Friday, October 2, 2015

Life evolves in stages; mistakes=learning

When I first started writing, I was just a story teller, now I believe I have become a writer. The steps to transform from one to another was taken in each book I wrote. That was why I cranked out so many books in a short time but now the process takes longer. I have six books nearly finished but I believe not one will get published this year as I have learned the steps necessary to have a successful book launch. Like I said "Life evolves in stages" sometimes baby steps and sometimes normal. Those that take courses in life spend less time in the baby step mode whereas the self taught has to learn as they go. Yes, we make mistakes but we learn from them. Yes, there is short cuts to the top but most don't have the money to push our works to the top. It is a long cruel grind for most of us. Spending time and effort to get one book read. 

Talk back, I'm listening.   

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