Monday, April 21, 2014

Review of In the Days by Andy Peloquin

 My review of Andy Peloquin's book "In the Days" subtitled "Tale of a forgotten Continent" a story of the missing continent of Atlantis told through the eyes of one of its prominent citizens, Deucalion and others. I found the story very easy to hold my interest as Andy painted scenes of life in Atlantis with how life was lived back in very difficult times. I was soon caught up with Deucalion's life in the court and away from the court of the empress. The dangers faced in living during those turbulent times. A reluctant warrior, yet a warrior nevertheless, Deucalion was the Empress's Chancellor and Historian of the great world of Atlantic.
One point that stood out to me was Andy's belief in god in a pagan world, he used this as the reason Atlantis was destroyed. An excerpt of his writing for you to taste.

The heat mounted as the long minutes passed.
"Historian, I didn't believe you would attend this evening." The voice of the empress was
imperious as she entered the box behind me.
"The Immortal Empress commanded my presence, so here I sit in acquiescence to Imperial demand."
"You are nothing if not a model citizen, Historian. If only all of my vassals were as obedient as
"Do I detect a slight mocking in my empress' words?"
"The Immortal Empress, mocking her loyal Chancellor and favorite model citizen? Never! The empress
does not mock."
Her face struggled to hide a grin that threatening to break out.

 The main Characters- Deucalion, Chancellor, historian and fighter dwells in the Atlantis social world and does his best to protect the Empress along with advising her in the ruling of the country. The close relationship leads him unwittingly to fall in love with her.
Empress Tatho, the young ruler of Atlantis that finds love with Deucalion when her world is destroyed regardless of her efforts to save the country.

Another excerpt-

Gods, how I hate horses.The bastards and I never get along.They seemed out to make my life an endless misery, and I simply cannot abide their glassy eyes, their long
faces, and the seemingly eternal stream of manure they drop as they plod along.
And their movement, oh the pain! Even now, after just minutes of riding, I felt aches, blisters,
sores, and raw skin in places I didn't even know I had. My horse seemed determined to be last in the column, no matter how hard I kicked at its flanks. It refused to move faster, though I cursed at it in three languages.
"You look absolutely miserable, Deucalion." Phoris' smile far too pleasant for my taste as he
rode past. My rejoinder was as foul as the smell wafting from beneath the horse's tail. Phoris' grin turned to genuine laughter.
I had been awoken well before dawn at the urgent insistence of the empress. I was tired, and no doubt
looked the part. Seeing Phoris' face, which looked like a freshly-scrubbed potato, and the alert faces of the other Nightstalkers just made things worse.
"Keep up, Commander." Traga was only slightly less uncomfortable on a horse than I
was. He, like a good soldier, took every chance to lord it over me.

You will find yourself engrossed in the story and feel the pain of a lives destroyed forever in this story where only the true believers survive. Pick up your copy at Amazon at this link. 

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