Thursday, August 29, 2013

One day at a time

Like the title says, "One day at a time" that is how we are taking it. My wife finally decided to not continuing to step down on her dosage when she got to a half milligram after a few days at that. She stopped taking them altogether. Today is the third day she hasn't taken any Valium. We finally got her blood sugar to level out by taking a protein drink every two hours but now she has a head cold making her vertigo keeping her from walking at all. Since she can't stand up or walk, I cooked her breakfast then propped her up in her recliner with a book to read along with getting her to take a little medicine for her head cold. It looks like another one of those days where she can't do a thing for herself. I don't mind doing all this for her, because I love her. That is how my day is going, how is yours?  You can understand her frustration at having to ask me for help even getting to the bathroom, she has been an independent woman for so long, it is difficult for her to ask for help doing anything.
Now, on to other things. Join me on this site where I discuss my SiFi books and I am currently running a contest where the winners get signed copies of my Chronicles of the Marauder or a PDF copy. Join the group and nominate your favorite SiFi author and your favorite SiFi book. Instructions on on the site.
I am close to finishing the "Lightning Rages" the final book my Dystopian/Apocalyptic series called Lightning in the Tunnel. I hope to have it published by December. I know I can finish it soon unless my wife prevents me from doing it. She is more important to me right now. Getting her back to normal and helping her until she is. "Lightning Rages" is the sequel to "A Need for Lightning" that received a five star rating on Shelfari.
Once in a while I will write a little on Chronicles of the Marauder-Book Three and will finish it in a few months. If you haven't read any of the Chronicles of the Marauder, check out my author site at Have a great day. Talk back to me, I'm listening!