Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Understanding does not mean compassion

I hear a lot of people say, "I understand why a lot of people wants to come here for a better life than the life they left behind but we should not allow any more to enter the USA--send them back where they came from." I don't think that is compassionate. These people are trying to better themselves and become productive members of our society. Yes, a few bad elements find their way in among them but we have bad elements home grown right here. Don't blame the whole group for what a few bad guys do and label them all as undesirable. I understand it it political to blame everyone else for our problems so we justify what we do to immigrants. let me make it plain, America would starve to death or do without a lot of food we take for granted because of the migrant workers. We have plenty of food on our tables. Until we have robot harvesters, the only ones that will do the backbreaking work on large farms are the migrate workers. I, myself have worked in the fields growing up and know how hard work it is for such little pay. Barely enough to put food on your own table and gas in your car. Most migrate workers have families they are feeding. That is different you say than the immigrants trying to enter the USA. Yes and No; the USA is a melting pot, like it or not. How would you like it if your forefathers were denied a chance to enter? We are all descendants of those that came earlier, even the native American Indians came into this country from somewhere else. I know I'm rambling but I just wanted to make a point. Will a wall be a solution, some think so. I don't. How long before we  build a wall along the Canadian border? Attempts to isolate America from the rest of the world will not happen. Maybe a hundred years ago it could but today's technology has shrunk the world so much that it is impossible for us not to be involved in the rest of the world. Those that hate the fact that they can no longer control the information that you receive or disseminate to the rest of the world. They are taking steps to do that be closing the Internet like China has. I know some regions hate us and want to destroy us because we stand for freedom and allow other religions to worship the way they please whereas they only want people to believe the way they do, hence deny them to be free or have a future. Anyway, I'm thru rambling for today. In my book series Lightning in the Tunnel the world joins as one after a nuclear war in the Republic of Terra. Is a nuclear war what it is going to take before everyone realizes that we are all human, regardless of our skin color or beliefs. Tolerance should be taught to our children as they grow up and understanding that we are all human. Have a nice day. Talk back, I'm listening.   

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