emerge as well and they become good friends. She finds an intelligent person that hid for years, hiding behind a simpleton shield. 

Once you start reading this, you will see why I found this story so compelling. You can buy it at this link.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My review of Endless Sky by Stuart Land

Endless Sky "The Sergeant's Pledge" by Stuart Land is today's review. On Microcerpt a site for authors to help authors, I agreed to review this book for Stuart. I went to his website and looked at his books. This one sounded good and boy was I right. He sent me a copy and away I went, reading it. 

The story begins in World War II when Sergeant Scott McIntyre (USA) is about to be killed when an alien craft crash lands in front of him while in France weeks after D-Day saving his life and transporting him twenty years into the future. I found the story was told very well and events throughout history was used as backdrops to the story. Scott pledged to return the favor the dying alien did for him and help the alien return home for medical treatment. This book will hold your attention. I like the way it was presented and told leading up to the end that also sets the stage for further books in the story. Very believable characters with strong emotions and excellent descriptions of the main characters and background characters that come together to make the story worth reading. If you like Science Fiction with aliens and a good read, this book is for you!

Main Characters are: 

Scott McIntyre, an army Sergeant  that finds himself moving through time seeking the technology necessary to help his savior but has to invent most of it on his own in order to accomplish the mission and with the help of the other two main characters.

 Norbert Beacker, the Nazi soldier that stood next to Scott when the alien crash landed that was an engineer but serving as a private at the time becomes his good friend when years later Scott is shown on TV as a crazed man that thought World War II was still going on. It was twenty years later when Scott was on TV that Norbert saw him and now knew where Scott went when he disappeared that day. He teams up with Scott.

Ch┼Źn Wattanapun, the Thai woman that assists Scott and becomes his lover along with time traveler with Norbert as they seek the abilities to take the alien home.

♫♫♪♪ , the almost alive robot on the alien's craft that helps Scott and Norbert obtain the necessary technology to return the craft with the dying alien aboard.

Like I said earlier, this is a very compelling story that allows you to see things through history with their eyes and learn what might transpire in future for Earth. You can pick up your copy at the two links below-


Stuart Land (2013-12-02T17:00:00+00:00). ENDLESS SKY: The Sergeant's Pledge (Kindle Locations 3533-3536). Kindle Edition. Also available in paperback!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When you think you have it right?

When you think you have it right along comes someone to trying to tell you to do it different or that is not the way it is done! The grammar police want everything done just the way they would do it but I find it impossible to tell a good story their way. It is dry and boring. The editor says there is too much fluff in my stories, (he may be right) LOL but that is the way I like to tell my stories. I don't spend a lot of time telling about what they are wearing unless it is essential to the story. Sometimes I do describe the surroundings in more details than I would normally do, again if it is essential to the reader to know the surroundings. What I prefer to do is to show what it happening by dialog, facial expressions and tone of voice speaking the way most people speak, not the English teacher version. I don't use a lot of cuss words because I believe cussing is a sign of lower intelligence but once in a great while my characters will cuss when it is appropriate for the events occurring even then it is very rare. I try to show anger when it is necessary. All in all, I write my style not copying someone else's style. I think it is hard for most grammar teachers to understand my writing style and just read the story as it is written. What do you think?

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Not up for it, today!

Not feeling well, wife sick as we struggle to recover from the latest bug we caught. I know I need to post something, my readers want to know what is going on. I have a couple of books I need to read and review this week. Both by the same author but my concentration is not there so I will post this instead. Hopefully, I can recover enough to do some reading. Eyes having hard time focusing so if you see mistakes in this post thank goodness for spell check, I have already typed to backwards (ot) ad corrected it. Spelt enough with a w instead of an "e". I think my brain is making up new words. LOL! I posted the cover of Sasha because I have lowered the price until the end of the month to 99 cents before taking it back up. For those that wish to read the novella you can find it at 

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