Monday, February 8, 2016

Bad weekend all around.

It started out with me deciding to rewrite "Saddle Spur". That wasn't that bad but then on my shuffleboard games, we were almost blanked in both games. My brother was found dead, I got the call right after I got home from shuffleboard. Then my Super Bowl team played terrible. I'm concerned about what else might go wrong. I can't wait on the weekend to get over. The only good thing going for me is my book "Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning" is still being downloaded on Amazon Prime and being read.  take a look for yourself what everyone else is enjoying. It won't cost you a cent to read it for yourself. The reason I am posting this is to get my mind off the death of my brother. This makes three of my bothers and sisters that are gone. Sorry about the post but I am in a down mood and wanted to post something that will lift me up.

Talk back, I'm listening as always.

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