Saturday, August 24, 2013

One step at a time!

Life and changes come one step at a time, no matter how much you want something to change or end, if it has a hold on you for years, it takes time. My wife is getting better each day as she kicks the Valium habit. She is down to 1 mg per day and Monday she will drop to 1/2 mg per day. We found that her hypoglycemia has been throwing her a curve ball that she didn't catch thinking it was just withdrawal problems. It was dropping her blood sugar down into the 40's and 50's unexpectedly. Now, we are struggling to control it and keep it above 80 or as close as we can get. Her attention now is on me, the stress of her going through all this has sent my blood sugar out of control up into the 300's and some times higher. I started walking three miles a day but it is higher after I walk and keeps climbing. Forced to go to the Doctor's, he had to put me on insulin trying to help the pills that no longer seemed to work. I only take one shot a day at nighttime hoping to lower to start my day letting the pills take over after that and control my blood sugar during the day. I eat very little and try to avoid sweets with walking a lot to keep it down but so far it isn't working. I just had two pieces of toast (Multi-grain bread) and it shot up to 306 on the glucose meter. This is only day three of being on insulin, maybe in a couple more days it will stabilize below 180 and not cause me anymore health problems. I know it should be at 140 but I can live with it as long as it is below 180.
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