Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Jerk's thoughts

"Most people should donate their brains," Doctor Jerk said. I almost fell out of my chair hearing this. Now, I understand why he refused to post a picture of him. 

Why do you say this? He leaned back in his chair and said. "I have done extensive studies on the masses and found that they absorb lies quicker than truth telling me they are not using most of their brains. Therefore, we have plenty of brains to transplant. We could use them to do scientific studies to determine why they fail to use their brains." 

What leads you to say this? Have you done in dept studies on these people?  Dr. Jerk chuckled, opening his briefcase. "A few rich people people can get the masses to vote the way they want effectively nullifying their upward mobility by claiming they are making them more free by political action groups where they spend millions to convince the masses to get what they want. Therefore, I conclude that people are like sheep only using the survival part of their brain and mindlessly follow voting like these people want them to. So they must not use their brains."

That is not very scientific in my mind? "You don't have to be a scientist to observe the actions of millions believing these PAC's have their interest at heart. The basis of my conclusions is watching TV ads where the masses are fed massive amounts of double talk and lies so their brains shut down their normal brain functions and they accept this as fact."

He paused before adding, "Take Global warming, to protect their interests (Money) they deny the existence of facts creating enough doubt so no one would pressure their people in Congress to pass laws that would reduce their profits."

Does this exist in other countries are they just in democratic Societies?

"In all countries those in power or controlling the media feed their masses plenty of half-truths, lies and other untruths to remain in power. They use their power to control the thoughts of the masses. Everyone once in a while, you will see in some country where the masses finally become fed up with their actions and then they have a revolution of sorts but in the end, it only brings a new set of people in power that do not care what the masses think. Some countries use religion to control the thoughts of the masses feeding them massive amounts of propaganda to keep them in line."

Do you think the internet can change this? "Most governments in power are trying to control this as well. Too much truth makes for unhappy masses as they start to use the brain they were born with. These would not be good for transplanting but the person would have used a lot more of it."

I wasn't sure if I should post this interview but thought, what the heck. 

Talk back, I'm listening!