Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Finding time to read or do you?

I have been trying to set aside a few hours a week to read but it seems like there is so many things that come up. Like writing, my blogs, and staying on top of my social media and other people's blog. I am trying to catch up on my reviews but something prevents me from reaching the words "The End" of the stories I am reading to review. Besides finding time, I have another problem, whatever my mood is that day determines whether I read one kind of story or another. If my mood is down, I tend to stop reading unless the story lifts me from my hum drums in one fashion or another. How does your mood effect your reading or your writing? I know that if I am into writing, I tend to write the scene in the negative manor, maybe actually kill off an antagonist to make me feel better. LOL!  

Currently, I am reading Letty's Story which is boring me now as it reaches current time frame and gets into things about money. I liked a lot the early years about when she was five and the Japanese bombed her city of Manila in the being of the war, her failures and triumphs as she grew up in war torn Philippines learning to read to read and going to school. Her early years in Medical college as she grew older. I will try to finish it so I can do a review. 

Talk back, I'm listening and confused.   

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