Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump hearten by Britain vote

Donald Trump is invigorated by the British vote to leave the E.U. The backlash vote was to close the borders and allow British to determine their own future, however rocky it may be.  In his campaign to become the next President his slogan is "Make America Great again" what he is really saying is "Make America White again" trying to return to the past where white males reigns supreme. Women, other religions, different colored people will all become second class citizens if he can have his way. He will get most of his way as the Republican controlled Congress gives him what wants in return for giving them what the want. I see a dark and unsettled future for the USA if he is elected President. He just might pull it off, his main opponent is strong establishment candidate. Americans are sick of the establishment and want a changed even if it means electing a racist, bigot and angry man that is quick to explode. Don't worry, he will get World War three started in one of his outbursts. He tried to sound Presidential now with new campaign manager and read straight from a teleprompter to keep him from saying something he should not say even though he seems bored with the speech. The true Trump will emerge once again as he tries to fire up the voters after he has the official nominee of the Republican Party. They Republican establishment is trying to rally around him, somewhat but they are worried He will return to his true self on the campaign trail and cost them the majority in Congress. They are building super amounts of cash to ensure it doesn't not happen and know that the weeks just before the November election they will flood the airwaves with untruths and other propaganda to get their candidates back into the do Nothing Congress.
Talk back, I'm listening as always. If you disagree, just say so but this is my current take on American politics.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

President Trump verses our Allies and Media

Our allies will be holding their breath, taking a wait and see approach, once Trump takes office. Our Muslim allies know they can expect nothing from him except hatred. President Trump will try to get Congress to agree to back out of NATO and other alliances that don't bow down to him when he withdraws our forces leaving them to shoulder the burden of protecting the free world. Putin will smile with glee seeing the USA withdraw into itself. China will see America taking the adversary role against China ending all trade agreements forcing American companies to bring back to the USA work they had shipped overseas. That might not be a bad thing but will further damage American relationship with other countries. 

The Washington Post found out the hard way why not to report the truth as it is but the lies Trump expects everyone to believe. News media will learn the hard way that reporting the truth is not what President Trump wants and if you cross him, you will find yourself shut out of being an acceptable new service at the White House. He will try to control what is printed, reported and what goes on the wire services. He might even try to get the licenses of anyone telling the truth about his actions, revoked while he strangles the freedom of speech. President Obama has tried to keep the flow of information to the news services down to a minimum, she should take lessons from Trump because he will take it to a new level unheard in America since the political bosses ran the conventions from back rooms making deals that decided American Politics. 

Talk back, I'm listening. If you disagree, say so but this is how I see America under President Trump with a Republican Congress that is willing to give him what he wants in return of giving them what they want.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

President Trump's America

Hours after being sworn in as America's President, Trump will issue his first Executive order stopping the issuing of any entry visa to anyone of the Muslim faith into the USA. Congress is too busy repealing Obamacare to tackle this subject right away but they will leave in tact the provision requiring every American to have insurance allowing the Insurance companies that support them to gouge the American people or collect more penalties into the Treasury without raising any taxes. Next President Trump will require all mosques to be monitored (constant surveillance) and anyone speaking out or demonstrating against his policies to be held under the Patriot Act to silence them.  Large collection of Muslims in one community must be patrolled by the local police and treated as second class citizens. 

President Trump's next move will to resend any Executive order of Obama and begin wholesale round up of illegal aliens in the entire country with special attention to those of Hispanic origins. Not having enough I.N.S. agents, he will use troops to make this go faster. Unable to get government or private funding of the wall between Mexico and the USA, he will come up with a unique plan to use the illegals to build the wall and have each state fund the projects.

The third priority on his list will to repeal or replace all Civil Right laws having selected the ninth justice on the Supreme Court, he knows his actions won't get reviewed for years. Women, Hispanics and Blacks will find their rights will be steadily taken away making them second class citizens once again along with the Muslims. Voting will be so restricted to deny them the rights they held before that most will give up voting allowing Trump's party to remain in power for many years as he transforms the USA back into the dark ages. 

My next post will be "President Trump and our allies" next week.

Talk back, I'm listening, if you disagree with me say so! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Plumbers and Other Lovers-Four Short Tales of Love, Lust and Leaky pipes by Spencer Dryden-Guest Post

<Plumbers Banner
Title: Plumbers and Other Lovers-Four Short Tales of Love, Lust and Leaky pipes
Author: Spencer Dryden
Series Title and Number (if applicable):
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Cover Artist: Brenna Lyons
Release Date: 5/13/16
Heat Level: 3
Pairing: M/F
Length: 100 pages
Genre/Tags: Erotic Romance, handyman, plumber, humor

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Plumbers and Other Lovers is a collection of four short stories about skilled tradesmen who stumble into romantic encounters in the course of their everyday, blue-collar lives. There is a tale for each season, beginning in summer with "Summer Heat"; on to fall for "Love Above See Level"; into the cold of winter with "Then, One Frozen Christmas Eve"; and finally, spring's "The Accidental Gigolo". It's four seasons of love and lust among leaky pipes. You won't find alpha males, billionaire bad boys, or self-destructive egomaniacs among Spencer Dryden's leading men--just ordinary guys who are drawn into the orbit of some enticing women. When the lights are out, the heat is off, or the pipes are leaking, these are the kind of guys a woman wants to see at her door: real men with tools and talent--and some smoldering sexuality. There's humor, tenderness, and plenty of heat in these stories told from the tradesman's point of view. Dryden's breezy style makes for easy reading, something to pass the time while waiting for the plumber. CONTENT ADVISORY: Three of the stories are re-issue re-release titles.


