Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making time to read and reveiw

Hectic life on social media and writing limits reading and reviewing time limited!

I am falling behind in my reading so my reviews are also behind. It seems like the more I try to get things done, the less time I have to do things. One of the things that is suffering is this blog. I was suppose to do the review of Vic Boquard's final book in his Trident series but just haven't had time to finish reading it all. Some people skim through but I like to take my time getting totally engrossed in the story. I still have to do reviews of Aliens and Angels along with several other books. My re-edited version of the Chronicles of the Marauder Book One is finished now, I sent it back to the editor for one more look before I republish it. That is a nice thing about the computer age, a rewrite or re-edit can be posted in twenty-four hours or less. I am glad that we no longer have to send things through snail mail and wait days for things to happen. How do you find time to do all the things you want to in a day?

Talk back, I'm listening!