Friday, October 9, 2015

I should be reading not writing.

Like the title says, 'I should be reading not writing' but for some reason I can't bring myself to read right now. I know I have several books in my ques waiting to be read and reviewed but I lack the focus to give the book a proper read and review. My mind keeps jumping t my books. I have several nearing completion or in editing that keeps me from reading. Editing properly is a long drawn out process I have found when you edit it properly. My editor has other projects that require attention, so I go back to writing and piling up the books to be edited. My Lightning Rages is suppose to be the completion of the Lightning in the Tunnel series is still waiting to be edited. I have created two spin offs from it called "Jody's Dilemma" and "Cat's cry" both are almost complete and will go to editing. Each morning I get up and look at social media, follow those that follow me and maybe make comments on LinkedIn, write a blog and then get back to one of my books. I am doing a rewrite of my very first book "Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning" to republish it by a new publisher. Also finishing up on my first western called "Saddle Spur". My "Doomsday Rock" will likely get renamed before I publish it. "Dangerous Rescue" is ready for editing. "IronHeart" is three quarters written and I may get back to it this winter when it is too cold to do much outside. I also have started another new book called "Unlucky Penny" I am switching from writing mostly science fiction to writing straight adventure fiction books. The Chronicles of Marauder series has been written but only the first two published, Number three is another book awaiting editing. My mind keeps filling with stories but as I have learned, take your time, edited the book more than once which means my editor is known to happy with me piling up work to be done. Since I can't afford to pay for all these books to be edited, I tried that and spent too much money on each book, I now work with an editor that does not charge me but has a long list of books to edit. So much for my reading time, enough of this.
Talk back, I'm listening and promise I will get back to reviewing other author's books soon. Have a great day.

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