Monday, February 6, 2017

So many miscues as a writer

Most writers come out the gate doing things right the first time. I'm one of those that has made several miscues but I am slowing getting it right. I guess you can say "I'm attending the school of hard knocks" but I've learned by doing. My first book was my first knock down. I paid to have it published not knowing a thing about getting published. I paid to have it edited, they said it needed it but when I got the books, the first paragraph was four pages long and the sentences ran together having no breaks. As I read it, I could see why a reader would have problems understanding it. It was like a speaker that never pauses to catch his breath and went on and on. That screw up was followed by me getting published by a "so called" traditional publisher, they really only printed books for the author to buy. They could care less if anyone else actually bought one. They made their money off me. I had five books published by this outfit before I learned the truth about them. The best thing I ever did was join LinkedIn. There I learned about this publisher and from those members started learning what the truth was about publishing and how to do it as an Indie. I learned about editing, publishing and marketing. I'm still not perfect but each book is better than the one before. When I first started writing as a profession, I thought the writer had only to tell the story and everyone would beat feet to get it and read it. Those are not the facts, instead they have to learn who you are and why you write. I read books constantly thru my life and had several stories in my head. I wrote while taking my daily walks. It was a stress reliever in my daily life with wife and children. My style of English speaking would probably make an English teacher cringe in anguish. I write and speak a mixture of southern English and California jive. I think I get my story across to most of my readers in a laid back sort of way. If you've read one of my recent works tell me what you think.

Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day and week until next time!


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