Monday, November 16, 2015

Feeling sort of Blah, today

it is raining outside, I just wanted to sleep the day away but my bladder forced me from the bed. Once up, I headed to the coffee pot that my wife turned on so I would have coffee to get my morning started. After brushing my teeth, I threw on my sweats and headed to the computer with coffee in hand. Checking my emails for anything important, i took my second step and followed all those that followed me on twitter then I went to Pinterest to follow all those that followed me there as well. Now that i concluded my morning ritual, it is time to think which book to work on this morning. I am not happy with the opening lines of "Doomsday Rock" and may rewrite it this morning instead continuing to write the story. I am about three-fourths the way through the story. But feeling blah, I don't think this is a good day to do so, I am just not into it. I know I should go visit the mayor of our city to see about using their meeting office as a place to hold the state executive board meeting in December for the organization I am the local President of ( a volunteer organization) People helping people. I don't want to get dressed, so I m sitting here at the keyboard just thinking about that and typing this instead. 

Have a great day and week, talk back, I'm listening as always.  

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