Thursday, August 18, 2016

Concerns of my wife about President Trump

Last night, my wife and I were sitting up having a few drinks. The conversation covered various subjects then it went onto politics. I asked her what concerned her the most about Trump becoming President. This was her answer, "I am not concerned with the rights of women being trampled upon, even removal of my voting rights. What concerns me more is the fact that the Republicans want to roll back laws and even eliminate EPA to allow businesses to pollute even more destroying the planet for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have a lot of those. About Trump, "he is a ticking time bomb that would start World War III in one of his tirades, destroying this planet for future generations, maybe even eliminating them entirely.  We were entrusted this planet by our past generations, to make it better and pass it onto our children and to learn to live in peace regardless of religion, color and gender.  If humans are truly the advanced species, they owe it to themselves and the other inhabitants of this planet to allow each to live and not be destroyed in one of the rages of man.  I couldn't disagree with any of the points she raised. I like it getting a woman's prospective on this election. Everyone with a half a brain knows Hillary was less than truthful about her emails but she was calm under fire and didn't explode just because someone questioned her. I would feel better knowing we have a calmer person in the White House with their finger on the button. 

Talk back, I'm listening. Tell me how you see the 2016 election shaping up.       

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