Monday, February 13, 2017

Neil gets lucky or unlucky on his first date after prison

Chronicles of the Marauder: Marauder Rising (Marauder Cronicles Book 1) by [Moye, A.G]Neil felt Denise move, bringing him slightly awake as she left the bed they were sharing. She turned off the light. He couldn't believe he scored on his first date. It had been a long dry spell.

Denise returned to the bed and started kissing him all over. "Ooh," Neil muttered, when she kissed his most sensitive spot. Denise kept kissing him, working her way up to his lips as she straddled his long, lanky, muscled body.
Neil, as before, took his time knowing she would enjoy it all the more.
Afterwards, they returned to dreamland in exhaustion but satisfied states.
Neil was slightly awakened when Denise untangled their bodies so she could go to the bathroom. Neil dozed off again until he heard the shower going, bringing him fully awake.
After showering, Denise turned the lights back on and started dressing.
"Glad you're awake, I need to get back to my car and go home. I don't want my children coming home and finding me not there."
"Okay, give me a minute," She was acting like nothing happened between the two of them. He could still feel her lips on his.
Sliding to the edge of the bed, he covered himself. He was trying to understand her. Had the alcohol been the cause of what happened last night?
Neil reached for her to see what her reaction would be, but she quickly moved away and continued dressing. She noticed his look of confusion.
"Look Neil, I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did but I am not ready for a man in my life right now."
"I suppose I should explain myself a little more--I went out with you on a dare from Jennifer." she chuckled and continued seeing he was hanging onto her every word. "Every date I've gone on before ended up a disaster. I started talking about my husband and how he cheated on me. A couple of drinks and I was ready to beat up my date in place of my husband."
"I guess I understand," Neil said, searching for his underwear.
"With you, that didn't happen. We didn't sit and do a lot of small talk--that is the usual trigger that turns me into a babbling fool." Denise watched his expression turn sour as he dressed.
"I'm glad you found I was good for something," Neil didn't realize the coldness that came out in his voice but he was felt stupid thinking she was interested in him.
  "Let's just have the memory of last night, the great dancing, the sex was great as well." She tired to put a smile on her face, turning his mood from his bitter to positive.
Still, Neil dressed slowly, trying to improve his deposition.
"So there is no chance of a second date," he tried to smile. Denise just laughed.
"No chance in hell" she said over her shoulder as she walked to the door.
Neil stood and followed her as she unlocked the door and left. Neil locked the door behind him as she quickly descended the steps to his car. He knew she was in no mood to talk, she wanted to get back to her car and be rid of him.
His old jalopy required him to use his key to unlock the door. It was easier to just reach across after he sat inside and unlock her door. She jumped in as he started to exit the car to open her door. She put on her seat belt, saying, "Let's go!"
The sky was starting to lighten up as he started the car. I don't think she wants to be seen with me.
She silently looked out the side window during the entire drive back to her car, parked near the restaurant.
When he pulled into the parking lot, she spoke her first words since leaving his apartment. "That's my car over there." She pointed at a silver BMW.
He barely put it in park when she unbuckled and opened her door. Jumping out, she said not a word as she dashed into her car. Neil sat there, watching her backup and drive away quickly.
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