Friday, January 6, 2017

First post of 2017

I wanted to start 2017 out with a bang but my brain is still stuck in 2016 so I guess I should pretend that 2016 never existed to get my mind caught up with the new year. Writing, blogging and book reviews are my life on social media. Read a lot of other posts, I probably follow more blogs than the average person. Everyone Monday WordPress gives me a condensed version of most of the blogs I follow to allow me time for writing and reading books (sometimes) for my reviews. Not only do I follow a lot on WordPress but on Bloglovin' and I have a lot of followers slowly adding up on Bloglovin'. The other place I spend a lot of time is on Pinterest mostly finding pins about writing, quotes by famous people or writers. If you have an account on Pinterest, follow me and I will follow back. Have a policy of following back 100% anyone following me. That is the same on Twitter. Once a month I go on Twitter and unfollow all those that unfollow me. Just my rule that if you don't want to follow me, why should I keep following you?  Social Media is all about connections that is why I accept all friend requests on Facebook, LinkedIn and GoodReads. I may or may not respond to DM's but I do read them all when I can. Since early September I have been concentrating on my writing trying to finish "Saddle Spur" and another book I started before getting into saddle spur so heavily. A writer's life is difficult at best trying to juggle writing, home, and everyday life. Also as local President of the Eagles (an organization that raises money for charities) that takes up time.  So I have a busy schedule to deal with. That is why for several months I have not been able to review a single book (no reading time available) or time to post a single book launch. How is your schedule?

Talk back, I'm listening most of the time.I promise to get back to posting at least twice a week.

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