Thursday, August 17, 2017

Writing "The End" is only the beginning

When a writer types the end it is not the end only the beginning of a long process to begin editing. Even if you edit as you go, still you will go back and find errors, weak points in the story that need to be redone. early in my writing career, I did not do this correctly instead I assumed that it was great and moved on to another story. On my first book, I paid for editing not knowing what part the writer had in the process and thought they would make it all right but alas the book was horrible when it came out in print. Now, I write a story then put it aside for a few months then come back to it hoping I will catch most of the errors, plot sags and useless inserts of information. Then my editor gets involved and looks at it with a fresh set of eyes. That is why there has been no new releases to print any of my latest works. I feel the reader will be touched more personal when they immerse themselves into my books taking them away from their everyday lives to live someone else's life even for a short time. I finally wrote a book in the first person and I am starting to enjoy writing in the first person because they become me and I become them. Interesting how you can live a life other than your own and have all the adventures you desire. All the terror, pain and hurt that comes your way. Iron Hearts was the first book I wrote in the first person normally I write in the third person. I know I haven't blogged for a while so I thought when I typed "The End" to Iron Hearts, I would touch base with all of you out there. How is things going with you? Write back, I'm listening and hope you are having a great day! 

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