"We require a deposit of three hundred dollars on all air conditioning repairs," I said, trying to assert my authority, but my resolve to enforce company policy was eroding fast. Where did this fantasy start? With her pale blue eyes raking over my body? With her sumptuous lips begging to be kissed? Or the rock hard nipples of her perky breasts pushing out on her sweat stained T-shirt? Actually, I do know, and she knew, too. Honestly, I'm trying to raise my sights, but when my cock goes up, my field of vision goes down. Tracy had me had "hello". She eyed my name tag, then smirked. "Roach. Are you the kind I step on or the kind I hold with a tweezers?" I've heard the tease so many times it bounced off without producing the rise she was probably hoping for. "It's Dave, Dave Roach." "Don't you usually use the first name?" "My bosses are a bunch of old pot-heads. They think it's funny." Another technician, Donny Tierney, turned the job down, so dispatch sent it to me. From the moment I saw her through the eye of my surging cock, I was fondling and licking those nipples, making them stand like little chocolate confections atop the small, firm mounds beneath, then hoisting her gymnast's body on to my oaken shaft, ramming her furiously while she moaned and panted for more. My mind is easily diverted by flights of fantasy. Tracy was pushing all the launch buttons, but there was a job to do and I had to find a way to do it in the midst of a heat wave. The heating and air-conditioning business thrives on cold snaps and heat waves. We have them both in Minneapolis. We encourage people to plan, but truthfully, it's a business built on failure--the inconvenient failure of heating and cooling systems. The Grand Opening Tonite banner over the windows of the old two-story, storefront building told me this was one desperate woman who had called. The nicely restored bar/grill was stifling from the heat and stale from the lack of circulation. My mental cash register was ringing even as I was wondering if she was a natural blonde. I am sympathetic to tales of woe, but the company has been stiffed so many times, it's turned my bosses into hard asses. As I stood in front of her, reciting the prepayment spiel, watching hope drain from her slumping body, something touched my heart. Actually, it wasn't my heart, it was my cock--beating back rationality, as I fantasized about what I would do with her. While she was telling her tale, I had my face buried deep in her pussy, lapping her juices like a man dying of thirst. She handed me a cold beer, the will-bending elixir of male life. Drinking on the job, another taboo, she had me on the ropes. "I've put every last cent I have into this place," she said with fierce pride. "Don't you have a credit card?" "Everything is maxed out." "This is a bar, you've gotta have cash in the till." "I can't tap that or I won't have enough to make it through the night." Noticing I was transfixed by her breasts, she draped a long bar towel over her shoulders, obscuring my view. "Can't we work something out? I'll be good for it. I've just got to get the AC going or it's going to ruin my grand opening tonight." I looked her in the eyes, silently trying to assert my authority. Then she went totally female; the tears started to pool in those mysterious blue orbs and her lower lip began to tremble. Even her breasts were pouting with the small heaving in her chest. I was a dead man. "Well, let's go take a look, maybe I can get the compressor running and buy you some time." She squealed with joy, ran around the bar, and planted a big, wet kiss on my stunned lips. Her mouth was juicy, her lips soft, but her kiss was urgent, promising much more. She broke off with a soft moan before I could open my mouth. "Let's go see that hateful thing," I said, gulping the last of my beer. She grabbed my arm and cradled it between her breasts--a sensation that went right to my groin. "Wow, you're like made out of steel," she said, sweeping her breasts across the arm she held. I knew what she was doing, but it was working. She started toward the back door, my arm tightly clasped against her. It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter. "I'm going to need my tools." We did a U-turn and brought my diagnostic pack from the van around to the back of the building. I shook my head when I saw the unit. Everything about it said old and in need of replacement. Without shade, I was sweating in no time, as I struggled with the corroded cover bolts. She stood right by my side, using her towel to wipe the sweat off me like a corner man in a boxing match. Each time she lifted the towel, I got a peek at those firm wet mounds beneath her shirt. My groin ached from the unrelenting erection.


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Meet the Author

bw beardSpencer Dryden is a new writer, but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security. In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA). Like all writers he has a cat but they don’t get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Thursday, June 2, 2016

American Politics-Beginning of my series America under President Trump

Now wait a minute you say, "The election is Months away!" The Republican establishment laughed when Donald Trump announced his candidacy saying "he could never win" but they failed to listen to the rank and file Republicans that voted for him in swarms. They were sick of the Republican establishment that shut down the government and failed to do their jobs. Instead were perfectly happy to maintain a gridlock and spend all their time suing the President or taking other issues to court. They wanted to get rid of Obamacare but offered no alternative. The rank and file were only against the provision that forced everyone to have insurance. Americans just don't like being forced to do something or pay a penalty. They do like the fact that preexisting conditions can not be used to deny you coverage. In my state, last election, the rich bought themselves a Senator and this election looks like they will buy more seeing how easy it was to defeat the incumbent by tying him to the hugely unpopular Obamacare. So they will buy more Senators and Representatives knowing even though they won't own President Trump, he will have to deal with the Senators and Representatives they do own. The Establishment of the Republican Party is rushing to get behind Trump knowing he will be our next President even if he is a bigot, racist, con man and believes women should be seen and not heard. He would like to see us step back one hundred years. I know that you say this could never happen in America but, it will if events continue just the way they are going. The Democratic nominee has too much baggage to win. She is the establishment's preferred candidate but people trust her even less than they do Trump. (Most Republican voters feel they can overlook his bigotry, racism and hatred of non-white people, at least we know where he stands and can over look those attributes).
Sorry about going off post to my usual followers but I felt this series was more important to the future of America. Our President is not only the President of the USA but is the Leader of the Free World.
Talk Back, I'm Listening and please feel free to re-blog this to anyone you desire.