Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So you are building a BRAND!

For a writer, building a brand is harder than writing a book. You start out creating interest in you and eventually in your work. Right away you start joining groups and taking part in the discussions going on in each group. Word of warning, do not start off by mentioning your works or you will block all interest in you and your work. The best place to start is LinkedIn, then GoodReads followed by other groups such as Shelfari, Author'sDen, World Literary Cafe, Marsocial, Rave Review Book Club, LibraryThing, and Mircocerpt to name a few of the places I have joined. Get you a Website, my daughter created mine, she is IT trained but I am unable to update it properly so it just sets there the way she set it up. After your website, create a blog site; Blogspot on Google and WordPress blogs are both excellent. Then blog at least once a month about whatever, most experts say only blog one blog about your work(s) in that time frame. That way you will not turn off your readers thinking you are spamming them. Get a Facebook page and a tweeter account then tweet your blogs and website once in a while. This will over time generate interest in you and even in your works. If you plan on being an over night sensation, unless you have a lot of money to buy all kinds of publicity, this will not happen. But sooner or later you will connect with readers and that is what you want.  

Talk back, I'm listening!