Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reviewer, writer and blogger

Even though I am retired, my day is filled quickly since I became a Reviewer. When someone requests I review a book of their's, I usually agree provided they provide me with a copy in e-book form. Then I read it, afterwards I post my review on one of my blogs. If they don't provide pictures, I usually go to their site or Amazon to get a picture to include on my blog, a lot of extra work. Besides my blogs, I always post my review on Amazon as well. Sometimes I will post it on GoodReads, but there are a lot of extra steps I have to go through to do that. So a lot of the time I do not bother, doing so many reviews. The nice thing about reviewing, I read books I normally wouldn't. Since I try to post on my two main blogs, three times a week, I have been posting guest posts to fill in while I am reading. Blogging, social Media chatter and working with my editor takes up most of my time. I try to squeeze in a little writing, but with two books waiting on editing, I am in no hurry to finish the two I am working on. 

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