Monday, December 18, 2017

The busiest of time

It is the time of the year when a writer is in a hurry to finish up the story and try to get it published in time for Christmas. As usual , I didn't make it with my latest book not even the revised "T.T. Gristman-Time Traveler" wasn't ready for sale by Christmas. Only the original version is available. The reason for the revision was because when I started writing/publishing, I thought that telling the story was the key thing to writing but I have learn that showing-not telling was the proper way to get the reader hooked into the story. We all have to learn and improve as they go. Me, when I first moved up into management, I was not one of those that came straight out of college and into a career filled with book learning and no common sense (Work Experience). I learn as I progressed up into management. I did go back to college when I discovered that I needed to know more. This put me on equal footing with those straight out of college with one exception; I knew how the real world turned. In work as in writing, you learn from the best by observing the top in the group and understanding why they are in the top; what got them there. I have applied what I learned working, to my writing. Each of us end up with their own style that is a blend of experience and knowledge of things we have been exposed to in life. Copying another writer does not give you the success you seek because you won't stand out and create your own niche in this vast world of writing. Riding on another writer's coattail has limited benefits if at all. Stretch yourself to find you who you are and do what you enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you don't hear from me until next year. Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day.


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