Thursday, September 1, 2016

Too busy writing to blog- I apologize

I know the past few posts have been about President Trump but I haven't been posting a thing recently. I have been busy writing "Saddle Spur" featuring "Wildoats" the horse of my main Character John Howard Strum. Their adventure from Alabama to Oregon in 1870. I am trying to make it historically accurate as I can, hence I have to do a lot of research to get it write besides having to make the story interesting and compelling for the reader. This is my first time in trying to write such an adventure book of this nature. Normally, I write straight fiction books making it all up in my head since most are set in the near future or future. That is easy to do I have found out but having an adventure in the old west even fiction, you need some truism to be believable. I know in the old westerns, they didn't worry about how accurate it was but I do even if the characters are fictional. As soon as Saddle Spur is complete, I will get back on finishing "IronHearts" My story set in today's times, just fictional characters that have hell to pay to survive.
So this is my status right now. Every since I had Wildoats playing a bigger role in the Saddle Spur story, I have had to rewrite most of it while checking to insure each event or scene is correct.

Have a great day. Talk back, I'm listening as always just not on social media that much. 

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