Friday, June 12, 2015

All quiet on the home front or is it?

At left is my first picture on my blogs. At right is Tracy, one of my first guest authors on my blog. From that first real push of my blog it has grown and grown. The number of posts have surpassed 300 and counting. My blog "Lightning Chronicles" has had several guests Some well known others just getting their feet wet in today's publishing industry.  I have found great pleasure in bringing these authors and their books to you as I have found discovering new stories, old stories retold in a totally different manner that they appear as new material. Some the original stories had the main character as a male. Lately, I have been finding the character has become female. The old fashion stories of wimpy is me females has disappeared. They no longer need a male to protect them, in more stories the female is the one doing the ass kicking.  Is your lead female character a strong character or depends on the man for everything? Years ago, the female mostly from birth was taught they needed a strong male to make decisions, income and to protect them. Their role was to stay home and keep house, raise the children his way, make the meals from what was provided for them by the male and follow his rules. Now days, a female is more and more likely to shatter that mold proving to the world they are equal if not superior to males in many ways. The man might be physically stronger but the one thing I hear a lot is, men could never survive child birth proving women are stronger.
Talk back, I'm listening.

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