Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Volunteer work cutting down social media time?

I don't know about you but volunteering as a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, (People helping people) has suddenly taken on much more of my time. Last year I became Vice President and chairman of the Finance committee along with being chairman of the Diabetic fund raising committee. Okay those took some time but didn't really cut into my blogging and writing time that much. Now, June 1st I will become President of the local chapter. That I expect will cut into my blogging, reading and writing time. Since I retired three years ago, I haven't had to worry about any scheduling of my personal time. Which book to work on that week was the limit of my scheduling duties, now I have to plan and make sure everyone else is doing their jobs. It is almost like having a regular job, ho-hum! Do you along with writing get involved in any other tasks? 

Talk back, I'm listening. maybe not as close as before but I am still here.

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