Monday, December 9, 2013

Social Media is time consuming!

Is it a waste of time? I think not!
When I first started joining social media sites, I was spending about a half hour there and was through for the day. Now it is anywhere from six to eight hours a day with several blogs including this one, following several other blogs. Then there is the LinkedIn groups or threads I follow along with joining the groups. GoodReads always has a long list of the various groups I have joined there to learn how to write better and see what my writing is missing. That applies to the LinkedIn site as well. It became more time consuming now with me joining MARsocial. Not only am I an adminstrator of my Lightning Chronicles group where I try to stay active keeping the group motivated but I joined their author of the year competition in hopes of gaining even more exposure. My writing is now down to less than three hours a day if that. Maybe, that is a good thing so I don’t just whiz through an adventure story like normal but I am taking my time writing and rewriting it going into deeper than normal on my story. It is also the first time I am writing in the first person. I find that a greater challenge.
How about you, do you spend more time on social media than you would like?
Talk back, I’m listening even if I don’t get back to you very quick!