Friday, May 8, 2015

Commercials that actually touch you inside!

I guess I am like most that think the commercials on these days are annoying or stupid regardless of what they are selling. I normally mute all commercials because they tend to be so loud. Every once in a while, one that is not loud or abrasive comes along that I don't mute or change channels. I saw it on PBS that caught my attention and touched me. It was one about a wife trying to catch her husband's attention. Each time she tried, he was either texting, sleeping, or talking on his cell phone to someone else. Toward the end of the commercial, he accidentally drops his cell phone into her dish water. He retrieves it, only to have the wife take it and drop it back into the water wearing a smile since she finally has his attention.  The Crux of the commercials was talk and listen to have a healthy relationship. I see so many couples that rarely talk and listen to each other, this commercial touched me knowing how many people need to see it. Then realize it applies to them, I think a lot more relationships could be saved or made closer if they just talk and listen.  

My wife and I try to make sure we have quality talk time even when I spend a lot of time on writing or attending to my volunteer work.

Another of those commercials that I like and touches me is one where a kid walks through his poured concrete that he was smoothing out and had it perfect. It was about patience. Something we all need.

Talk back, I'm listening and I hope you are reading as well. 

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