Monday, July 11, 2016

A Poem "Thoughts from Afar" by my wife-S.J.Moye

My wife is a better poet than me, I have to agree. She wanted to post a poem to share with the world she wrote in 1981. Previously she had only shared it with family and a few friends, until now. Previously untitled until now. Copyright - 1981 by S.J.Moye
She wrote this in Ireland when she was 21 for her younger sister she jokingly called "Duffet". She left the states with a 13 month old son and a 6 week old daughter. Leaving her close knit family behind finally got to her, ergo the poem.
(the picture is of my lovely wife with our granddaughter, Elizabeth).

"Thoughts from Afar" by. S.J.Moye

All night long
the gale winds blew
whisking my thoughts 
from Ireland, to you

Dreams of times
of days gone by
in the dead of night
I hear the blackbird cry

My thoughts stop
as I lie and listen
she sings a song
of the love she's missing

Alas, she's finished
off she flies
thoughts stir of you
as tears fill my eyes

I hear your voice
in the howling wind
Oh my, I can see you
I'm home again!

We kiss, we hug
we laugh, we cry
we reminisce
of days gone by

We're walking in 
the summer sun
I reach for you
and off you run!

Further and further
your now out of reach
I stand alone
on the sandy beach

Yak, Yak, Yak,
the magpie screams
awakening me
from a long winters dream

So, all night long
the gale winds blew
whisking my thoughts
from Ireland, to you...

Copyright-S.J. Moye  
Talk back, I'm listening

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