Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fear Factor

Hatred, fear of terrorism, fueled this year's American election. Everyone was looking for someone to blame for the state of the world and felt that hiding in the racist, bigotry and umbrella of hate, they would be protected better than by voting on a future. In my book "The Need for Lightning" I used just this premise for  the story about a United Earth that becomes so paranoid that they ban all spacers from returning to Earth after an outbreak of a virus on Mars that spread to other spacers quickly, eating away the body in a slow painful death. I threw in Aliens from other planets for good measure. The World President after the painful death of his son, goes about rebuilding the armed forces to prevent anyone that travels in space from returning and branded them criminals. This is as much as our President elect going to ban all Muslims from entering the USA and rounding up of all undocumented aliens in the USA. The wall will be the first step in the plan to become a closed society under the control of the rich. In a way the book I wrote a few years ago will become sort of poetic of our current state of affairs for All Americans. 

Talk back, I'm listening as Always to what you think.

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