Thursday, April 27, 2017


What is unbelievable is that I actually didn't turn on my computer for three days. The longest period since I went on vacation a few years ago. I didn't even write or blog which is unusual for me. When I did I first went through all those that has followed me on twitter @Agmoye Then requests for connection on LinkedIn and friend requests on GoodReads last but no least all those that Bloglovin than finished up on Pinterset following all those that followed me.  As you can imagine, I had quite a few on each on to follow. Then came reading all the emails and other posts letting me know what was going on in the social media world. Requests for reviews and special offers on their books. Normally, I spend about two hours a day on all this before I get back to writing which is my love. Right now, I am still writing "IronHearts" and I am about half way, I think. It is my first book written in the first person and it is difficult to write seeing it from that prospective. All of my other books are written in the third person, which I am more comfortable writing in. If any of you write in the first person normally, you can help me out by giving me pointers. I need all the help I can get. LOL

The reason I was off the computer was we have visitors coming this week and my wife had a few honey dew jobs that I had to get done. You guys out there know what that is! Have a great week and talk back, I'm listening most of the time!     

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