Saturday, May 10, 2014

The half-light and me.

I first met the half-light (her pen name) when i needed a cover re-sized for one of my books. She couldn't re-size it but she made me a new one that I used for publishing the book. At the time, she was really into making book covers and writing. I read some of her work. They were short stories and easy to read, but I saw something there. Being a reader, I liked how she wrote. As of yet, I do not think she has actually published any of her works for the public. She will someday, and everyone will find out what I saw. Her clarity, style, and use of descriptive words, places the reader in the story seeing it through her eyes. I asked her to allow me to place one of her pieces on my blog. Reading it, I saw the young lady that was emerging in life and the confusion that occurs. I asked her permission, because she captured her emotions as she struggles to become an adult better than I could. It has been a long time since I was young. She is going through this daily so the words are first hand. In creating one of my book covers, I believe she used a picture of herself for the cover, she was younger then, maybe a couple of years older now. The book cover you see at the beginning of the blog is the one I think she used. Hopefully, she will grant me permission to post her writing under a guest post. I don't want anyone to think that I wrote the piece. 

Late flash, she has agreed to allow me to post her bio and excerpts from her writing. I will start doing so next week. 

Talk back, I'm listening!