Monday, November 23, 2015

Outcast by Andrea McKenzie Raine- short story-my review

 I purchases it so here is my honest review. On Amazon, I gave it four stars. I liked the story, just wish it had been longer. A pretty well written book about a woman (Francis) on the verge of a mental collapse due to perceived problems at home. She believes her husband is cheating on her and her two teenage children give her nothing but grief.
The tipping point of her mental state occurred when the boss called her into his office for a meeting. He was none too happy with her work and progress. She always felt she was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. After that meeting her mind crossed the border into insanity. At first she could no longer understand what people were saying. Her mind could no longer process their words. Even her husband and children seem to speak in a foreign tongue. As her mental state grows worse, she is put in the hospital, where she no longer could understand what the doctors had to say.She gets worse even after being released from the hospital, they couldn't find a medical condition that might be causing her breakdown. She regresses to the point where she feels she understands baby talk and desires to go back to the womb.
I recommended this to anyone that likes short quick stories. I will not tell you how it ends. Read the story and find out yourself. Talk back, I'm Listening. Have a great week. As always, feel free to follow this blog or my other blog at   

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