Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking a break from social media plus Virus problem

Taking a break from social media occurred yesterday. For the first time, I did not spend my day on the computer or even writing. This was a change of pace for me. I didn't even blog which was unusual for me. Do you find yourself wishing you could take a break and stay away from the computer for a whole day?  Or are they such a integral part of your life you can not stay away regardless. I know I am like you that have a lot of friends on various social sights that we try to keep in touch with daily, but sometimes you need a break.

So yesterday, Besides taking wife shopping our monthly chore, I went and visited friends and not once did I touch the computer. Getting home about midnight, I retweeted a few tweets then crawled in bed after drinking a hot totty to make me sleep better. This morning, I found my inbox overloaded but I am slowly swimming through the list. It will take me all day off was a refreshing change. Today, my computer is still acting up, this page had to be refreshed a dozen times for some reason. When it first happened I ran my virus scan and it came up clean so unless something is so well hidden it didn't pick up on it, there is no virus. Next I updated my browser to see if it was the problem but it didn't change. I am typing every few words and saving so I don't have to keep retyping the same old thing. Luckily I just saved it because it flickered and then reloaded this page! Anyone that knows what is going on leave me a comment or how to correct this leave me a comment. 

Talk back, I'm listening if the computer problems will go away!