Monday, January 9, 2017

less than 2 weeks and already broken resolutions-how about you?

My first resolution was to post at least twice a week on my two blogs at and my other at I did one on my blogger site but yet to do one on my other site. I could blame it on spending all my time writing but that would be less than truthful even thou it does take up most of my time. Truth is I haven't read and books to review lately or even sign up for a blog hop. I guess after a disappointing 2016 that started out with high expectations; I just wanted to ease into 2017 anywhere I go this year will be positive. I am happy about writing over fifteen books but feel the best is to come. We will see, I have a better editor and think that will help me. Saddle Spur has taken up a lot of my time but I am nearing the end of my last rewrite before having it edited. I think I can go back on Iron Hearts and finally finish it. For those that know me already, I used to work on three books at a time, so I have several others that need to come together also. I have several reviews pending. Most likely all my reviews on Amazon have been taken down after I friend the writer on GoodReads or LinkedIn. They think that because I am now friends with them, my opinion was influenced in some way. I really don't care, I don't charge for reviews whether good or bad or get freebies from the writer so I don't see what their beef is unless this is another way of keeping unknowns; unknown so they can push only well known on their on their sites to keep sales up. I had my works at Hastings near here but they are closing out their book sections so now people can only get my print books is thru Amazon or Createspace. Well, so much for this post. Talk back and give me feedback on what resolutions you managed to keep after only nine days of the New Year. I'm listening. Have a great day and talk back or follow my blog.   

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